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Unread postPosted: Tue Apr 21, 2020 7:50 pm

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I had a really good day writing. Finally!

Writing is weird. It’s not like chopping wood or painting your front porch. It involves brain power and though you might not think so, it requires passion and adrenaline. There have been times after an hour or two bout of writing fast and furious as the ideas pour out of me, that I lean back in my chair and feel tired. Like I just ran around the block or something.

I get excited when I’m hot writing and the words are flowing nicely or a thrilling new idea or ten has my writing engine racing. There is a reason people use words like pulse-pounding excitement to describe certain books and movies. Your pulse actually races while you are writing and the ideas are coming so fast you can hardly keep up with them. It is an amazing rush that keeps you pushing and feels like a race.

I had one of those days today. I started out slow and built up to a good pace. That was a relief, because last week I was writing like crap. Slow and so so. Words and sentences that did the job, but felt tepid not hot or pulse-pounding at all. Which is a bummer.

It is difficult to write with so much stuff going on in the world. I wish you could just press a button and rev up the ol’ writing machine, but it doesn’t work like that. Sometimes cleaning my room or working on other stuff like pulling and packing orders helps to brush the cobwebs away, but nothing was working lately. Worse, I would have a good day or two writing followed by one or two lousy days, preventing me from picking up steam and gaining momentum. I love the morning after a hot prior day of writing and you wake up ready to dive back into it because you are burning with ideas and enthusiasm from the productive day before.

I use music to get me rolling and stay focused. Sometimes moody music. Mostly fast paced music. Almost always movie scores. And once I find my rhythm, that music and music with a similar pulse keeps me focused and in the writing groove. Well, I have been struggling with finding that rhythm and focus. Then something I said to Alex on the telephone made me think about the music from the wonderful John Williams Close Encounters of the Third Kind. I didn’t slap the CDs in right away the (original album and the expanded edition), because Close Encounters didn’t seem to fit any of the books I have been working. Some polishing on the virtually finished In the Face of Death zombie sourcebook (so good), Rifts® Coalition Manhunters (more terrifying goodness) and Titan Robotics (a toy chest). But when the fast-paced superhero, sf adventure stuff wasn’t doing it for me, I finally slapped in Close Encounters and bingo! Been writing away with gusto. Weird how that works. It even inspired this Murmur. lol. I'll be ending my work day in a few minutes, but I already can't wait to get back to it tomorrow morning. Thank you Mr. Williams (and Mr Spielberg for the great flick and memories).

Stay Well and Fired Up,

Kevin Siembieda
That Publisher Guy

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