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Robotech® RPG Tactics Kickstarter starts with a bang! And other news. April 19, 2013

We are off to a great start! The Kickstarter made its $70,000.00 goal in the first three hours and there seems to be a lot of excitement.

First, let me thank everyone for their support! It is so very appreciated. I wanted to post a thank you yesterday afternoon, but a nasty thunderstorm rolled through around 3:00 PM and knocked out the power at the Palladium offices and to 70,000 other Michiganders. We couldn't believe it. Power wasn't restored till this morning. Crazy.

Second, please spread the word and make this a super-successful Kickstarter.

The more funds the Robotech® RPG Tactics™ Kickstarter garners, the more we can do for this product line and the faster we can make it happen. And we have big plans for Robotech® RPG Tactics™

Third, I’ve done a couple of blog interviews. A long one with Brant Polkowski at and a short one with MTV Geek at – check ‘em out. Of course, I've also been fielding calls and trying to answer emails and such.

What else can you expect from the Kickstarters?

Tons! We have all kinds of cool product and surprises that will be unlocked as the pledge amount hits key levels. Remember, we have most of the sculptures for the Macross portion of Robotech® RPG Tactics™ near completion. The higher the Kickstarter goes, the more that will be made available to you.

Like what, exactly? Hmm, I hesitate to say, because we want the Kickstarter to be a thrill-ride. But here are just a few of the things coming your way.

- All the Destroids. And yes, that includes the Mk II Monster. I have always loved the Monster. It is one of my favorites, so I went ape when I saw this finished sculpt. It is gorgeous and stands about 3 1/8 inches tall. Wait till you see it!

- More UEDF mecha.

- More Zentraedi mecha.

- More Surprises! We are prepared to make this Kickstarter a delight to gamers and Robotech fans. Keep watching and enjoy.

Kickstarter demonstration of game play is coming too.

The rules are still in development, but are pretty close to finished – we've been playtesting for a few months now. The Ninja Division guys are showing off game pieces and running demos at Adepticon in Chicago this weekend, and plan to do some filming and putting up a game play demo video on the Kickstarter, hopefully, early next week sometime. ... -tacticstm

MEANWHILE, back at Palladium Books® . . .

We continue to bang away at the next several books scheduled for release: The Rifter® #62, Rifts® Northern Gun™ One, Rifts® Northern Gun™ Two, Rifts® Megaverse® in Flames,™ and Robotech® UEEF Marines™, pretty much in that order. And those are just the titles we are actively working on. There are a number of other sourcebooks under development for later in the year.

The Rifter® #62 is what we are trying to wrap up and send to the printer at the moment. It’s a spectacular issue with something like 40 pages of fun, “official” source material for Rifts®. All of which makes a nice addition to Rifts® Vampires Sourcebook.

My main focus is Rifts® Northern Gun™ One. This is the next book to be released after The Rifter® #62. Chuck Walton has been coming in for the last two weeks or so to work here, at the Palladium office, and most of the other artwork is completed. Now it’s all about finishing off the text, making tweaks, statting out the new material we’ve added and getting it to the printer. I’d like to offer an estimated timetable, but it seems like I’m usually overly optimistic or something causes a delay, so suffice it to say NG-1 is our top priority and what I am working on right now. As fast as we can get it finished, it will go to print. Like the Rifts® Vampires Sourcebook, we want this product to be the best it can be.

Speaking of which, Rifts® Vampires Sourcebook is a crowd pleaser. I’m delighted to see so many people happy with this book. I've even gotten a few rants and raves on the telephone. It was one those books that when it finally came together, was pure gold. Even as I worked on it I knew our audience would love it. I'm getting that same vibe as I work on the two Northern Gun World Books.

It has been a very long week. In addition to our work on upcoming books, there was a lot of prep to do for the Robotech® RPG Tactics™ Kickstarter launch. That meant several days in which Wayne, Alex and I worked till 11:00 PM (and my day starts at 7 AM!). I hope you like the end results on it all.

Thank you for your support.

Kevin Siembieda
Publisher, Writer and Game Designer

© Copyright April 19, 2013 Palladium Books Inc. All rights reserved.

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Robotech® and Robotech® The Shadow Chronicles® are Registered Trademarks of Harmony Gold USA, Inc.

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