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Unread postPosted: Mon Jun 11, 2012 11:49 am

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Rifts® Northern Gun™ 1 and 2 are the last crowfunding offers for the year.

There seems to be some confusion over the current Northern Gun™ crowdfunding. Allow me to clarify.

1. The crowdfunding for Northern Gun™ One and Two are the LAST TWO to be made available in 2012. Yes, the last two of the year. We thought it might be impolite to do another one in the fall near Christmas season, so these are the last two for the year.

2. As stated in the past, we plan to do only 3-4 crowdfunding offers a year. The last one was four months ago (February) for Rifts® Lemuria, and you know how awesome that turned out for all parties.

3. The Megaverse™ Insider offer for Northern Gun™ was originally planned as ONE offer for both titles (with a possible third Insider offer in the fall). HOWEVER, many people asked Palladium to separate the offers into TWO, a month apart, not together. We always try to listen to our customers, so that’s why there are two in a row: NG-1 now, and NG-2 in July. Because one offer became two in a row for these two related books, we figured we would make them the last two insider offers of 2012.

4. We are doing the two NG books one month apart because that’s what many of YOU had asked us to do. We are NOT doing crowdfunding every month. That would be insane. :) After Northern Gun™ 2 there will be no more crowdfunding for the year.

5. As stated, we are doing Megaverse® Insider crowdfunding only for select major releases. Rifts® Northern Gun™ 1 and 2 are both major and being produced simultaneously. We intend to release one right after the other (4-6 weeks apart), both are epic and have high production values. We know you’ll love these books, which is why we wanted to offer crowdfunding and hardcover editions for both, not just one of them. Heck, we may even increase the page count/size of one or both of these NG titles.

PLEASE DO NOT think we are doing crowdfunding every month. That is NOT the case. Northern Gun™ One Megaverse® Insider – going on now – and Northern Gun™ Two is taking place in July and are the last two Megaverse® Insider offers of the year.

These are your only two (2) opportunities to get Insider products and to help Palladium for the year. Our hope is to raise the funds to cover the costs of these two gorgeous Rifts® titles, and give Palladium a push as we rocket into the Summer and Fall.

- Rifts® Vampires Sourcebook
- Rifts® Black Market
Both are coming out before Rifts® Northern Gun™ 1 and 2, and are in final production right now.

- Robotech® Genesis Pits
- Rifts® Megaverse® in Flames
- Chaos Earth™ Sourcebooks
- Palladium Fantasy® Sourcebooks
- All these titles are scheduled for 2012 release. And products for Splicers®, Beyond the Supernatural™ and others are being developed as well. As long as we have continuing fan and customer support and keep great books coming, I have high hopes. Sales have been poor in recent weeks and the current Megaverse® Insider offer is off to a slow start, but we remain optimistic. We have one amazing book planned for you after another.

I hope this clears things up about the two Northern Gun™ Megaverse® Insider offers. My sincere apologies for any misconceptions or confusion, I may have inadvertently caused. Thanks for your continuing love and support. Game on!

Rifts Northern Gun ONE Megaverse Insider is here: ... rn-gun-one

Kevin Siembieda
Publisher, Writer and Game Designer

© Copyright June 11, 2012 Palladium Books Inc. All rights reserved.

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Robotech® and Robotech® The Shadow Chronicles® are Registered Trademarks of Harmony Gold USA, Inc.

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