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After Midnight.

- An Adventure inspired by Beyond the Supernatural & for the entire Megaverse!

By Dan Frederick (Fell) Rifter 69, 71-72, 80, 81, 82.

The adventure starts a few paragraphs down.
1.) Intro and History
2.) The Adventure
3.) Adventure Ideas
4.) Tasmanian Devil M.D.C. and updated stats

The Last Rifter, number 84 saw an end to a much beloved outlet of fan based participation in the Palladium Megaverse.

From 1988 through 1991, Palladium published a small newsprint called "The Magic of Palladium Books" consisting of 6 issues, it had a letter column, errata for games, a few fan-submitted articles, and a selection of house ads and official supplements. I remember always making a point of getting my hands on them, not always an easy feat pre-internet. The last issue was a double issue numbered 7/8, what was to be two issues, printed as one.

After Wayne Smith joined Palladium Books, he was named the editor for the new Rifter magazine, things then got awesome and Palladium Books began requesting submissions for The Rifter via word of mouth, forums, and posts on their official mailing list, during 1997, with the first issue seeing print in the first quarter of 1998! I was finishing my time as a U.S. Marine and preparing to attend the California Highway Patrol Academy - yet I still made a point of getting a hold of that First issue and was ecstatic to read it. The idea of a “book” with material for all the Palladium lines was so cool! At that time I had no idea I would decades later see my material printed in a Rifter, let alone did I think I might be a writer. My world consisted of combat, weapons, patrol cars and thankfully an awesome wife and some kids to keep me sane.

The Rifter has held our attention and opened our imaginations for a long time. I look forward to its return!

In 1990 Kevin Siembieda, Kevin Long and Erick Wujcik published BOXED NIGHTMARES and the tabloid AFTER MIDNIGHT for BEYOND THE SUPERNATURAL. The sourcebook and tabloid was compatible with the entire Palladium Books Megaverse. Exactly what I needed as a young and new Game Master. This of course was way back in the days when I was playing Rifts with friends in High School and the only Rifts book I had was the main book. While I was skipping class, and at a game store at the local mall, that awesome cover from Boxed Nightmares grabbed my attention. As it has, time after time over the years each time I see it. While perusing the Palladium Books at the game store I was wishing Rifts might someday have more books (dream came true) and I was exploring the rest of the Palladium Books lines for material I could use in Rifts. Then on the shelf I saw it: Boxed Nightmares! My favorite adventure in the sourcebook was called The Box. After laughing and reading through the tabloid, I made my way to the sourcebook flipping through it to The Box. Eventually I read every adventure, but I started with The Box. Those Devils had my interest. As a fan of Rifts I was also interested in BTS, as it was early history of the Rifts world, and might provide clues of future Rifts material. I was so hungry for more I even visited the Occult shop downtown for books on Ley Lines. Somewhat obsessed with Rifts and gaming, I read through The Box adventure and grinned the entire way through it, an evil grin, I was going to convert this to Rifts and do a horror night for my Players. The last paragraph of the adventure had a GM note, discussing, if the Player Characters follow them through the rift, you can pop them into the future world of Rifts! Even better! My friends were familiar with BTS and had played it before. What I ended up doing is explained below in, Beyond the Box & Across the Megaverse (adventure ideas for all of the Palladium settings). It went off well and I reused the adventure in college (yes even with all the skipping class in High School I went on to college) with my new college gaming group! Thirty years later, when I saw that Palladium Books was re-releasing a limited edition of Boxed Nightmares (go buy it while you can!) I picked up my original Boxed Nightmares book and decided I would try adding to it. The original article told of a professor who had found a new species and captured a few of them. He sent the “Tasmanian Devils” back to a zoo in the states where they escaped and wrought hell on the city. Additionally, the adventure leaves off, open to further adventure ideas in Australia where the professor is being hunted by those Devils. What follows is additional source material to ignite your imagination.

Thank you Mr Siembieda, Mr Long and Mr Wujcik for all the inspiring adventures and world building you have given us over the years. I am thrilled to participate in the adventures and add a little to it!

- Dan Frederick 2021


The below picks up directly after the article in the sourcebook...

