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Last day to order – Monday, June 25, 2012
Reminder – there is only one day left to order exclusive Rifts® Northern Gun™ ONE hardcover editions and other crowdfunding items. Offer good through Monday, June 25, 2012.

Thank you so much
Our sincere thank you to the 236+ gamers (and counting) whose support of this Northern Gun ONE Megaverse Insider offer has enabled us to already slightly exceed our target goal for this crowdfunding venture. And there is still one day to go! As we have stated, money made above and beyond our projected goal is applied to developing new RPG projects, paying off Palladium debt, increasing promotion and advertising, doing reprints, and growing the company.
Your continued participation is welcomed and appreciated, but please, do NOT overextend yourselves. Purchase only the Megaverse Insider items you want and can afford. June 25, 2012 is the last day to purchase Rifts® Northern Gun™ ONE Megaverse® Insider items. This deadline will NOT be extended.

Summary of Rifts® Northern Gun™ ONE Megaverse® Insider items:
Cat. No. 12011 – Inside Help (your name listed in book): $5.
Cat. No. 12012 – In Memoriam (name of deceased listed in book): $5.
Cat. No. 12013 – A “Real” Character Tribute (your character’s name listed in book): $10.
Cat. No. 12014 – Cyber-Insider (a PDF digital file of the book): $15.
Cat. No. 12015 – Palladium Insider (hardcover with a color cover): $50.
Cat. No. 12016 – Steel Insider (deluxe collector’s hardcover with “Steel Blue” foil on black leatherette): $75.
Cat. No. 12017 – Steel-Plus Insider (Steel Blue Hardcover & PDF): $90.
Cat. No. 12018 – Top Insider (PDF, color cover hardcover, collector’s Steel Blue hardcover, both books signed by Siembieda and staff, and poster-sized print of cover signed by Chuck Walton and Kevin Siembieda): $145.
Cat. No. 12019 – Ultimate Insider (PDF, HC, Steel Blue HC, small dragon sketch in book by Kevin Siembieda, 4 b/w prints [different from those in the Lemuria offer], color print of wraparound cover. Both books and poster-sized print of wrap-around cover signed by Siembieda and staff, + a brief telephone call from Kevin Siembieda): $250.
Cat. No. 12020 – Benefactor (PDF, HC, Steel Blue HC, black and white dragon sketch buy Kevin Siembieda on a separate sheet of paper, signed and numbered color print of the wraparound cover, 8 prints [different from those in the Lemuria offer], Chuck Walton original art, and a long telephone call with Kevin Siembieda): $500.

Note: All special items and prints are new and different from the previous Rifts® Lemuria Megaverse® Insider offer. Each new offer contains its own unique set of collectibles and keepsakes. The items offered are only available during this crowdfunding period.


The value of crowdfunding. Companies around the world are using the revolutionary concept of crowdfunding. Such crowdfunding gives Palladium Books a boost and the ability to release books with superior production values, and help us develop other titles, do more reprints, advertising, reduce our debt load, and engage in other efforts to make Palladium strong. The Megaverse® Insider crowdfunding offer for Rifts® Northern Gun™ One enables you to purchase special and collectible items and opportunities not available to the general public and help fund Palladium projects at the same time. “Crowdfunding” offers are a new way for companies to raise funds for major releases and special projects.

Note: The Rifts® Northern Gun™ 1 & 2 crowdfunding offers are the LAST TWO for this year. As per many of your requests, Palladium is doing the Insider offer on the two related Northern Gun™ books as two separate crowdfunding offers a few weeks apart. The Rifts® Northern Gun™ “TWO Megaverse® Insider offer starts July 12.
– Kevin Siembieda, Publisher

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