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What makes The Rifter® an excellent role-playing resource?

Everything. I know, some folks wish every issue contained only “official” source material. Some issues have a fair amount of official material, and the latest issue,The Rifter® #73 is entirely official. But that’s not the point of The Rifter®. It is supposed to be a sort of fanzine among other things, with “unofficial” material written by fans, as well as by freelancers and staff. The whole idea is to present a forum for fans to see their ideas, adventurers, characters, monsters and house rules published. It doesn't matter if it is official or not.

Don’t be rigid in your thinking. Entertain ALL the possibilities. Look at the ideas, characters and adventures of fellow gamers and use them as a catalyst in your own games. And that goes for villains, monsters, adventures and places too.

It does not even matter what setting the material is designed for, adapt it and drop it into any setting. Fantasy material can work just as well in Rifts® or Heroes Unlimited, and vice versa. Use the material in The Rifter® to spice up your existing game or to keep your players guessing. While they may think they know what’s coming, you surprise them with an “unofficial” monster, villain, weapon, power, etc., from the pages of The Rifter®.

It is good to think outside the box and interject elements your players are not expecting. The Rifter® is a great way to do that. Every issue offers a slew of ideas and helps you generate new ideas of your own. And ideas not just from us at Palladium, but from fellow fans. I’m often blown away by the ideas and adventure campaigns of fellow gamers outside my usual group.

Just this week, I heard a great idea about a group of adventurers playing pirates from South America operating in the Gulf of Mexico and in the waters between Florida and Atlantis. Pirates who prey upon the Minions of Splugorth, Horune and Coalition ships. Man, the ideas immediately popped into my head for my own adventures raiding Splugorth ships and trading in magic, alien gear and freeing and recruiting D-Bee slaves imported from other worlds, sold on Atlantis and rescued by our pirate crew. I immediately started to imagine dealing with (and fighting) the Sunaj, Splugorth Slavers, True Atlanteans, Tattooed Men, Stone Mages, Gargoyles, dragons, runaway slaves and CS spies. All of that from three sentences in a conversation!

I grab ideas from books, TV, film, artwork, stories and sound bites from the news, nature, real life, and ... well, everything. I grab them and run with them. Even casual comments that may have nothing to do with gaming may ignite my imagination. YOU should do likewise.

Find ideas everywhere. And The Rifter® is an idea generator that should be on your radar. It is also a place where YOU can (and should) submit your own monsters, villains, adventures and creations and maybe see them published and shared with other gamers. The Rifter® is for the Palladium gaming community, by the gaming community. Each issue contains an array of adventures and source material that can be dropped into almost any world setting. That’s the beauty of having one game system, you can take the material from any of the games/settings and, with little or no modification, make it suitable for another.

In addition, some issues of The Rifter® offer gaming advice, tips, alternative rules, and other things that may be useful or inspire adventure and fun.

And that’s what it is all about, FUN.

With the Rifter® Super-Subscription Drive going on till the end of February, I hope many of you think about subscribing. Not only do you save $16 off the retail price of four issues, but you get the books delivered right to your doorstep and get a FREE gift worth as much as $35 buckaroos too. ... ption.html

Keep those imaginations burning bright,
Kevin Siembieda
Publisher, Writer and Idea Guy

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