The Hamersley Rift, After Midnight
Late 1980’s Western Australia

“I don't like it, and I'm sorry I ever had anything to do with it.”
― Erwin Schrödinger

Looking across the dark room Professor Everett Charles Gaines took a deep breath then sighed. As he exhaled he watched the dust swirl in the setting sunlight that pierced into the mostly dark room. Not for the first time E.C. thought about what Schrodinger had once said. This venture had become something he wished he had never been a part of. Not because he was worried about his own death, he had discovered something truly amazing! He had sent proof to his old friend Doctor Carl Mavek back in the states and by now was assuredly being hailed in the media as the scientist of the year! The scientist who had discovered and caught some of the hellions that stalked outside the small shack he and the others now hid in. E.C. however did grieve the unfortunate loss of life the discovery had led to. Some very brave and intelligent members of his discovery team were now dead, ravaged, torn asunder and lost forever. Replacing them would be difficult. Science comes at a cost. E.C mourned the thought of not making it to Brazil as he had plans to do, rumors of a massive deadly spider abound and he had wanted to participate in that discovery.

The last six members of the scientific discovery team, those few still alive, were all quietly sitting around in the dark stuffy room sweating and scared. Trapped in the small box of a room, just waiting, while outside it was still blindingly bright and hellaciously hot as the Western Australian sun started its descent. E.C. and the others were hiding in the sweltering stuffy darkness of the shack, just waiting for the end. A few holes, cut into the side of the west wall by claws the night before, helped ventilate the room and let streams of light cut in. Other than dust particles in the air the only thing to see was the shadows of his team milling about, waiting full of dread and quiet lost in their own thoughts. What had been an exciting discovery was now likely going to be the death of them all. Nodding to himself in the dark the professor thought again, science comes with a cost, as was proving to be the case with hunting down and locating these Devil’s. He likely was the only one in the room who understood, his assistants and the townsfolk couldn’t understand as he did. Professor E.C. knew that discovery must come first.

Shifting his position some, E.C. involuntarily groaned quietly. As he did a scratching sound ran down the outside of the metal door to the shack. Like a blade on a chalkboard. The others in the room shivered and did their best to be silent. A few looked at E.C. with eyes full of fear. The man next to E.C. softly kicked the professors foot. E.C. hadn’t meant to make any noise, and he frowned and wondered which of his assistants was sitting near him and had kicked him. The professor hadn’t meant to groan, but his right shoulder hurt like the devil. Four, thin cuts into his back and on his shoulder blade, had been cut into the skin by the same claws that had cut the holes in the western wall of the shack. Yesterday, just after midnight, he’d been leaning against the wall as the team argued about what to do next. Most of the native townspeople were either dead or hiding in the few other buildings in the small outback roadhouse town that served as a petroleum station and general store in the vast western desert along the Great Northern Highway of Western Australia. Wiping his damp white hair out of his face he tried to find a comfortable position, silently. They had all learned that any noise on their part led to scratching on the metal door. It felt almost as if the darn hellions were toying with them. E.C. wondered why they didn’t just knock down the door, they appeared strong enough to do so. Why didn’t they just rush in and kill everyone. The professors only hypothesis was the Devils were worried about being shot. They hadn’t liked that. Not at all.

The irony was Thomas Jallan, one of E.C.’s assistants had a small .22 pistol, lord knows where he had acquired it from, and the man had shot one of the hellions in its eye yesterday. It hadn’t killed the beast but had caused them all to back off. Sadly Thomas had been killed outside by the petroleum pumps and the gun lost somewhere out there with him as everyone else had run for a hiding place.

Now they waited in harrowing silence, the last six members alive, waiting for the end in this desolite tiny eight building petro town, with around 30 of the creatures roaming the hard sun baked desert ground, waiting for the moment to attack and kill the Professor and his men.

Several hours later, E.C. and the others all flinched at once, they could hear the sound of an approaching motor. It was almost midnight now and some poor outback fool was rolling into town to refuel their rig, they were in for a surprise. The professor thought about how he might use the distraction to his advantage.


