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Unread postPosted: Sat May 30, 2020 3:40 pm

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Don’t miss the New Rifts® SALE: Atlantean Adventures or the Dead Reign® Sale wrapping up on Drivethru.

Recently, a number of people have brought up how much they love Rifts® Atlantis and the Splugorth. Me too. Every Atlantean title seems to be inspired. In fact, I was so inspired to write Rifts® World Book 2: Atlantis back in the day, that I cranked it out in three weeks, and it is still one of my favorite books. Of course those three weeks did not include the many months the ideas for Atlantis had been percolating in my head before I put them down on paper. So that’s the new sale: titles with Atlanteans, Splugorth and Atlantis in them, or which have some connection to Atlanteans or Atlantis. Enjoy.

- Rifts® World Book 2: Atlantis – truly epic! Atlantis described, the Splugorth and their monstrous minions and slave races, Bio-Wizard weapons and devices, symbiotes, and more.
- Rifts® World Books 21: Splynn Dimensional Market™ – where it is said a person can buy whatever he wants, if he is willing to pay the price. A player’s and Game Masters’s dream full of magic, weapons, gear, and enemies! New Splugorth slave races, Bio-Wizard Weapons, Bio-Borgs, TW vehicles, symbiotes, notable merchants and shops, and more.
- Rifts® Dimension Book 15: Secrets of the Atlanteans™ – 60+ new Magic Tattoos, 60+ Shadow Magic spells, 50+ Crystal Magic spells, Stone Pyramids mapped and described, the Sunaj Assassins, Atlanteans’ dark history, and loads of secrets.
- Rifts® World Book 32: Lemuria – Lemurian people and O.C.C.s, living Bio-Armor and vehicles, Biomancy, Biomancy War Steeds, monsters and more.
- Rifts® World Book 7: Underseas – The menacing Lord of the Deep, an enemy of Atlanteans and Lemurians, 20 creatures, Ocean Magic, Whale Song magic, the New Navy, aquatic human mutants, and more.
- Rifts® World Book 1: Vampire Kingdoms – Everything you need to know about Rifts vampires, their Kingdoms in Mexico, Ciudad Juarez, town creation rules, and more.
- Rifts® Vampires Sourcebook – Vampire hunters and their weapons, Reid’s Rangers, the Yucatan Peninsula, werebeasts, Soulcrafting and more.
- Rifts® World Book 6: South America – The Anti-Monster, Biomancy, mutants, strange people, notable kingdoms, weapons, Splugorth and secrets.
- Rifts® World Book 9: South America 2 – 30+ O.C.C.s/R.C.C.s, the power and magic of the Nazca Lines, the Arkhon aliens, power armor, weapons, and ancient gods.
- The Rifter® #52 – Atlanteans, Magic Tattoos, Rune Weapons, Cannibal Magic.
- One week only. ... Items.html – SALE Dead Reign® the Zombie Apocalypse – Sale ENDS June 2 ... _id=246835

The Dead Reign®/Beyond the Supernatural Sale on ends Tuesday after midnight so time is running out on that sale too.

Dead Reign® RPG – The core rule book. Easy to learn. A lot of fun. Fast action. Play ordinary people or more advanced post-Zombie Apocalypse O.C.C.s. Fight to survive against a unique array of zombies. Everything you would want from a zombie game and much more. Each sourcebook building and expanding upon a familiar yet unique and ever expanding setting.
Civilization Gone™ – More zombies, madmen and danger.
Dark Places™ – More zombies, traveling the sewers and steam tunnels, adventure ideas and danger.
Endless Dead™ – 10 zombies, 5 O.C.C.s, vehicle combat, info about the military, random tables, and more.
Fear the Reaper™ – Code and details about the iconic heroes.
Graveyard Earth™ – World overview, tables and more.
Hell Followed™ – 23 disasters, 11 zombies, 7 O.C.C.s, Masked Lunatics, and more. All easily adapted to other settings.
Beyond the Supernatural™ RPG, 2nd Edition is supernatural horror in the modern world. A plausible modern horror setting that makes sense and will have you wondering if this stuff could be for real. Play ordinary people, psychics or paranormal investigators. 14 Psychic Character Classes. 42 occupations for “ordinary” people. 100+ psychic abilities, creatures of darkness, the Lazlo Agency, and more.
Beyond the Supernatural™ RPG, 1st Edition Rules, includes more creatures and playing Victim Characters.
Boxed Nightmares™ adventure sourcebook, BTS 1st Edition rules.

Free Sneak Preview of our latest, epic, Dead Reign® sourcebook: In The Face of Death™. It is at the printer and ships in a couple of weeks. Which inspired us to put ALL Dead Reign® titles and the Beyond the Supernatural™ RPG (modern horror) on sale. ENDS June 2, 2020.

Please be safe out there. The Covid-19 restrictions are being lifted, but the disease still lingers out there, so please continue to practice social distancing, hand washing, mask wearing in public, and take care of yourselves and your loved ones. My heart also goes out to the family of George Floyd and the many locations where peaceful protests and demonstrations have turned violent. I hope the violence does not drown out the message. Everyone, please stay safe.

I hope that didn’t take a dark turn. I’m just concerned about people. I have friends all across the country who seem to be caught up in one plight or another. I worry about them. All of you. Anyway, check out the sales, enjoy some books, and maybe some gaming, don’t loose sight of the good in the world and stay frosty.

Kevin Siembieda
That Publisher Guy

Copyright 2020 Palladium Books Inc. All rights reserved.
This Murmur may be reprinted, reposted, linked and shared for the sole purpose of advertising, promotion and good will.

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