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Unread postPosted: Thu Aug 30, 2012 8:01 pm

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Mini-Weekly Update – August 30, 2012

By Kevin Siembieda

Too much work. I stayed up waaaay too late last night. Wish I could say it was doing something fun. Nah, I was here working till 10:30 PM (and my work day started around 7:00 AM). When I got home I was tired but wired and couldn’t fall asleep till around midnight. Got up at 6:20 AM but crawled back into bed after breakfast and got rolling around 9:00 AM.

My part of bookkeeping and taxes is done. Thank goodness, because I hate paperwork and number crunching. Poor Kathy still has a night of work ahead of her.

UPDATE: Rifts® Black Market is selling like hot cakes. Rifts® Lemuria, Endless Dead™ and the Chi-Town Library pencils too. I still can't believe how popular those pencils are. Those items were among our best selling products at Gen Con, along with the Dead Reign™ RPG and sourcebooks, Robotech® RPG and sourcebooks, Rifts® Ultimate and sourcebooks, The Rifter® #59, Nightbane® Survival Guide and Rifts Baseball caps. The special coupon made Robotech® our top selling game line at Gen Con, followed by Rifts® (which technically beat it out due to superior numbers of products) and Dead Reign™. Zombies are definitely hot. Dead Reign™ would have beat out Robotech® without the coupon, but nothing we have can touch Rifts® sales, but right now Dead Reign™ and Robotech® are fighting for that number two slot at Palladium.

UPDATE: Rifts® Vampires Sourcebook. Ahhhhh, now I can sink my teeth into finishing this book up! Chuck Walton sent me some ideas and material from Chris Kluge that I hope to include in the book. Good stuff.

UPDATE: Robotech®. As I’ve mentioned in previous Murmurs, I’ve actually spent a fair amount of time working on the Robotech® project involving 1/285th scale game pieces. Carmen Bellaire offered a wealth of valuable input. Now that I’ve freed up my calendar a bit, I’ll be diving into the editing of the Genesis Pits Sourcebook (and Rifts® Vampires Sourcebook).

UPDATE: Northern Gun #1 and #2. Chuck Walton plans on coming by the office on Saturday to drop off some of the finished art. I can hardly wait to see it. These books are going to be epic.

UPDATE: Megaverse® in Flames. Nick Bradshaw is busy working on art for it right now. I need to assign him some more and get some others working on it too.

UPDATE: The Rifter® #60. As soon as I’m done posting this update I’ll be assigning out some of the artwork.

UPDATE: Kevin’s Online Store. Alex will be posting a couple of new odds and ends over the weekend. Running low on a lot of archived items like Rifts® Silvers, Rifts® Ultimate Edition Golds (especially printer’s proofs; I think the one going up is one of a half dozen left).

UPDATE: Online Sales have been solid. A bit up and down, but overall very good. I can't remember if sales are usually strong or weak over the Labor Day weekend. I suspect weak as most folks will be running out for a long weekend.

On a personal note: I enjoyed a conversation with Mark Dudley this evening about art, comic books and the creative process. Mark is moving forward on a number of projects, personal and business. I had my third Chiropractic “adjustment” today. Bring on the ice pack. ;) I’m happy to report that it seems to be helping. It’s too soon to say for certain and I was hurting yesterday, but I see improvement. Alex, Julius and Company all seem to be doing well. Alex had some major car problems and Julius has gout, but everyone is doing okay. We are certainly excited about Palladium’s future.

Labor Day Weekend. Have a fun, safe long weekend. Amy L. Ashbaugh will be enjoying Dragon Con (wish I was there myself). For must of us Americans, this is the last weekend of the Summer to get away. Of course, I’ll be working much of the weekend, though I intend to take at least one day completely off. On top of that, Kathy Simmons and I are going to a Tiger’s baseball game tomorrow evening, so it looks like I'll be only putting in 8-10 hours Friday.

That’s it for now. Keep those imaginations burning bright.

Kevin Siembieda
Publisher, Writer, and Game Designer

© Copyright August 30, 2012 Palladium Books Inc. All rights reserved.

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