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Unread postPosted: Tue Jun 02, 2015 12:40 pm

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A bit of an update - June 2, 2015

Since I’m trying to get back into the habit of posting Murmurs on a regular basis, I thought I’d post a short update this morning.

It was fun reminiscing about the Open House and submerge myself in all the warm feelings for the POH Report. Btw, Part Five lists some of the most memorable moments of the Open House for each of the Palladium crew, which is quite fun and varied.

The POH really is something special, even magical. I’ve been told it’s not just the building (it has been hosted at two location, after all), but us – the Palladium crew, and that includes the freelance artists and writers, and our volunteers. I heard again about how grounded we are, and how all of us really make the gamers attending feel welcomed and appreciated. Cool. I take all this as a huge compliment and find it humbling. It’s what I try to tell people on a regular basis, that we’re just gaming nerds who love all the same stuff as you. Forget about your preconceived notions of us or writers and artists. Forget about the fact that we write and illustrate the games and books you love. And certainly forget about some of the stuff said on the web. Me, Wayne, Chuck, Carmen, Brandon, Julius, all of us are just like you. Gamers through and through.

Heck, if one of us showed up on your doorstep during a game session, you could hand us a character sheet, plop us down in the game and you’d never know the difference between us and the rest of the players. And that’s a deliberate thing. It’s the way we like it.

Wayne is back. Wayne arrived at the office on Monday, tanned and relaxed. Unfortunately, there is so much to do, I said “Welcome back. Hope you had fun.” Gave him a hug and said, “This is what’s going on and this is what I need you to take care of today.” It’s noon, Tuesday, and we still have not had a chance to hear any of Wayne’s vacation stories. Maybe later today or tomorrow.

My imagination has been on fire since the Open House. I made notes and jotted down some text and dialog for several different projects including Beyond the Supernatural, Rifts®, Palladium Fantasy® and Robotech®. That’s cool, but I need to focus on the next 3-4 books and bang them out one after the other. We also have to bang out the final details for Gen Con Indy. That includes our two special coupons, name badge list, any special products, and the booth design and layout. After that its all about finishing product. We have a lot going on with more to be revealed in the weeks ahead.

SOLD OUT! The RAW Manuscript Edition of Robotech® Expeditionary Force Marines, limited to 128 copies, is SOLD OUT. We had exactly enough for those of you who placed your orders Monday night. Thank you.

GOING FAST: The RAW Manuscript Edition of Rifts® Coalition Briefing, 110 P.A., also limited to 128 copies, is selling out fast. There are only around 20 copies left. Get ‘em while you can.

The new prints, mouse pads, T-shirts and dog tags are all selling well. I’m glad you like them so much. We really put some time and thought into these items. We felt they were different and fun, so it’s good to see you agree. Enjoy.

We could use your input. We’ve had a few people say they’d like to see some different color T-shirts, not just black all the time. We at Palladium would like to see some different colors too, except other than black and grey, other colors don’t seem to sell. What are your thoughts? Are you tired of black shirts? If so, what colors would you like to see?

It’s a beautiful Spring day here in the Detroit area. I took my daily walk and spent an hour helping Kathy do some yard work before I got to the office. Been taking care of a few business matters and then I dive into writing on one of those book! Can hardly wait.

Kevin Siembieda
Publisher, Game Designer and Writer

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