Western Australia is known for having extensive, long-distance, highways with a few settlements along them. Dotted here and there are privately owned general stores known as roadhouses that have been established at strategic points along the highway as an important utility for petrol, food, accommodation, emergency facilities and general supplies. The currant highway was first created in 1944 and traversed the often hazardous route from Perth to Wyndham in Western Australia. The road was often dusty in the dry season, and boggy or washed out in the wet season. Some sections effectively impassable with sand, while others contained limestone outcrops. As the economy of the mid 40’s boomed bridges were built, the roadway sealed, and roadhouses built along the expanse. These roadhouses were also useful reference points in any response to accidents, floods, crime and other emergencies. The federal government of Western Australia enhanced and maintained the roadway, which snaked past several, little know secret locations. One such place, deemed vital to national security was brought to the commonwealths attention by local aboriginals located several miles south of the Hamersley Range, located in the north west region of Western Australia.

On the Great Northern Highway from Perth to Wyndham, these Hamersley ranges are located near the northernmost portion of the Great Northern Highway. The newly created Australian Protective Service (APS) was responsible for guarding national security sites such as the Hamersley Ranges. Even if her patrolling officers were not aware of the reasons why, the APS officers who worked the highway near Hamersley knew of rumors of government sponsored research and strange stories in the area. Long before the Hamersley Ranges would be renamed Karijini National Park in 1991, the site, located roughly 656 miles (1,055 km) north of the state capital of Perth, two APS officers traveled in a beat up land rover and were on patrol in the area. They were far north of the paved highway that connected to the Great Highway, racing across the open expanse of red rock and dirt. Free of any sign of humanity with little to see in the bright moonlight and one working headlight of the rover. Mitch loved the feeling, freedom, speed and the wind in his face.

Mitch slammed the gear shift forward and the rovers wheels accelerated on the sand, kicking the vehicle up the hill. There were not many hills out here and he enjoyed the short lived ride across the encline. Gunning the rover on, faster, he grinned as his partner groaned. Parliament had voted and the Commonwealth had received its newest peacekeeper force. Mitch had to smirk, he had been a Territorial Police Officer, transferred to the Australian Federal Police and now was reassigned, this time to the newly formed APS. As members of the Australian Protective Service, he and his partner found themselves tearing across the vast empty desert on the west coast in a hastily repainted rover with light bar added. The new uniforms they wore, modeled after the RAAF and Victoria Police uniforms, were still freshly starched and the only weathered gear he had was his leather sheath attached to his belt with the old trusty blade his father had worn in the great war. It was out of policy to have, but it had been on every uniform he had worn for the Commonwealth since he was a young man.

The grizzled APS Officer, Mitch Callahan and his young rookie female Officer and trainee, Leanne Harris ripped across the miles of endless sand and shrub making their way closer to the old Petro town located far off the paved roadway, out where long road trains screamed across the empty land. Mitch had been unsure it would still be there, but Leanne had assured him it was, saying her mother still lived there. He supposed that if there were still diesel trucks, called road trains, because they coupled several trailers to one cab, that traveled across the long distances out here, delivering goods, there would still be a petro town. After a quick stop, maybe for the night, they would be off deeper into the lonely desert, ultimately their destination would be the Hamersley Range not too far from the petro town. Mitch looked forward to delivering their package to the government building in the sandy range and then getting south and on to Perth. Perth has a royal movie night, he loved all the fancy red carpeting and drapes and dressing up for the occasion. Had since he was a kid. As much as he loved the outback and vast expanse, he loved a clean cut night at the royal theatres. His daydream was interrupted.

“Thats it Callahan! Up ahead, the Petro town my mother lives in!”

Leanne yelling at the top of her lungs, to be heard as the wind wiped by the windowless rover. Mitch nodded, grateful to be there.

“I need the lou.”

Leaning closer to him, Leanne yelled, “What?”

He just shook his head and shifted down, slowing and angling towards the advancing pumps.

Without warning Mitch slammed on the brakes and the rover skidded to a stop, a cloud of dust billowed and covered them. Leanne nearly flung from the rover.

“What the hell Mitch?”

“Quiet … Wait. Look.”

