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Unread postPosted: Tue Jun 16, 2020 8:14 pm

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Holy Moley – Rifts® Collectible Madness!

Palladium Books has a large loyal, fan base, with generations of fans, which is why our books stay in print for decades and are highly collectible. Limited edition hardcovers (and original art) like the ones currently being offered in the Rifts® Bestiary Vol. 2 Megaverse® Insider have a long history of increasing in value by hundreds of dollars. Some of the other rare, out of print titles and first printings also.

Case in point, someone online is selling Rifts® Novel 3: Treacherous Awakenings for the asking price of $1,000.00! If I recall correctly, I think we only printed 8,000 copies (vs 20,000 copies of the first two novels), and I have seen it sell for as much as $300-$500, but never one for $1,000.

Holy crap! I found that incredible! Wow. Seems like an ambitious asking price, but I don’t know? it is rare.

I’m afraid the value may soon decline back into the hundreds of dollars category, because Rifts® Treacherous Awakenings will be made available as a PDF on either the end of this week or next week for around $10. AND we plan to make it available as our first Print On Demand book from DriveThruRPG for under $20.

I was so blown away I thought I would share it with you. I’m always amazed and humbled when Palladium products are so highly prized. ... taft_p1_i0

Btw, FINAL HOURS for Rifts® Bestiary Volume Two “Megaverse® Insider” pre-order specials – Offer ENDS after midnight, Wednesday, June 17, 2020.

These products are available ONLY as special Insider pre-order offers, are made to order, and not made available to the public at large. This is your LAST chance to get special Rifts® Bestiary Volume Two items like two super-limited edition hardcovers, the PDF of the book at least 6 months before it is made available to the public, your name in the book, limited edition prints, and other good stuff available to you only as a Megaverse Insider. See more details below and even more details in the online store description. Offer ENDS June 17, after midnight.

Rifts® Bestiary Vol. 2 “Megaverse® Insider” – rare, limited edition signed hardcovers, prints, other opportunities, and more

What is a Megaverse® Insider offer? A way to pre-order fun and unique, special Rifts® Bestiary Volume Two related products available ONLY during the limited few weeks that the Megaverse® Insider is running. When it ends, tomorrow, June 17, these special items are no longer available, which is what makes you an “Insider.” Only those of you who participate are guaranteed these special collector items at “Insider” prices. And most of the offers automatically get your name published in the credits page of the book as one of our “Insiders.”

Please note that the super-limited bundles are sold on a first come, first served basis and a couple are sold out. Most other categories are limited to only what is actually ordered plus some extra for the Palladium crew, and special events like charity auctions. Making them very limited collectibles. Available only from Palladium Books. ... sider.html

Here are my two favorite items:

- Palladium Insider – Color Cover Hardcover: $50 – Cat. No. 12045 – You get a signed, limited edition hardcover featuring a Color Cover plus your name listed in the book in the Palladium Insider section of the printed book. Note: See the store description for complete details at

- Imperial Purple Beast Insider – Foil Hardcover: $75 – Cat. No. 12046 – You get a signed and numbered, limited edition, Purple Foil Collector’s Hardcover + your name listed under the Imperial Purple Beast Insider of the printed book. Note: See the store description for complete details at

Note: PLEASE SEE the store description for the complete details of each Insider Offer. The short descriptions below are only a brief summary. Thank you and enjoy. – Kevin Siembieda ... sider.html

NOW Shipping – In the Face of Death™ Dead Reign® Sourcebook – the Zombie Apocalypse reimagined. Part survival guide, part cityscape, and part heroic adventure the likes of which you have never quite seen before in a zombie RPG. Adventure is built upon human ingenuity, courage, hope, and insanity. Characters include children and teenagers, and heroes driven by madness. Human predators and other villains stalk the ruins of human civilization. Ruins inhabited by the omnipresent hungry dead. In the Face of Death™ helps make Dead Reign® into A Quiet Place meets Mad Max in the world of Dawn of the Dead. Written by Kevin Siembieda and Mark Oberle – 160 pages – $22.99 retail – Cat. No. 237 – Now Shipping. ... Death.html

Stay Well and Game On,

Kevin Siembieda
That Publisher Guy

Copyright 2020 Palladium Books Inc. All rights reserved.
This Murmur may be reprinted, reposted, linked and shared for the sole purpose of advertising, promotion and good will.

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