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It’s all a journey . . .

It has been said that life is a journey. And an adventure, I think. Sometimes it’s a smooth journey, sometimes it’s a harrowing adventure. But it is always interesting and it’s always a journey. One that may be fraught with challenges made easier when traveling with friends. And who doesn’t love a challenge, or the company of friends?

We have been terrible posting things here and anywhere – even on our own Facebook Page and website. Sure, there have been Weekly Updates, but we need to post more, all over the place, and we’ll try to do so. We have just been unbelievably busy and consumed by our current journey it has been close to impossible to post regularly. For weeks now, Wayne and I don’t seem to be able to head home before 9:30 or 10:00 PM. That’s a heck of a long day, repeated 6-7 days a week. Jeff commented just this morning that he lost track of what day it is a week ago. I don’t write this for sympathy, but rather to let you know we are working on many projects. That we are not standing idle.

I cannot mention too much about what we have been working on behind the scenes, because many things are still a work in progress and we don’t yet know if we can pull them off, or if one plan or another might fail. In other cases, there might be a third party associate who wants us to wait on making an announcement, but a number of things should start to be revealed in the weeks ahead, making for what we think will be an exciting summer. There is an energy in the air and imaginations on fire.

Hints of things to come. In a Weekly Update a few weeks ago, as well as in The Rifter® #70, I wrote that “Rifts® is heating up” and I talked about some of the projects with third parties, but could not yet name them. The mention that another game company would be adapting Rifts® to their own game system created a firestorm of speculation and chatter online. As a result, Pinnacle Entertainment Group quickly announced they are the company adapting Rifts® to their popular, award winning Savage Worlds game system. The response to this news has been exciting and overwhelmingly positive. Just one of many things that had been in the works for a few years and is finally coming to fruition.

While the headline was “Rifts® is heating up” – and it is – the fact of the matter is, things are heating up for Palladium in general. For example, there has been interest from third parties in Splicers® and Nightbane® as well as Rifts®. And we are exploring all kinds of possibilities with Robotech® RPG Tactics™, and are working to support many of our game lines, including Splicers®, Chaos Earth®, Palladium Fantasy®, and Beyond the Supernatural™, as well as Rifts® and other settings. Not just support, but we have ideas for all sorts of new things I’m not at liberty to discuss. Yet.

It is exciting to see more interest in Palladium’s many game worlds as we work to expand the Megaverse® you know and love. We hope to do this within the game industry and beyond. Only time will tell how successful we may be, but our journey is taking us in new and exciting directions. I mean, we would love to see our products expand into comic books, novels, miniatures, toys, television, film and all the rest. Wouldn’t you, if done well?

But here’s the thing, for us at Palladium, it is all about games and storytelling. That’s our role in this journey. It’s what we love, know and do best. Only you may see us take some new roads, dabble in some new mediums, and cut us some new paths to travel.

All we ask of you is to follow us on our journey and help us with positive word of mouth, constructive suggestions and support of our products. We think you’ll like what lays ahead.

Gotta get back to creating new books and plotting our journey. Keep those imaginations burning bright.

Kevin Siembieda
Publisher, Writer and Game Designer

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