Leaning forward Mitch removed his goggles and brushed sand from his face as the cloud of dirt settled he saw dozens of shapes moving, milling, seemingly aimless, around the pumps and some of the buildings. Strange heads swung on roppy necks and several of the dog like things stood taller than a man and looked over at the settling dust and the rover.

APS Officer Mitch Callahan had seen quite a few horrible things during his life, in the army, as a Law Enforcement Officer, he had his share of nightmares boxed up in his head, but the carnage in the petro town was unprecedented. These demons were another thing altogether.

Bodies were tossed about the towns dirt street, being picked at and devoured by the vulture like hellhounds. In the darkness, just before midnight, the eerie scene played out under flickering yellow white dim lights hung on the petrol pump building.

Leanne started to exit the rover and Mitch’s hand grabbed her sleeve.


Frustrated, banged up and unhappy with the sudden stop Leanna Harris looked away from Mitch and towards the town her mother lived in. Her heart skipped a beat as she saw the carnage. Instinct ripped through her body and she started to run towards the town, only Mitch’s hand stopping her. He pulled her back and whispered to her.

“They will kill us. We need guns. Grab the rifle from the rear, go, slow and easy, get Bessa.”

Leanne nodded, unseen by Mitch who let her go, and she made her way slowly to the rear of the dusty rover to get Bessa, Mitch’s old Sharps rifle.

Stepping out of the rover, Mitch’s hand moved to his hip, unsnapping the sheath with the large blade held in it. No longer whispering Mitch spoke, casually: “I will keep these hellhounds distracted Leanne, I have a plan, you fire on them from here.”

Cracking open the rifle case and removing the very old rifle Leanne was shocked by Mitch’s statement. Quickly she moved the rifle, the box of ammo and hunkered down, cross legged in the sand next to the right front of the rover, and set the lever action breech loader 30 inch rifle on her lap, sliding a bullet into the rifle as she watched in wonder as Mitch simply walked closer to the horrible dog monsters. As he walked closer to the petro pumps, that massive knife out, hanging at his side in his right hand she lifted the rifle and took aim through its old steel sights.

With inhuman speed one of the monsters suddenly bolted away from the pack, towards Mitch, who for his part barely flinched as the rifle barked and the bullet pierced into the devils forehead, bucking it backwards, it crashed to the ground, a cloud of dust billowing up. Unmoving for a moment, Leanne’s smile instantly faded as the downed creature shook its bloody head. The other devils had stood still until the one on the ground moved. Then as one they let out howls, heads back, mouths open, fangs and teeth exposed, howl's pierced the night air.

The sound sent fear into her guts and Leanne loaded a new bullet into the Sharps. Mitch had not stopped walking. She covered him with the long rifle as he knelt down next to the downed beast.

Its head shook again, dazed by the impact, growling when it saw Mitch was next to it. The beast partially stood up. Froze. Then it slumped forward, silent, almost looking like Mitch and the devil were hugging each other. The other beasts stopped howling and all heads looked at Mitch and the quiet devil.

Mitch stood up as the beast fell backwards into a pool of its own guts and blood, the big knife dripping blood as he again slowly moved forward towards the other devils.

“Crickey Mitch!”

Leanne aimed at the closest of the devils and fired, reloaded, fired again, over and over at as many as she could as Mitch ran into the mist of them. She had a hard time keeping track of the old APS officer as he cut, was hit himself several times and cut more of the devils with that old knife. Blood pounding in her ears and her nose filled with the smoke of the rifle as she stood up, loading the last bullet she had into the old sharps and ran forward towards the fray.

Almost upon them, the dozens of devils all surrounding Mitch who was now down on one knee looking very injured and was leaning against a petrol pump. Mitch slowly turned his head to look at his young trainee when the other beasts turned their heads towards her.

“Do it!” the APS officer yelled nodding his head at the petro pump.

Realization of Mitch’s plan struck her instantly. He had orchestrated getting the devil's closer to the petrol pumps on purpose. Gritting her teeth APS Officer Leanne Harris aimed the long rifle at the pump. From the corner of her eye she saw an older man exiting a nearby shack. He closed the door behind him and started to walk quietly away from the shack towards an old land rover parked about 50 feet away from the shack. A thought struck her, it wasn’t a nice one, it was definitely aberrant but losing Mitch felt like too much.

