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A Rifts® CS Manhunters new psionic ability

Hi Folks,

I promised to post a few new psychic abilities from Rifts® CS Manhunters to give you a little taste of what to expect. Here’s the first one. A new healing ability.

Please bear in mind that these advanced looks at stuff for Rifts® CS Manhunters are NOT edited and may see additional tweaks and changes. Let me know if you see an issue or have constructive suggestions. Enjoy. - Kevin

© 2020 Palladium Books, Inc. Written by Kevin Siembieda

A Healing Psionic Ability: Call To Life
Range: Touch or within two feet (0.6 m) of the corpse.
Duration: Permanent results, but requires 1D4 melee rounds of focus and concentration by the psychic. If the person does not respond at the end of the 1D4 melee rounds, he or she is gone. Dead.
Saving Throw: None if the subject wants to live, standard if the subject has given up and doesn’t want to live.
I.S.P.: 8

This is exactly what it sounds like, the psychic reaches into the ether to call the life force that has departed the body to return by following the sound of his voice (or thoughts). The Call to Life may be spoken aloud or be silent through thought and willpower. Only the psychic and the departed hear both sides of any possible discussion on the matter.

Call to Life can only be attempted up to 12 minutes after death while the spirit of the deceased is still in a wandering limbo state looking “for the light” to follow into the afterlife.

Ideally, the body should be physically in one piece and largely undamaged.

90% chance of success to call a person back from the dead (near death actually) who has been asphyxiated/suffocated/strangled, drowned, died from freezing/hypothermia, heart attack, or stroke, but their neck/spine is not broken, and there is little or no other serious injury or damage to their body. These individuals make a full recovery within 3D6+6 minutes. Until then, reduce their normal speed, number of melee attacks, bonuses, and skill performance by half.

70% chance of success with people who have died from poison, stroke, smoke inhalation or a recoverable disease such as influenza, pneumonia, small pox, measles, and similar illnesses. These individuals make a full recovery within 1D6 days. Until then, reduce their normal speed, number of melee attacks, bonuses, and skill performance by half.

40% chance of a temporary reprieve and return to life for only 2D6 minutes, unless their body has been successfully restored/healed via some other means such as surgery, magic, etc.. This applies to people who have died from severe injury, multiple and severe wounds, broken spine or neck, loss of limb(s), severe blood loss, internal injuries, fire, infection, chronic disease (cancer, heart disease, tuberculosis, etc.), or died in the midst of surgery. In these extreme and tragic cases, however, the return to life is only for 2D6 minutes. Enough time to say goodbye or to share vital information before they die. The only exception is if the damage to their body can be somehow restored or healed quickly, whether by magic, psionics, or advanced technology and medicine.

Note: Call to Life does NOT restore damage done to the body or the mind, nor does it kill disease or heal physical injuries. It simply calls the person’s life force back into its body. Any damage, poison, or disease must be treated/healed via medicine, magic, or psionics, otherwise the individual continues to suffer and quickly relapses and dies again.

Recovery after being Called to Life: In the first two cases, the person called back to life returns with 1D6 Hit Points (or M.D.C. as the case may be) that will quickly drain away if the individual continues to suffer from wounds, internal bleeding, and other grievous injury or illness that has not been addressed. If the body is whole and largely undamaged, the individual will recover completely. Hit Points are restored by whatever is the normal recovery rate for that being and/or via magic or psionic healing.

Call to Life can be performed repeatedly on the same person, however, each subsequent attempt sees a cumulative -20% penalty applied to it.

I hope you liked it. I will post another tomorrow and another couple every 2-3 three days.

- Kevin

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