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As I was checking the Index in the Best of The Rifter, I was a little surprised at the big stack of past issues in front of me. I had forgotten about some of the articles and artwork in the previous issues. "There's some really cool stuff here," I thought.

It felt good to see early work by Freddie Williams, which helped get him work in our regular books and now, he's doing art for comics. The same with writers like Todd Yoho who have a few books under their belt.

It reminded me a little of the fanzines me and Kevin did a long time ago, and the Magic of Palladium Books zine Palladium published for a while. The Rifter has turned into a proving ground for a number of beginning writers and artists, both from the standpoint of getting published for the first time and improving their skills, and, in a few cases, eventually working as Palladium freelancers.

My advice to everyone, published or not, is to keep at it. Over the years, I've seen people with a small amount of talent who perservered and got somewhere. Other times, I've seen people with a lot of natural talent put in too little effort and go nowhere.

Alex Marciniszyn

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