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As an original member of the Defilers of Beelzebub, I was reminded of my adventures in the tower-like Palladium of Desires. It was bigger inside than outside and filled with different levels that contained strange beings and had rooms with strange artifacts. I was reminded of that as I did my edit on Garden of the Gods. The Garden is a monument, a park and shrine filled with statues of known and unknown gods that were recently unearthed. And it is clear that the gods are watching visitors there who seek wisdom, guidance and purpose. It is guarded by a few beings in particular and has some magical properties. If my character prayed to one of the mythical gods, I might get a dream or vision, and be given a quest by an avatar of the god. Here was the kind of adventure I loved and a new place to get adventures started. A worthy addition to the Palladium world.

Alex Marciniszyn

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