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 Post subject: A Quick Product Update
Unread postPosted: Wed Feb 15, 2006 5:22 pm

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Vanishing Message Boards

Hey, just a quick aside about the Message Boards – we had a completely unexpected problem at the Server. One minute they were there, and the next . . . gone.

Took us the better part of a day to get things back on track (and by we, I mean Thom and Wayne, but mostly Thom. Thanks, buddy).

Hope that didn’t inconvenience too many people. The vanishing act prevented me from posting a Valentine to you, the fans, but you already know we love ya. Palladium fans are the BEST on Earth. I’ve gone on record saying that for years. Just wanted to let you know you are appreciated.

Product Updates

I approved the “blues” (proof copy) for the Best of The Rifter® today at the printer. It looks great and is right on schedule to ship on Tuesday, February 22, 2006.

Oh, for those of you whose work is appearing in The Best of, yes, you will get FREE copies of the publication. So will you smart people who take advantage of the current special subscription offer to The Rifter (which ends in March).

I spoke to Jazzy Johnny Z today too, and he says the Arzno cover painting is almost done and looking good. We should get the finished piece next week right on time to paste up the book and send it in to the printer. Guess I better finish my end of the editing and rewrites. And wait till you see it, a little something different from us, but cool.

I also spoke to a half dozen of Palladium’s freelancers the last few days.

One has just been approved to launch into a new, two-book Rifts® project (to be announced at a later date).

I approved another’s outline for a Rifts® Sovietski sourcebook that will loosely tie into the upcoming Triax 2 book and the two previous unnamed books above.

I also got an update on one of the several Palladium Fantasy RPG sourcebooks secretly in production by Randi Cartier. (Ooops, I guess that secret’s out, but hold yer horses, there won’t be any Fantasy books out till Fall 2006). It’s coming along nicely too. Randi, btw, is one of the the multitude of creators attending the Palladium Open House.

Mark Evans is almost done with the covers to Tome Grotesque and Rifts® Madhaven.

Carmen Bellaire turned in the Powers Unlimited 3 manuscript, and it will soon be assigned to artitsts for illustration.

I spoke to Mr. Wayne Breaux Jr. who’s putting the finishing touches on the artwork he’s doing for the Atorian Empire sourcebook for the HU2/Aliens Unlimited series. Wayne also plans on being at the Palladium Open House. That will be Wayne’s first guest appearance anywhere in something like 10 years!

Scott Johnson also confirmed he will be a guest at the Palladium Open House and will be bringing a couple dozen prints to sell with him.

Oh, and get this, Jolly Blackburn, the genius behind Knights of the Dinner Table and loooong time pal, “may” also be at the Open House. He has to clear it with his partners at Kenzer Co. and the Big Boss (Jolly’s wife!), but Jolly said he’s gonna try to be there. We’d sure love to have him!

Check out the latest update (see page one of the website) for the latest info and growing guest list for the Palladium Open House, May 5, 6, & 7. I hope a lot of you join us at the Palladium office and warehouse for a weekend of games, laughs and fun.

In other news and sports, a new artist will be making his debut in Arzno. He’s another one of those tech-drawing wiz kids ala Kevin Long. Stuff looks nice and he can hardly wait to sink his teeth into Triax 2.

I’m also eye-balling two other new artists for future work.

As you can see, things are really happening at Palladium.

That’s it for now. I have work to do!

– Kevin “overworked but having a blast” Siembieda
President, Publisher, Writer and Lots o’ Other Stuff

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