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Unread postPosted: Tue Jun 02, 2020 6:59 pm

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A literal pain in the back, Megaverse Insider, & Stuff - June 2, 2020.

I lost the last few days to acute, debilitating pain in my stomach and right side and back. So bad I couldn’t sleep and vomited a couple of times. I felt worse when I laid down so I tried to sleep sitting up with minimal success. Which has led to more trips to the chiropractor. This has been a constant throbbing pain that would subside and settle down to a welcomed 2-3 on a scale of 1 to 10, before randomly shooting up to an 8 or 9 for what seemed like forever or dropping down to only a 6-7 pain level. It was awful. On par with my broken arm a few years back. Exhausting. I thought it might be kidney stones at first, but I have never felt this level of pain associated with stones. Pancreatitis and Crohn’s disease were candidates (or worse floated through our minds). Appendicitis was ruled out because I didn’t have a fever and my labs suggested it was not the case.

Turns out it “is” kidney stones. A whole gravel pit of them. A few in both kidneys causing blockage and pain. Whaahhh. Powering through it. Today was actually a 90% pain-free day and I finally got an entire night’s sleep. I was so happy! As result, I’m feeling pretty good at the moment. But geez o’ Pete, Saturday night, Sunday, and Monday, yikes! Waiting to hear a plan of attack from my doctor. Fingers crossed.

Perhaps needless to say, I did not get much work done over the last 3-4 days between being laid up, whacked out with pain, or getting medical tests run. I focused on processing orders and other simple tasks. A good thing too because pain and lack of sleep messes with your head in strange ways. It makes focus and concentration very difficult. I looked over some of the writing I had attempted and it was not gibberish but the number of typos were ridiculous. I’m confident my doctor will help me through it. I feel better just knowing it is not cancer or something else that is awful and chronic.

In Palladium news, the five short run titles are all back in stock. That includes The Mechanoid Invasion® RPG Trilogy, the science fiction RPG that helped to launch Palladium Books, Island at the Edge of the World™ (Fantasy), Rifts® Dark Conversions™ and a couple others.

I also received more great art for Creature Feature, a Beyond the Supernatural sourcebook.

The Rifts® Bestiary 2 “Megaverse® Insider” is BACK, but only for a couple of weeks, offer ends June 17, 2020.

I hope people take advantage of the Rifts® Bestiary Vol. 2 Megaverse® Insider Offer. It is only made available for a short time and is a nice way to get some unusual, fun items, collectibles, and opportunities, like getting limited edition collector hardcovers, a cool print or two, your name in the book, the PDF of the book months before anyone else, etc.

We were off to a great start in March, but then the Covid-19 pandemic exploded onto the scene and everything went kablooey. I said then I would re-offer the Megaverse® Insider for Rifts® Bestiary Volume Two, so here is your second chance to participate. Getting your name in a book is always fun, the two variant hardcovers are sweet and always a very limited numbered collectible (under 150 each with Volume One), and you can still get a Benefactor offer if you want one, at least for the moment. You get a ton of stuff and an original piece of concept art among other things. My thanks to those of you who sent me reminders to make the Volume Two Megaverse® Insider available again.

What is a Megaverse® Insider offer? A way to pre-order fun and unique, special Rifts® Bestiary Volume Two related products available ONLY during the limited few weeks that the Megaverse® Insider is running. When it ends, these special items are no longer available, which is what makes you an “Insider.” Only those of you who participate are guaranteed these special collector items at “Insider” prices. And most of the offers automatically get your name published in the credits page of the book as one of our “Insiders.” See the full descriptions in Palladium’s online store or a lengthier summary in the May 30 Weekly Update.

- Inside Help – Your name in the book.
- In Memoriam – The name of a lost loved one in the book.
- A “Real” Character Tribute – List a favorite character in the book.
- Cyber-Insider Volume TWO PDF – PDF of Vol. 2 + your name listed in the book.
- Retro-Cyber-Insider Volume ONE PDF – PDF of Vol. One + your name listed in Vol. Two.
- Palladium Insider – Hardcover – Signed, Super-Limited Hardcover Edition – Color Cover + your name listed in the book.
- Imperial Purple Beast Insider – Hardcover – Signed and Numbered – Super-Limited Purple Foil Collector’s Hardcover Edition + your name listed.
- Enhanced Imperial Purple Beast Insider – Signed and Numbered – Super-limited Purple Foil Collector’s Hardcover Edition, your name listed + PDF of Vol. 2.
- Top Insider – Both limited Vol. 2 hardcover books, signed, the PDF, dragon head sketch by Siembieda, a limited print + your name listed in the book.
- Ultimate Insider – Both limited hardcover books signed, PDF of Vol. 2, Siembieda dragon head sketch, Walton monster sketch in foil hardcover, 5 limited prints, name listed in book + signed Lazlo “Raw Preview”.
- Benefactor – Limited to a total of 12 people – Both hardcover books signed, PDF, Siembieda dragon head sketch, Walton monster sketch in book, something Top Secret, 10 limited prints, your name as an unstatted character in the book, name listed in book, signed Lazlo “Raw Preview” + an original concept art sketch) – STILL AVAILABLE for now.
- SOLD OUT Monstrous Benefactor – (Be a Chimera-Builder; limited to 5 people)
- SOLD OUT Ultimate Benefactor – (Limited to one. A ton of stuff plus build and name a monster, get your face to appear as a person with the creature, the original art, and more).

I had a bunch of bills to pay and catching up to do today (along with getting my CAT scan), but hope to get back into writing, bright and early tomorrow morning. I was so hot writing when this clobbered me. Of course that kinda depends on where the stones have settled. Sheesh.

Not complaining. Glad it is not Covid-19! Speaking of which, I hope you are all being safe, doing well, remaining healthy, and finding ways to stay sane through everything happening in the world. Stay frosty, enjoy our current sales ending in a day or two, and keep those imaginations burning bright.

That’s it for now. More to come later.

Kevin Siembieda
That Publisher Guy

Copyright 2020 Palladium Books Inc. All rights reserved.
This Murmur may be reprinted, reposted, linked and shared for the sole purpose of advertising, promotion and good will.

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