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Comment: If you have something to say, back it up with thoughts and reasons. Simply posting to agree or disagree tends to be a waste.
So the Carnivore (73) metabolism gives a speed bonus (ala the attribute) even though when you roll the speed for your armor it's in MPH so you presumably have to convert it to an attribute equivalent...

Also supported by the speed bonus from Photo (74) or Thermo (75) metabolism which is given as both an attribute and as MPH.

Page 86's ESF lets you upgrade the base MPH to either 300 or 150. So assuming someone maxes it out, to whatever the GM decides the max should be...

Do you think the metabolism would allow you to go beyond the cap? Or would it just add nothing?

In the case of Carnivore, you can add that to base stats BEFORE purchasing upgrades, so that's no problem if you can't go beyond, it still offsets the cost to get to the cap...

But because the light/heat speed boosts are environment-conditional, they can't do that. So I think it'd be a swell to allow those to take you beyond the limit, and it's only fair to Carnivore to let it to that a little bit too, give it some flava. If photo/thermo is not cap-surpassing then to be able to take advantage of the bright/warm speed boosts, someone should not fully max out their speed but instead, upgrade it to a point just below the cap where the boost would take them to the cap, or slightly below it.

Another area where you get speed-boosts is leg upgrades (91).

Hooves and Multiple Pairs add a basic overall bonus... can being a hoofed centaur take you beyond the cap? Or should you calculate it before figuring out how much to spend on ESF?

Elongated Running Legs is even trickier. It adds a fixed speed bonus like Hooves... but then it ALSO allows brief periods of speed-multiplication.

Can the multiplication take you beyond the cap? Like... say I got Elongated Running Legs for a Gorehound... could it run 900 miles per hour for a short time? Or is this most useful if someone is at half-cap and doubling brings them to the cap? Could a War Mount be given this to run 120mph? Or still capped at 60?

Some of the Anatomical & Physical Features (or AAPF) also raise this question regarding the cap:
*Adrenaline Surge is temporary so you can't really add it before deciding how much to spend on ESF
*Increased Metabolic Rate is permanent, so you can add it before deciding ESF, not a big deal
**Would still be cool to have it extend the cap though, especially if allowing heat-light cap-surpassing
**Any animal metabolisms really ought to get this if they can afford the food, if you eliminate the cost of boosting that speed normally, everything else is only 5 Bio-E.

Also considering that swimming speed upgrades ALSO have a cap (I assume you buy these separately from running even though the cost per MPH is same) I am wondering if page 90's webbed fingers/toes would extend people beyond that cap.

I was thinking for a long time that the flight abilities were the speed-gods but if these things can take Host Armor beyond the ESF caps, that's a new lease on life for the grounded folk.

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