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Unread postPosted: Sun Jul 29, 2012 11:34 am

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NG-2 crowdfunding hits goal – 2 days left

I wanted to let everyone know that as of this morning the Northern Gun™ Two crowdfunding offer hit $18,105. We have met our goal of $18,000 and we still have today and tomorrow to go.

Remind your friends who might be interested in the limited edition Northern Gun 2 items that they have only TWO DAYS left to place their order. These items are available only during this special crowdfunding offer. Remember, this is the last of for this year too.

My thanks to EVERYONE who has participated in this and all the crowdfundings.

A Summary of Rifts® Northern Gun™ TWO Megaverse® Insider items:
See the latest Weekly Update for a summary of what you can get with links right to the items. ... ly-26-2012

- Cat. No. 12021 – Inside Help (your name listed in the book): $5.
- Cat. No. 12022 – In Memoriam (name of a departed loved one listed in the book as a tribute to their memory): $5.
- Cat. No. 12023 – A “Real” Character Tribute (your character’s name listed in the book): $10.
- Cat. No. 12024 – Cyber-Insider PDF (a digital file of the book): $15.
- Cat. No. 12025 – Palladium Insider Hardcover (Hardcover with color cover; fewer than 200 to be printed): $50.
- Cat. No. 12026 – Steel Insider 2 Collector’s Hardcover (Collectors’ “Steel Blue” foil Hardcover; fewer than 200 to be printed): $75.
- Cat. No. 12027 – Steel-Plus Insider 2 (Collectors’ Steel Blue Hardcover & PDF): $90.
- Cat. No. 12028 – Top Insider (PDF, Hardcover with color cover, Steel Blue Hardcover, & 17x11 print of the wraparound cover): $145.
- Cat. No. 12029 – Ultimate Insider (PDF, Hardcover with color cover, Steel Blue Collectors’ Hardcover, small dragon sketch in book, 4 b/w prints [different from those in Lemuria & NG-1 offers], 17x11 color print of wraparound cover + brief telephone call from Kevin): $250.
- Cat. No. 12030 – Benefactor (PDF, Hardcover with color cover, Collectors’ Steel Blue Foil Hardcover, black and white KS dragon sketch on a separate sheet of paper, signed [by Kevin Siembieda] and numbered color print of the wraparound cover, 8 prints [different from those in Lemuria & NG-1 offers], Chuck Walton “original art” from Northern Gun™ 2 or Northern Gun™ 1, and a long telephone call with Siembieda): $500.
ENDS MONDAY – July 30, 2012. Order before you miss out!

I continue to be surprised with the sales at my online store. Alex and I keep putting up new Palladium collectibles and they keep selling out. Awesome. The only bad news is we are starting to run out of old staples like the Rifts® Gold[b/] and [b]Rifts® Silver editions, [b]Lemuria Emerald editions and Machinations of Doom Gold. I thought we were out, but Alex and I uncovered about a dozen signed and numbered copies tucked away in the corner of warehouse while looking for something else. We try to add new items every time a few things sell.

It has been a long, productive weekend.

I was here till 10:45 last night working on Rifts® Black Market. And was back at 9:00 AM this morning. Man oh man is this book packed with great source material. Chuck Walton popped in at 10:30 PM Saturday night to drop off what should have been his last pieces, but he insists on doing two more. Gotta love him.

Wayne should be in around noon to do typesetting and layout. Julius will be in around 4:00 this afternoon to start proofreading, and Alex sometime in between.

I need to get back to the tweaks and rewrites of the final three sections of Rifts® Black Market. Keep the faith and game on.

Kevin Siembieda
Publisher, Writer, and Game Designer

© Copyright July 29, 2012 Palladium Books Inc. All rights reserved.

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