Had a Splicers book for over a decade now...

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Had a Splicers book for over a decade now...

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And I have yet to find any players for it, or any other Palladium system to be honest. I'm guess because it's because I'm in the gaming desert that is Nebraska, where if it isn't Call of Duty or D20, there's virtually nobody interested. Plenty of 5E and Pathfinder groups, even some 3.5 holdouts, which is fun, but swords and sorcery is so old and tired to me.


I've started playing Terminator: Resistance (awesome game, by the way) and it's given me some Splicer ideas. I'm thinking either a small group of baby Technojackers making use of old-world tech and survival instincts trying to save small groups of civilians in territory that's been written off by the Great Houses and get them to Resistance held territory while striking at low-handing Machine targets. Then, further in, they discover bits and pieces that point to either A) A massive buildup of active Machine resources and an impending change in tactics (Kali and her policy of sadism finally get overruled and NEXUS is getting ready for a new push) or B) Go full on Terminator storyline and NEXUS is starting to experiment with temporal displacement technology.

Either way, the Houses and Warlords al at once get a wake-up call that NEXUS and the AI's are about to come in hard again.

Assuming, of course, I could find either players, a group, or dust off my writing chops for the first time in 20 years. Anyone else have ideas?
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Re: Had a Splicers book for over a decade now...

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Welcome to the Splice!
You should also check out the Splicers Sourcebook: I am Legion! Written by a few people including me :D
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