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Unread postPosted: Sat May 30, 2020 3:14 pm

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Working on Rifts® CS Manhunters May 30 2020

My energy crashed a little bit on Thursday and Friday, and I didn’t get much writing done. I did pack and ship a bunch of books for mail order, a distributor order, and a retailer order. My malaise might have had to do with what appears to be a bladder or kidney infection (or I may be passing a kidney stone, ick). Otherwise, feeling okay, staying safe and hanging tough.

Outlined some Rifts® CS Manhunters™ O.C.C.s and did first draft descriptions of a handful of new and variant psionic abilities. I like to get the ideas down and then go back in later with fresh eyes to tweak and finish them. I think at least one needs to be tossed out or severely retooled because it is too powerful and game unbalancing.

I also spent some time figuring out additional art needs for the book. Most of the art is already done, but there is a bit more I will need. Then I’ll reach out to my cadre of freelance artists and see who can illustrate what.

I suspect part of my writing malaise is that thanks to my work on Creature Feature™, the BTS sourcebook and thoughts percolating for Rifts® Bestiary Volume Two, my thoughts are oriented toward creatures at the moment, not the Coalition States, psychics, and psionic abilities. That’s why I prefer to work on one book at a time, because sometimes it is difficult changing wavelengths and go from one train of thought to something completely different. On the other hand, I did whip up some very dynamic stuff on Tuesday, and I am having a better day writing today. Btw, below are the descriptions for both titles.

COMING! Rifts® CS Manhunters™ – A Secrets of the Coalition States™ Sourcebook

Coalition Manhunters™ reveals more Coalition States secrets along with new CS characters, more insight about the CS, new psionics, Psi-Battalion, and dangerous villains. All of it building toward something epic. Who watches the watchmen? CS Manhunters.

CS Manhunters are a secret division within the Coalition’s Psi-Battalion. The CS Manhunters hunt not only the most dangerous spies and fugitives, but also their own. This elite force of psychics, Kill Hounds, and soldiers are trained killing machines who follow orders without question and kill without hesitation.

● CS Manhunter squads and special operatives.
● Manhunter Killhound and Dog Boy O.C.C.s.
● CS Manhunter Psi-Interrogator and Psi-Enforcer.
● CS Manhunter Bursters and Zappers.
● CS Manhunter Psi-Healers and CS Slayers.
● CS Manhunter Mind Melters, deadliest of them all.
● Non-Player Characters, adventure ideas, and more.
● 96-128 pages – $17.99 retail – Cat. No. 894 – In Production – Shooting for a June release.

COMING! Creature Feature™, a Beyond the Supernatural™ sourcebook

The manuscript is in. Artwork is being created. And the world of Beyond the Supernatural™ is about to be expanded. This sourcebook builds on material that has appeared in various issues of The Rifter® but there is a ton of new material and information useful to both Game Masters and players.

● A gallery of supernatural creatures. Some new. Some familiar, updated and expanded. All terrifying.
● Rules clarifications and errata.
● Game Master source material and advice on rules, psychic abilities, proximity and threat levels, I.S.P. multipliers, and more.
● Advice about running modern horror RPGs and using supernatural creatures in your games.
● Lots of adventure ideas, including an updated and expanded full adventure, "The Squatter."
● New background and setting information for the BTS setting and a few surprises.
● Written by Steven Dawes, Kevin Siembieda, and others.
● Art by Steven Cummings, Nick Bradshaw and others.
● 160-192 pages – $22.99 or $26.99 depending on final size – Cat. No. 704 – June or July release (tentative).

That’s it for now. Stay well and game on!

Kevin Siembieda
That Publisher Guy

Copyright 2020 Palladium Books Inc. All rights reserved.
This Murmur may be reprinted, reposted, linked and shared for the sole purpose of advertising, promotion and good will.

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