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Unread postPosted: Thu Feb 09, 2006 9:39 pm

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It seems Warpath: Urban Jungle is getting a lot of attention. Cool. We think it’s a game a lot of people will enjoy.

Just a little fun fact. About 50-70 books that were shipped out in 2005 X-Mas Grab Bags (some Rifts® Ultimate Editions, some Rifters®, some sourcebooks and other titles) were autographed by Jeffry Hansen. In our minds, this was an inside joke from us to you about what was coming down the pipeline and that a new person was part of the Palladium crew. Not that anyone seemed to notice. Hmm, so maybe the joke was on us?

Jeff helped us pack and ship the Rifts® Ultimate Edition – his first introduction to the glamorous life at Palladium Books – and has helped us in other ways over the last year. Warpath, however, will be Jeffry’s first creative contribution to Palladium Books (and we’re certain it will not be his last).

– Kevin “tell it all” Siembieda
Keep those imaginations burning bright

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