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Writing like mad

I feel like we are in production fever at the moment. We are dying to get books out and into your hands. I have been writing and editing like mad for weeks now, and it feels good.

Carl Gleba’s Rifts® Secrets of the Atlanteans™ is at the printer. You can see a free Sneak Preview at I enjoy working on Carl’s manuscripts because they are always so full of diverse ideas. His books are one of those fun page turners where you find yourself saying, “Ooh, what’s this?!” And can hardly wait to see what’s waiting for you on the next page. Whether it is a bit of Atlantean history, a dark secret, a new magic spell or tattoo, a cool weapon, or a new monster or an idea to drive an adventure, it is all there. His work always gets my own imagination burning, and the next thing I know, I’m adding to the juicy stuff already there.

As soon as Atlanteans was in the can, I turned my attention to Nightbane® Dark Designs™. This is another fun book that will give players plenty of new ideas and options for their Nightbane characters. I love Nightbane® because it blends the super-hero genre with the horror genre in such a dark and delicious way. One of my favorite books as a kid was Louis Robert Stevenson’s Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde. I loved this tortured tale about the duality of human nature and the monster that lurked inside a good man. Another was H.G. Well’s The Island of Doctor Moreau, and a mountain of comic books, especially Marvel Comic books and man-monsters like the Fantastic Four’s Thing, the Hulk, Him, the Inhumans, Silver Surfer and The X-Men. For me, Nightbane® has elements of all of them with a touch of H.P. Lovecraft and The Invasion of the Body Snatchers, a movie that gave me nightmares for years. I love the idea that most Nightbane “Become” while in their teens or twenties, an age when we are trying to find our place in the world and often feel like a freak or monster already. Now imagine actually being one. And because of that, there are other horrid, morbid creatures out to get you. You have these powers, but do you dare use them even if it’s for good reasons and can save lives? Toss in government conspiracy and cover-up, and a demonic invasion so insidious that nobody believes it is real and ... wow. I loved the concept from the very first day C.J. Carella pitched it to me.

I have been wanting to do much, much more with Nightbane® for ages. In fact, it’s one of the I.P.s (intellectual properties) I have been trying to get someone interested in developing into a comic book, TV series or film for years. Splicers® and Beyond the Supernatural™, too, and Heroes Unlimited™, and of course, Rifts®, and ... well ... everything. :-D

Any way, you’ll enjoy Nightbane® Dark Designs™.

As for what else is coming, I’m itching to get back into Garden of the Gods, the next Palladium Fantasy sourcebook, as well as the next Dead Reign® sourcebook (something a bit experimental), and the various Rifts® titles like CS Arsenal and The Disavowed. With Scott Gibbons handling more of the business aspects of the company, my goal is to push through a lot more book titles, like the good ‘ol days. That includes the works of other authors and more material for Splicers®, Palladium Fantasy®, Heroes Unlimited™, and of course, Rifts® and Robotech® and BTS. Gosh, so many ideas and talented people who want to help make them a reality. Time to step it up.

Kevin Siembieda
That Publisher Guy

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