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Unread postPosted: Tue Apr 21, 2020 8:00 pm

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Some tidbits for you:

- Orders were strong this morning, thanks. Took me 2 hours to do ‘em all. Awesome, keep them coming.

- The Palladium crew is still reporting feeling healthy and virus free, thank goodness. I hope most of you can say the same.

- There will be a lot of exciting updates and news in the Thursday Weekly Update. Watch for it.

- Several out of stock titles have been sent to the printer! The two Rifts® Poker Decks among them. More in the Weekly Update this Thursday.

- Rifts® Ultimate Edition temporarily out of stock! Yikes.

- New books are nearing completion and I'm am getting fired up about it.

- sale ends Wednesday after midnight, April 22, 2020. If you are enjoying getting PDF reference game books as well as the physical books, take advantage of the current Battle the Bugs Sale on It offers a range of RPGs and sourcebooks featuring invading bugs – Systems Failure RPG and Rifts® Xiticix World Book – and monstrous invasions like the demon plagues hitting Rifts® North America in Megaverse® in Flames and Heroes of Humanity, the Coming of the Rifts in the Chaos Earth® series, and the secret demonic invasion of Earth in Nightbane®. Not to mention the Mechanoid Invasion® in three different titles and settings.

- Oh, and because I love superheroes and comic books, and so many of you seem to be snapping them up, I have quietly left the Mutant Super-Hero, Ninja Fun sale active in the Palladium online store (Heroes Unlimited RPG, After the Bomb® RPG, Ninjas and Superspies RPG and sourcebooks), but that will be coming to an end, probably on Thursday, so if you think you are interested in these physical books, get ‘em over the next night or two before they go back up to full price. Btw, you can read about my love for superheroes and comic books in an earlier Murmur.

That’s it until next time.

Kevin Siembieda
That Publisher Guy

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This Murmur may be reprinted, reposted, linked and shared for the sole purpose of advertising, promotion and good will.

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