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Unread postPosted: Fri Jul 24, 2020 4:38 pm

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Next week is going to be fun!

I feel good. Good about the book I’m writing. Good about all the books we are working on from Rifts® to Fantasy to Beyond the Supernatural. I feel good about the dynamic artwork going into these tomes – including some new faces along with old favorites. I feel good about the ideas and characters that I know are going to delight you, and I feel good knowing you’ll enjoy them.

But at this moment, I’m especially feeling good about next week.

Normally next week would be Gen Con. This year, thanks to the disruptive and anti-social Covid-19 virus, Gen Con is Online. Hey, they are making the best of it, right? And Palladium Books has been scrambling to do our part. Not just for our friends who run and organize Gen Con, but for YOU. To bring a little fun and brightness into the gloom and doom of Covid-19. See event listings and links to Gen Con Online in the July 24, 2020, Weekly Update.

To that end, we have cobbled together a number of game events, interviews, chats, and webinars as events for Gen Con Online, but we are doing more right here at the Palladium Books website.

Like what you ask?

The release (and re-release) of special products and a fun sale right here compliments of me and the Palladium Books crew! The idea is to put smiles on your faces, bring back fond memories, provoke ideas, and to inspire you to crack open your RPGs and game on.

I hint at a bit of it in the July 24, Weekly Update, but I only talk about one item, the new Rifts® Glitter Boy miniature.

- The new Rifts® Glitter Boy miniature is gorgeous. Standing nearly 3 inches tall. Dynamic pose. Lightweight resin. Easy to build. New, in that it is the first time it is being made physically available – thank you Carmen Bellaire and Rogue Heroes, LLC, sculpted by Ben Calvert Lee – but there is more!

- Three out of print Rifts® books being made available again, in print, for a limited time. One in a new format.

- A sale that will offer many of our metal miniatures and other fun, select items.

And my brain is itching for other things we might be able to do to create more excitement. As much as I want to spill the beans right now and tell you everything, I want it to be a surprise. So watch for next week’s Update for all the details. Oh, and since Gen Con Online launches next Thursday, we might send out our Weekly Update next Wednesday. Watch for it.

I hope you enjoy everything we have in store for you. Stay positive. Be happy (all things considered), and never let those vibrant imaginations be stifled. Keep them burning bright.

That Publisher Guy,
Kevin Siembieda
July 24, 2020

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