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Unread postPosted: Sat Aug 04, 2012 3:45 pm

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You won’t believe it . . .
Rifts® Black Market is done!

Or maybe I just don’t believe it. :) Rifts® Black Market is done and sent to the printer. They’ll start work on it first thing Monday morning.

Whew. Big books are a lot of stinking work, especially one like this where we’re covering new ground. But this bad boy is worth it.

It is such a good book. There is soooo much valuable source material. A little bit about everything: The Black Market, Black Marketeers as player characters. The Coalition States. A little magic. A few vehicles. A little power armor. Some crazy robots. A little Techno-Wizardry. A lot of weapons and what we hope will be some fun surprises. And think about it. If this is what’s in Rifts® Black Market, what can you expect in the two Northern Gun books? :D

Regrettably, we are not likely to get the darn book before we leave for Gen Con, so it will have to ship after we get back. Grrrr. However, we should have 100 advanced copies sent to us at Gen Con.

Rifts® Vampires Sourcebook is next.

My apologies for not posting a Murmur on Friday. I dove right into work on Rifts® Black Market. You see, I was suffering under the misconception we could finish Rifts® Black Market on Friday and take a much deserved weekend off. There was just one little wrinkle, I had a doctor’s appointment. I had done something to my back and my appointment to see the back specialist was finally here. I had a 1:00 PM appointment. Figured I’d be gone an hour or two tops, get back, post a Murmur and finish the book. Ah, the best laid plans . . .

I waited an hour and 45 minutes before I was taken into the examination room. Add another 25 minutes getting all my information thanks to a sluggish computer network (and a slo-mo data inputter). And waited another 15 minutes to see the doctor. A 30 minute examination, travel time and now, rush-hour on the return trip, and I didn’t get back to the office till 5:00 PM. I lost four and a half hours! Wahhh. At least my diagnosis was promising. They don't think it's anything too serious and 4-6 weeks of therapy should get me back in shape and free of pain.

The guys at Palladium were great. We all worked till 10:00 PM, and we were so close to finishing. Only needed another three hours to layout the last 15 pages and do the comprehensive contents page. :(

So here we are, back at the office on a Saturday. I think we all got in around noon. Alex is done editing. Julius is done proofreading. I finished up my part on the book about an hour ago. Wayne’s finishing up the content’s page right now. I’m trying to decide what’s going into the sneak preview. And that’s pretty much a wrap.

The Rifts® Black Market preview should be up on later this evening.

I hope you enjoy it. Alright then, it's time to order your copy of Rifts® Black Market along with The Rifter® #59 (it’s a great issue). I’m going to do a little bit around the office for awhile and head home by six. Have a nice weekend. ... arket.html ... er-59.html

Kevin Siembieda
Publisher, Writer, World Builder

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