The rifle wavered back and forth between the petro pump and the old man with wavy white hair sneaking towards the land rover.

She had to trust Mitch.


The two senior APS officers looked down at Leanne who was sitting on an upturned petro container. Covered in blood and looking like hell she held her head in her hands.

Turning away from her they moved away, out of earshot from the young upset officer.

“Well regardless of how things went here, if there are still more alive creatures out there we have to track them down.”

“Agreed. We need to assemble some experts and get after those devils as soon as possible.”

In agreement, the senior of the two moved to his assistant who was poking around the remains of one of the dead beasts.

“Lance, get back to base and call for a team to hunt down the rest of these devils. We can thank Officer Callahan for blowing up most of them but I saw a few tracks, human and beast headed outward. Quickly, who knows how far they might get before causing more carnage. We have to end this nightmare!”


Beyond the Box & Across the Megaverse

As mentioned in the original Boxed Nightmares book, a dimensional rift will open up within 1D4 weeks and the devils will instinctively sense it, follow the psychic emanations, leap in, and be transplanted to an alien world. As the Game Master you can shorten or expand that timeline to days or months.

Listed below are adventure ideas for the Game Master to explore, expand upon and alter as they wish. A little something to inspire the imagination. Whether your characters are going to BTS or coming from it, or dealing with the fallout of what comes with the devils, the Megaverse is in need of heroes from the horrors of the yawning portal.

The horrors wrought upon the roadhouse were just the beginning, the devils will seek a liar and have babies, and prey on innocents no matter where they end up.

Rifts ideas:

Stepping through the shimmering portal the investigators were apprehensive, unsure if they were walking into hell or heaven, a slight electric arc raced across their bodies and they found themselves in an alley. A seedy and dank alley. Had they just portaled to a city street in Sydney? The fading light above was misleading and it took a moment for the travelers to realize they were looking up at a massive screen with an imitation sunset. Every wall was metal, they were inside a massive inclosed city surrounded on all sides.

An inebriated voice chuckled behind them: “You feddy boys might wanna hide. I saw a Dead Boy patrol in the area like five minutes ago and they had a dog boy with them.”

Alternatively the Devils might Rift into a non CS occupied city, maybe Arzno or Lazlo.

Chaos Earth:

NEMA agents scattered as the Devils raced across the destroyed asphalt towards their convoy. Another Blue Zone portal and more demons coming from it. Reports of demons had been flooding the radio and now the men and women of the small NEMA team were about to get their first taste of supernatural combat. If they do not kill all the devils they will have to hunt the survivors down and prevent them from multiplying.

Heroes Unlimited:

The Silver Vanguard landed before the Devils , capes billowing behind them and pointed valiantly at the demon dogs to give up. Inhuman, the monsters roared and raced across the city streets both into the crowds of people and at the super heroes.

After the Bomb:

Seeing the humans appear after the Devils - Chuck the Mutant Beaver lifted the AR 15 and decided who to shoot. The Demon Luke dogs or the strange humans.


A mass of shadows rippled across the dark street as the Devils scattered across the city streets. A new terror had just been unleashed in the city. A new danger to all factions.

Palladium Fantasy:

Sir Henry Blackfish of the Eastern Empire sat unnerved on his horse as the villagers ran screaming from the devils. This was his chance to redeem himself. If only there weren’t so many of the devilish things.

Dead Reign:

Undead fighting devil dogs, the scouts looked on in horror. One motioned to the other in sign. ‘We better get back to camp!’


The machine turned its attention to the portal. Now what?

Beyond the Supernatural!

Grab a copy of the Bestiary books 1 & 2 or several Conversion Books, and transplant creatures to the world of BTS. Simply convert M.D.C. to S.D.C., maybe knock off 25%, and just be spontaneous. Possibly the open portal, which fades and shimmers can only be seen at night or not at all. Is it stationary or does the tear in reality slide across Australia seeking power to remain open? A minor intelligence is attached to the opening and needs P.P.E. to stay open and feeds on emotions. This intelligence is the cause of why creatures are pulled through the portal. To attacking humans and cause distress. What might come to BTS from the Rift!

