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Brain Fog - a Rifts® CS Manhunters new psionic ability.

Hi Folks,

I promised to post a few new psychic abilities from Rifts® CS Manhunters to give you a little taste of what to expect. Here’s the second for your enjoyment. A new Physical ability this time.

Please bear in mind these advanced looks at stuff for Rifts® CS Manhunters are NOT edited and may see additional tweaks and changes. Let me know if you see an issue or have constructive suggestions.

© 2020 Palladium Books, Inc. Written by Kevin Siembieda

Physical Psionics

Brain Fog
Range: Other by touch or line of sight 10 feet (3 m) +1 foot (0.3 m) per level of the psychic.
Duration: 1D6 minutes, +1 minute per level of the psychic.
I.S.P.: 6
Saving Throw: Standard. Needs a 15 or higher to save for non-psychics, 12 to save for Minor and Major Psychics, and 10 for Master Psychics.

The psychic is able to scramble a person’s memory in regard to recalling information, details, numbers, times, dates, names, and the performance of skills. There is a 50% chance the victim cannot remember a specific skill or a specific bit of information (name, date, time, code number, coordinates, address, location/direction, instructions, and similar).

Even when a skill is remembered, it is performed with a -20% penalty and takes twice as long. Additionally, the victim has considerable difficulty remembering and following directions and finding his way to any location, even familiar ones; 50% chance of going the wrong way/opposite direction literally at every turn. 50% chance of transposing and forgetting numbers.

Spell Caster Note: When Brain Fog is used on a spell caster or creature of magic, there is a 50% chance the mage cannot remember a specific spell!

All memory loss is temporary. When the duration ends, memory is restored to normal.

More to come. Enjoy and game on.

That Publisher Guy,
Kevin Siembieda

© 2020 Palladium Books, Inc. All rights reserved, worldwide. Rifts® is a Registered Trademark owned by Palladium Books, Inc.

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