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Unread postPosted: Tue Jul 07, 2020 6:07 pm

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Yeah, The Publisher Guy

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I hope you are you doing okay?

Me? I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed. I am writing well, even amazing at times, but I’m behind deadline and frustrated. I always want to make every book great. Packed with ideas and Wow Factor and things that may make you – the end user – sit back and say ... “Wow, what I was expecting and so much more.”

I love it. I love what I do, writing games and sourcebooks for you. And we have so many great books in the pipeline: CS Manhunters, Creature Feature, Titan Robotics, Rifts® Bestiary Volume 2, and a truckload of others, some you don’t even know about yet. But this past month with the kidney stone issue and the corresponding costs, and demands surrounding it combined with the heatwave (it’s hot as Hades here), and the coronavirus resurgence, and violence and uncertainty, and cash flow and business matters, and now adding Gen Con Online to the to do list ... I am feeling a bit overwhelmed.

Don’t worry, I’m hanging tough and writing away, though there are moments when I feel like everything pulls me away from what I need and want to be doing, writing. Of course, when I do write, I’m on fire. Ideas flow and plenty of Wow Factor spills onto the page, so hang tight. Good things ... dare I say great things ... are coming.

Then I think about you, and I worry about how you are holding up. I talk to friends and fans, and most are doing well, some are even doing great, but some not so much. I hope you are not dealing with too much crap or slipping into despair. I hope you are doing okay. Better than okay.

I try to do what I can to lighten the load and bring a little joy, with positive Weekly Updates, occasional sales, signing the books you order, and randomly enclosing little notes or something extra so you know you are important to us. I want you to know you are special and that we will all get through this. I hope Palladium’s existing games and the new books coming your way will recharge and fuel your imaginations and help keep you sane. I can tell you that writing them sure helps me stay sane!

Our latest sale items: ... Items.html

Plus PDFs on sale at DriveThru: ... _id=246835

I’m hoping Gen Con Online will be something fun that makes people smile and connect and adds something positive to your summer. Role-playing games are an astonishing medium that offers laughter and fun, adventure and escape even in the darkest times. It is truly magical and I am proud to be one of the many wizards spinning that magic.

Please stay frosty, stay safe, be positive and keep those imaginations burning! I will do likewise.

In fact, I need to get back to spinning ideas that are going to blow your minds, like the CS Manhunter O.C.C. known as the Divner. Slang for Diviner. A psychic with the power of dowsing and channeling earth energy, including ley lines, to glimpse the future and find CS traitors and enemies. Like I said, good stuff with plenty of surprises and Wow Factor. Oh, and you should see the powerful artwork coming in. Oh, baby.

That Publisher Guy and Creative Madman
Kevin Siembieda

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