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Gen Con Report Part One. August 21, 2012.

We enjoyed the best Gen Con® Indy in years.

The Palladium Booth seemed to be busy almost all the time. And I mean constantly abuzz with people. There were few lulls, and none lasted more than an hour. We seemed to get off to a slow start in the mornings on Friday and Saturday, but after the first hour, we were hopping and things stayed that way for the rest of the day.

Even when things were slow, we’d have a steady trickle of people visiting the booth. There were few completely dead periods of time, and none of them lasted very long. There was always somebody coming up to make a purchase, ask a question, get an autograph or coming by to chat.

And when we were busy – which was much of the time – we were hopping busy. There would be people lined up at both cash registers waiting to make a purchase, while a dozen others thumbed through books and others chatted with me or one of the guys, or requested books to be signed. Likewise, artist Chuck Walton had a steady stream of 2-6 people standing at his end of the Palladium booth talking about art, Rifts® or Splicers®. The buzz of energy was electric.

We sold out of several titles, including Rifts® Lemuria, Triax™ 2, D-Bees of North America™, Nightbane® Survival Guide, and Endless Dead (for Dead Reign). And we almost sold out of several other books including the Rifts® Ultimate Edition, Rifts® Black Market, Palladium Fantasy RPG®, Heroes Unlimited™ and Chaos Earth™. Wow.

Rifts® Black Market™ was the smash hit!

Rifts® fans went wild over Rifts® Black Market and were scooping them up like hungry locust. I think we ended up coming home with only 7-8 copies out of the 102 copies we took with us. Much like Rifts® Lemuria, gamers were blown away by the range and depth of material in the Black Market book. Numerous gamers who picked the new sourcebook up Thursday and Friday, came back to tell us how much they loved the book.

Some of the things that seemed to surprise people most included Magic Drugs, Techno-Wizard contraband, the Immaterial Hand Faction and their use of magic for smuggling, the O.C.C.s and the many random tables. Of course, they enjoyed the Five Factions and background data, and love the way any O.C.C. can become a Black Marketeer.

Robotech® did great too. I want to reignite interest in the Robotech® game line, so we had a special coupon for the current product line. People loved it, and scooped the books up exactly as we had hoped. Robotech® fans are excited about the upcoming sourcebooks and went wild over the idea of a Robotech® Tactical Role-Playing game and 1/285 scale game pieces.

More Gen Con® report in tomorrow’s Murmur.

Kevin Siembieda
Publisher, Writer, and Game Designer

© Copyright August 20, 2012 Palladium Books Inc. All rights reserved.

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