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Unread postPosted: Thu Jun 07, 2012 8:11 am

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Rifts® Northern Gun™ One cover is awesome.

Last night, Chuck Walton came by the office to get final art direction for the cover of Rifts® Northern Gun™ One. We worked on it till 11:30 PM. The end result is a dynamic, atmospheric cover that I think you’ll find to be nothing short of awesome.

You’ll see the finished cover tonight, June 7, 2012, in the Weekly Update and the Rifts® Northern Gun™ ONE Megaverse® Insider offer which starts this evening. The cover is a wrap-around (i.e. goes from the front, over the spine and across the back cover). However, I suspect we will only show you the front cover and leave the entire piece a surprise, but I haven’t decided yet. We may also turn it into a poster that is offered first to Megaverse® Insiders and afterward to the general public.

Meanwhile, John Zeleznik is working on the cover to Rifts® Northern Gun™ Two. It is another, epic wraparound cover that should look epic. It rocks, depicting the NG Robot Arena where manned and unmanned robot combat takes place.

I'm positive about new releases. My working on six books simultaneously, prepping for Gen Con Indy®, plus 3-4 things behind the scenes, has taken its toll in slowing down the planned release of all these titles. (I prefer to work on one title at a time.) However, ALL are moving along nicely and you WILL see a streak of one hot new title released after another, soon. And each of these books is a crowd pleaser, at least in our opinion. :angel:

Today’s Weekly Update has some very cool stuff. I took a bit of a different approach and packed it with a bunch of interesting market research information I know you will enjoy reading about.

Rifts® Sourcebook Two: The Mechanoids® and Rifts® Cyber-Knights™ are back in print and ready to ship starting today.

Mechanoids ... noids.html

Cyber-Knights ... ights.html

I’m also trying to keep Palladium collectibles available in my Online Store.

The Rifts® Northern Gun™ ONE Megaverse® Insider offer starts today. This evening. Check it out as there are products offered that are NOT offered at any other time nor to the general public. I’m excited to see how many of you are excited about this crowdfunding offer as well as the many upcoming Palladium releases. Very cool.

As for myself, didn’t hit the sack till midnight last night, got up at 5:30 AM and I got to work at 7:00 AM. With the new Megaverse® Insider offer and Weekly Update posting today, and books I need to crank out, I’m going to be a very, very busy guy today and for weeks to come. That's okay, its all worth it.

And it’s sweet, beautiful Kathy Simmons’ birthday today. I have hopes of knocking off by 6 or 7 this evening and taking her to dinner tonight. If not, we’ll do something over the weekend. Happy Birthday, Kathy! We love you.

I better get back to work. Enjoy the products in the Rifts® Northern Gun™ ONE Megaverse® Insider offer and keep those imaginations burning bright.

I'm excited. Are you excited? :-D

Kevin Siembieda
Publisher, Writer and Game Designer

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