It is also possible that your characters are from BTS and will continue to be played. Possibly one of them is psychic enough to somehow ascertain that the portal opens and closes every 13 days. As they combat issues they realize the only way home is to possibly keep jumping into the portal on the 13th day. This could lead to them exploring each other different realms of the Megaverse as they seek out how to get home and to close the portal afterwards.

Food for thought for GMs and Players

Running this adventure you might start off with playing through the boxed nightmares supplement adventure first. One idea is to make some premade beyond the supernatural characters and hand them out to your players at the beginning of the session. You might go something like this.

Up until this game session your players have been playing their usual characters. Tonight as the group assembles around your game table, licking pizza off their fingers, which undoubtedly as game master you probably paid for as usual, they drop into their usual seats preparing to pull out their character sheets and look curiously at the plain manila envelope you have placed before them. Their eyes dart to you when you chuckle and say, “Put away your character, you won’t need it tonight, tonight everything you need to keep your character alive is in that envelope.”

Located inside of each envelope is a pre-designed, premade beyond the supernatural character that you the game master have made. Maybe each character has some interesting quality or look, feel, or item that makes them seem familiar to the person who’s going to play it. Maybe that Player Character, a Rifts Techno Wizard named Logan Longfingers, is given a BTS character named Theodore Longfingers. A distant relative? Possibly the BTS character has something in common with the person who is playing it tonight. Regardless each person has a premade character. Now it’s time for you the game master to drop them into the setting of beyond the supernatural and play through the box adventure from boxed nightmares. It’s not a very long adventure and could be accomplished over the course of one or less game night. Maneuvering The story and getting these BTS characters to Australia, or maybe they were already there, and continuing the story using the petrol town as an example they might encounter the Tasmanian devils themselves. The western Australian commonwealth government would be interested in hiring them possibly to hunt down in a Raticate the remaining devils before they can terrorize the rest of Western Australia. It is quite possible that these BTS characters might end up in the setting of your choice possibly even meeting the players normal characters, working together. The possibilities are endless.
Does E.C go with the characters to a new world? Do any of the Players continue to play the BTS characters in this other setting? How will super villains in your game, or mad scientists, or magic fellowships try to use the Devils against the good guys in your world?

Ultimately, the below supernatural creature is a fun tool and device that you can utilize to spread horror and adventure in any game setting! Enjoy the possibilities and game on!

Tasmanian Devil

(Updated to 2nd Edition rules and with M.D.C. world conversion)

The supernatural Tasmanian Devil is a superhuman predator that dates back to prehistoric times. Unlike many supernatural creatures, the Tasmanian Devil possesses no magic nor great psychic powers; however, it does possess some psychic powers which help it survive in the wild and will make it a formidable opponent for humans. Though small, the creatures are extremely powerful, roughly twice as strong as the average human. (Note: Minimum P.S. should be 19 and this is a puny little devil.) They are predators that do function much like jungle cats. Looking like ...

