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Unread postPosted: Fri Jun 15, 2012 5:19 pm

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If I could make everyone happy, I would.

I learned a long time ago that you can’t please everyone. It saddens me that some people seem to take anything I say the wrong way or assume the worst.

Case in point. I wrote the following, in part, in my I’m Perplexed Murmur from the Megaverse®:

“I don’t mean to be rude, but to those of whom this applies, do some of you really think I’m an idiot? That I don’t know all of the above? That I would not investigate new mediums and opportunities?

“And even if I was an idiot, do you think EVERYONE at Palladium Books are idiots? That one of my staff or freelancers wouldn’t make suggestions and point out opportunities and problems? I know there are some crazy rumors out there about me being a control freak and megalomaniac, and other crazy things, but I thought those false rumors, lies and misrepresentations had been dispelled by now. I guess not. Sad. Most of all, I’d think those of you (like you, Jorel!!!) who have met me, talked with me, had me sign 400 @#$%ing books between the last two Open Houses (not an exaggeration) would certainly know better. Gee whiz. (And yes, much stronger expletives came to mind).

“I never said I don't listen to everyone. I do. Always have.

“Constructive criticism is always welcomed.

“I'm not ignoring information from other sources or data from previous years or other sources.

“I don’t snub my nose at other gamers or anybody. Never have. (Can some of you say the same?)”

Regrettably, some people have seen this as an attack on Jorel. That was not my intent. Look . . .

1. When you post public statements online in an obvious attempt to get my attention – you know what? You might do so and you might be mentioned by name.

2. This was NOT an attack on Jorel, and I apologize to him if it came off that way. Please note that I didn’t say anything cruel or derogatory about Jorel. I said, he “should know better.” I like Jorel. The few times we’ve met, we kidded around, he’s been nice and I have been nice back. And he’s not the only guy to have me sign a 100+ books at an event. ;)

3. The point I was trying to make was, if anyone should know I care about Palladium fans, and listen to them, it includes a guy like Jorel. A guy who has met me, talked with me, laughed and joked around with me, and who found me approachable enough to ask me to sign 400 books between the last two Open Houses. I did so cheerfully, and chatted with him and other fans the whole time. I was forthcoming, friendly and I answered any questions put to me. Something Jorel has witnessed first-hand more than once. This was not an attack on Jorel, I was trying to use him as an example of caring about and listening to fans.

I was trying to say: “Does this sound like a guy who doesn’t care about his fans?” Heck, no. And Jorel and others can attest to that. Having gone back and re-read the statement, in the heat of the moment, it was very poorly worded. I didn’t mean to single out Jorel and I certainly did not intend to hurt or disparage him in any way. I hope he knows that. Game on, Jorel!

Things are finally hopeful and promising at Palladium. Our situation is improving and we’re working hard to produce great new products. As a result, it’s perplexing and frustrating for me, the staff, and many Palladium fans, when we try to present something positive and we hear some people dismiss it, cast aspersions and go on and on about their same old gripes. It’s disheartening. I’m human and get frustrated by it all.

Beating a dead horse

I’ve said many times, that we honestly do listen and welcome constructive criticisms, suggestions and input. We pay attention to the positive and the negative. We need to try to stay unbiased and constantly analyze the market in order to stay fresh, consider new opportunities and to keep our audience happy. Heck, my freelancers can confirm that I pound it into their heads to “know our market and give our customers what they want.”

However, it appears that some people don’t believe that they have been heard because we have not taken action to follow their suggestions, or we have expressed a different view of things. Instead, they seem to feel ignored, angry and unable to accept or trust our decisions. This leads to tongue-lashings, inaccurate assumptions presented as facts, further harsh criticisms, name calling and condemnation. Some fire off attacks, insults, and condemn us for just about everything any of us say or do. Or so it seems. If we try to respond, something like this hullabaloo happens. Wow.

And these attacks aren’t just leveled at me, but at Alex, Palladium fans and those who offer opposing views. Many gamers have told me they stay away from the Palladium message boards because of the negativity and hostility generated by some.

I understand passion. I’m a very passionate person myself. But the intolerance of opposing viewpoints, the insults, hostility, volatility and, yes, in some cases, what seems to be outright hatred, I don’t get. I never deliberately say things to hurt other people, not even to the nastiest and cruelest critics, but often, even my most sincere, positive and innocent words are taken by some and twisted, cast in the worst possible light, and used as fodder for more condemnation, insults and vitriol.

I don’t know how to respond to that. I feel like there is nothing I can say. I’m not going to get locked in a long, drawn out flame war, so this will be my last posting on the subject. I don’t know what else to say. In the end, I have to do what “I” feel is best for Palladium whether everyone agrees or not.

I hope the majority of you know that we truly care about our customers. We always try to make time for you because you are important and we do care. Customer service has always been a priority, and we try to give back to our customers/fans whenever we can (keeping prices low, the Christmas Surprise Packages, hosting the Open House, the Weekly Updates, Murmurs, acknowledging you, thanking you, and many other things). We listen to you and try to keep an open mind. We welcome and embrace constructive criticism and suggestions. And we work hard to create the best, most fun games we can with as much value as possible.

If it’s not clear that we care and put our hearts and souls into everything we do at Palladium, I’m at a complete loss. We always try to do our best and keep our fans at heart.

After everything we – and I include you, our fans/customers in that “we” – have gone through over in recent years, this is finally the time to be optimistic and excited. Palladium is making important strides to strengthen and grow the company. I see a true renaissance starting for Palladium Books. And a renaissance means innovation and creative expression on an epic level and in new ways. We should all be excited and hopeful about the present and the future.

We’ll be working on many projects behind the scenes, but our main focus is to get a lot of new books to the printer. That’s my number one priority for the rest of the year. I hope you enjoy them. They are just the beginning. Game on.

Kevin Siembieda
Publisher, Writer and Game Designer.

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