Splicers may be dead

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Splicers may be dead

Unread post by RedBear210 »

But I won't let it die without a fight. As much as the Palladium system is slowly becoming my personal favorite system, splicers is my perfect setting. I definitely want to run a game in many of the palladium settings but my mind always comes back to the bio hell on earth. I'd love to hear any advice that anyone has for me
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Re: Splicers may be dead

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To me, Splicers is a world, where the ley lines never came and a supercomputer with an Ai had a mental break down.

IF I had a group of guys to play with I'd like to explore their world. The retro villages. Build my own house (underground).
I think I'd like to play a techno-jacker.

IF anybody solved the computer problem the houses would have no one to fight but each other.
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Re: Splicers may be dead

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Palladium is my favorite system too but Splicers isn't my favorite game. Not that I want it to die though. It has it's good points. I just find it limiting since what happens there stays there, I tend to tweak the setting so it can be more megaversal. My tweaking mostly involves the nanos either not effecting those not from that world or lessening their effect in some way so I have more options available.
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