Tasmanian Devil
Also Known As: Hounds of Hell.
Alignment: Animal predator, generally considered to be Miscreant evil.
Attributes: I.Q. 2D6 (Predator animal intelligence), M.E. 2D6, M.A. 1D6, P.S. 5D6 minimum of 19 (Supernatural Strength on M.D.C. worlds), P.P. 4D6, P.E. 4D6, P.B. 1D6, Spd 4D6 running.
Hit Points: 1D4x10 and S.D.C.: 2D4x10 (Armor Rating 6)
M.D.C.: 100 (Their innate magical ability transforms them into Mega-Damage beings on worlds with M.D.C.).
Horror Factor: 9
Size: 4 to 5 feet tall (1.2 to 1.5 m) plus tail.
Weight: 90+ lbs (40kg).
Average Life Span: The female will give birth to 1D4 young in three weeks. She will stay at the lair with them for the following eight weeks, until the young are ready to join the parents on hunting expeditions. Until then, the male will hunt small prey and bring it to the lair. The young reach full maturity within one year, but must fend for themselves after eight months . Until then, reduce normal stats/attributes, hit points, and abilities by half. A mature female can give birth every 12 months.
I.S.P.: 2D6x10
P.P.E.: 3D6
Disposition: They are usually nocturnal hunters, stalk their prey, and often attack from an ambush location such as from behind, from above, etc. They eat what they kill and eat prey that they have killed. The Hunting Zone. Only the smallest prey will be taken back to the lair. All others, which are most, will be devoured on the spot of the kill, or dragged to a secluded location nearby. Only one of the pairs will do the hunting, in this case, the male. But the mate will always be watching nearby and attack if the other is endangered. Once the prey is killed, the other will join the hunter and feed.
Equivalent Skill Abilities: (if any, like Climb, Swim, etc. Skills Names should be Capitalized.)
Natural Abilities: Nightvision 600 ft (183 m), see the invisible, track by smell 65%, climb and rappel 70%, prowl 66%, and can leap 20 ft (6 m) across and 10 ft (3 m) straight up.
Attacks per Melee: Three; claws inflict 1D6 damage plus P.S. bonus, bite does 2D6 (no P.S. bonus). Never uses weapons or tools, but can figure out how to open doors and simple locks such as sliding bolts (high animal I.Q.). Will prey only on living animals, preferring medium-size mammals, including cats, dogs, groundhogs, cattle, sheep, even horses. May attack humans (alone or in pairs) who are old, weak, disabled, injured, or sleeping. May also attack children. Remember, it is a predator and functions much like the predatory big cats of the jungle, only this predator will prey on humans. Bonuses: In addition to attribute bonuses, + 1 to strike, + 1 to parry and dodge, +4 save vs psionics, + 2 save vs magic, + 10 to save vs Horror Factor.
Any Natural Weapons/Attack (special): (Stinger, spit attack, breath attack, etc.)
Bonuses (in addition to possible attribute bonuses):
Vulnerabilities: (Goes here, if applicable. Do NOT list if n/a).
Magic: Magic None; predator
Psionics: Psychic Powers: Healing touch, increased healing, impervious to cold and fire, empathy, sixth sense, and summon inner strength.
Habitat: The Tasmanian Devils will find the city habitat an excellent environment, for it offers numerous hiding and hunting places; high up on rooftops, below in sewers and basements (nice caves), in abandoned buildings, and along dark streets and alleyways, not to mention the more familiar trees and underbrush of parks and neighborhoods. They will prey on animals and humans within a 20 mile radius of the lair, seldom venturing beyond.
(May be specific region or general like: Forests worldwide. Or Forests of North America.)
Enemies: (typically animal predators and/or humans and D-Bees).
Allies: (typically its own species; might indicate here if it can be domesticated).
Value: (None to whatever, like, may be trained as a trained War Steed, work animals, pet, sold for meat/food or for its scales/armor, tusks, etc.)
Note: (if any).

I would love to hear your ideas on adventures connected to this article in any of the Palladium settings!

Thanks for reading. I miss the Rifter and this article was stuck in my head so I decided to drop it here. Have fun, enjoy and survive the night! I hope some part of this was fun for you and inspires you to run a game. - Dan Frederick

Dan Frederick
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Ohhh this looks like a blast! Do you have any more to add to it?

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Amazing Nate; Thanks for your support!

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The Oh So Amazing Nate wrote:
Ohhh this looks like a blast! Do you have any more to add to it?

Thanks. :)

The Beyond the Box & Across the Megaverse part could be added to. I haven't written any more adventure ideas other than those presented. I'd enjoy seeing other peoples ideas.

I like doing things once in a while like presented in: Food for thought for GMs and Players. Shaking up the story some by playing a one off with different characters in the same plot. I recently did this sort of thing in a D&D 5e game I run. The main Player Characters would have a hard time doing what the group of City Guards (temporary one night session characters, pre-make and handed out to the Players for the night) were able to do. Instead of just telling the Players "Whatever happens and that's why ..." The Players got to influence and interact in the background information with diff characters then we returned to regular characters the next game session.

Thanks for checking out the article. If the Rifter was around I would expand on the many options for Megaversal adventure. Here's to seeing The Rifter 85 someday!

Dan Frederick
Freelancer & Fan

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