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Unread postPosted: Thu Apr 16, 2020 10:21 am

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Busy Morning thanks to you - April 16, 2020.

I got up early this morning feeling invigorated. I think in part from speaking with a friend on Skype yesterday evening. It was a good thing too, because there were a lot of orders waiting for me.

I just finished pulling orders and signing a few books in each a little while ago. I am delighted to see so many people ordering everything from Rifts® and Palladium Fantasy® to Heroes Unlimited™ and Dead Reign®. But I am especially happy to see so many people picking up After the Bomb® titles. I love Erick Wujcik’s updated After the Bomb® RPG and all the old sourcebooks – Mutants Down Under™ and Mutants in Orbit™ being two of my all-time favorites. A lot of fond memories playing those mutants and different settings -- though the best were the super-hero based adventures, at least for me, but then I love comic book heroes. These books are so good and I’m always happy to see people rediscovering them. Plus AtB and Heroes Unlimited™ are ideal to combine to create modern super-hero settings filled with anthropomorphic, intelligent mutant animals that kids love to play. (And don't let them fool you, adults love ‘em too. They tell me so all the time in hushed whispers like it is a dirty little secret. lol)

Thank you so much for your orders. I hope people are enjoying the signature I have been slipping into random books. Sorry it is only mine and not the entire staff, but you know how it is.

The sun is finally shining here in lower Michigan but it is unusually cold for this time of year. We had sun-snowshowers yesterday and we are supposed to get 1-4 inches of snow on Friday. Whaaaahhhh, I put the snow shovels away last week. But it warms up to 50 degrees Saturday, so whatever snow we get should melt.

Well, I’m going to write for what I hope will be a solid eight hours of it. Nice and quiet and I am aching to get to it.

Stay Well and Game On,
Kevin Siembieda
That Publisher Guy

Kevin Siembieda
That Publisher Guy

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