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Unread postPosted: Mon Feb 13, 2006 3:26 pm

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I just saw the John Zeleznik Collector’s Coloring Book and it is FANTASTIC!!!!

Johnny Z is putting the entire package together for the coloring book, and although we talked about design elements and what should be in it, John Zeleznik has outdone himself. I mean it looks absolutely fantastic, and is more than even I imagined!

First, there are big, beautiful full pages of pencil art from the finished covers that saw print. It is rare and nice to see the “outline” drawings for these covers we all know so well.

Second, John has made a nice selection of covers depicting a variety of themes from a variety of Palladium game lines – Rifts®, Palladium Fantasy RPG®, Beyond the Supernatural, Heroes Unlimited, etc.

Third, John also provides a handful of concept sketches and never before seen, unpublished cover designs. Showing some “concept” art was my idea, but I was blown away by John’s choices and layout. Wow.

As an artist myself, a fan of Johnny Z’s work, and a fan, of course, of Palladium’s many books and artistic achievements, I “personally” found this special item to be breathtaking and easily worth twice what we are charging, really. I have never seen anything quite like this. I think fans of our books, art, and John Zeleznik will be blown away just like I was.

I don’t mean to gush, or over-hype, but this coloring book is really something. John outdid himself. And it’s just one of a dozen impressive products we have in the pipeline.

The silly part to “my” excitement is, I’ve seen all this stuff before! I’m the guy who assigns the covers in the first place. I’m the one who does a little art directing and asks for additional sketches and changes, and makes the approvals – and I was still knocked out by John’s presentation. I guess, I really am just a big, goofy fan boy, myself! Such a fan that I get excited about our own products as if I were one of you. I imagine that’s a good thing, and probably how we keep banging out great looking and fun to play games and books. Actually, I think all of us at Palladium are just big kids. Hmm, but then I guess most of you are too. :)

John is in the process of finishing up final layout, dropping in the last few pages, and cleaning up his original drawings so they can be used for coloring. Once that’s done, the coloring book will be ready to go to the printer and will ship, as scheduled, in March. You’re gonna love it.

Thanks for listening to my rants and murmurings.

– Kevin Siembieda
President, Publisher, Writer and Victim of an overactive imagination

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