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 Post subject: Mini-Update July 8, 2012
Unread postPosted: Sun Jul 08, 2012 12:58 pm

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Mini-Update July 8, 2012

I swear, nothing comes fast or easy.

We couldn’t finish The Rifter® #59 and get it to the printer on Friday. Wayne has been here all weekend and is back today, and I had to spend two full days working to make a bunch of the material in the book achieve game balance. It's done today, and is waiting in the printer's directory so they can start work on it first thing Monday morning.

The end result is a truly great issue of The Rifter®. One of those issues that everybody is going to want for the wealth of outstanding Splicers®, Techno-Wizard™ and Xiticix™ Hiveland material alone! All three article are filled with useful gadgets, creatures and info that will make players and Game Masters salivate. But there’s more. There is an excellent adventure and setting for Palladium Fantasy®, useful data about using explosives in any game setting, pages and pages of super abilities for the Kezel character that are suitable for use in Hereos Unlimited, plus gorgeous artwork, coming attractions and news. It is a truly memorable issue you will love. You can think of it as a prelude to the dynamic books coming the rest of the year.

Moreover, The Rifter® #59 is another example of how the creative energies are burning hot as blazes, and we just can’t let anything go to press without making it outstanding.

Unfortunately, “great” takes time and a high level of creative energy. Chuck Walton, Wayne Smith and I spent a week longer on The Rifter® #59 than we should have. Time one can argue that we should have spent on Rifts® Black Market and other books. Only then, The Rifter® #59 wouldn't be great. It is frustrating as hell. It really is. Now, we’re feeling more behind and more pressured than ever. Yes, things are going well. Yes, Palladium is making noise and creating excitement with every new release, even with issues of The Rifter®, but it drives us crazy to be working so hard, and insane hours and still fall behind. (I’ve put in 90 hours this week, Wayne put in 67, Alex and Julius around 54 hours).

Next will be several more great book releases. I say “more” because we’ve already been belting out excellent work the past year and a half. Though I think these are all hitting high water marks that should wow and thrill most fans. The writers, artists and staff are all taking it to another level.

That's it for now, I’m back to work on Rifts® Black Market. Keep the faith and game on.

Kevin Siembieda
Publisher, Writer, and Game Designer

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