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Unread postPosted: Sat Nov 12, 2016 5:37 pm

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Hell Followed ...

I have had a tremendous amount of fun writing Hell Followed for Dead Reign. And it shows in the final product. So much so, that editor, Alex Marciniszyn, who is absolutely not into the zombie genre said the following:

“Kev, honestly, I thought I was going to be bored. Just another book about killing more zombies. This book is not what I expected, at all. It redefines the zombie genre. It broadens the field of possibilities and expands upon the modern zombie mythos. This sourcebook is full of twists and surprises, and ideas I had never imagined. It is truly inspired writing.”

I cannot take all the credit. Taylor White wrote a third of the book, and his ideas and writing style got my creative engine rumbling like a purring tiger.

Then, I spoke with Nick Bradshaw. It turns out he had names and a backstory for a number of the characters he had been dropping into Dead Reign® illustrations for years. If you look for them, you’ll see Snoose, Wicked Pisser, the Dead Rats gang, among others, in several Dead Reign® books over the years. That discussion and Nick’s wonderfully twisted ideas got my engine really revving. I had Nick send me his character notes and they and that conversation spawned all kinds of ideas, including the section on Masked Lunatics and other good stuff.

Not only that, but wait till you see what he and I have in store for you with future Dead Reign® sourcebooks. Dead Reign® goes hardcore and departs from the classic zombie norm with Hell Followed, and continues with the many sourcebooks yet to come. Nick is working on the art for two right now.

Todd Spencley, Chuck Walton, Alex and Wayne also offered some sweet tidbits of inspiration along the way. Thanks guys, our combined efforts have created a Zombie Apocalypse setting and sourcebook that is now getting the Palladium treatment.

Think you know the zombie genre? Get ready for some characters, twists and turns you have probably never considered. All of them the stuff for new adventures. And we are just getting started.

Man, I love it when the ideas flow like water and we can take a setting to the next level.

A hell raising Murmur from,
Kevin Siembieda
- Publisher, Writer and Game Designer

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