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 Post subject: Web Site Musings
Unread postPosted: Sat Feb 11, 2006 12:36 am

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Because Kevin wants us to do more cool stuff on the web (this a nebulous concept that's not always clearly defined), I'm planning to change web hosts again for our Megaverse server. The main thing is we're going to need a lot more bandwidth for some of this stuff, and we need to do first things first. Unfortunately, any move will mean taking the forums down for a day (or two) when it happens. It's not happening this week or anything, but it will be in the next month or so. I'll post a more specific warning on the front page (and here also) when we get closer to doing it.

So why does this involve you, the fan? While we're in planning phase, it'd be good to get some feedback on what you'd like to see added. Feel free to post wish list kind of ideas over on the wish list forum now, even if they aren't Forum related, but perhaps stuff you'd like to see in the catalog, or on the main site (if it's something we're planning anyway, no harm done, if it's something we hadn't thought about, all the better).

I'm sorry for the lack of specifics (about what we may be planning) in this post, but it's really just more of an invitation (for your ideas) and a bit of a warning (about the forums being down for a little while), and that's about it for now.

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