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 Post subject: Reaver's Jungle Stalkers
Unread postPosted: Tue Dec 29, 2020 10:14 pm


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My name is Kevin Battleson and these are the:

Reaver's Jungle Stalkers

-165 Size: Free Company
-020 a. sponsorship: Government (Storm Spire)
000 b. outfits: specialty clothing
045 c. equipment: electronics and good gear, medical clinic (Dinosaur Vet), Magic Augmentation
020 d. vehicles: Specialty Vehicles
030 e. weapons: Extensive Weaponry
015 f. communications: Full Range System
010 g. internal security: Tight
010 h. permanent base: Headquarters
005 i. intelligence resources: Scout Detachment
025 j. special budget: Large Loans
002 k. general alignment of personnel: Anarchist
000 l. criminal activity: None
010 m. reputation/ credentials: known
010 n. salary: good
-003 total: 182 points

Steel Fang Tribe
12 Kitanni Raptor Power Armor Suits w/ TW chamelian upgrade
Steel Claw Tribe
12 Jaguar Light Robot Vehicles w/ TW chamelian upgrade
Thunder Tribe
06 Triceratops Dinosaurs with Heavy Barding, 1 Wellington fire and forget superheavy missile launcher and 1 Wellington Automatic Grenade Launchers
Carnage Tribe
01 Kitanni Tryanosaurus Heavy Robots
02 Kitanni "Firedrake" Allosaurus Robots
02 Tyranasaurus Dinosaurs with Heavy Barding Wilks Pulse Cannon and Mini-Missile Launchers
04 Allosaurus Dinosaurs with Heavy Barding Wilks Pulse Cannon
Lightning Tribe
06 Coalition Skycycles piloted by city rats
Blood Tribe
40 assorted stealth melee fighters with TW weapons and armor
Fire Tribe
40 assorted guerilla fighters with heavy TW weapons and armor

24 Rhino Buffalo Troop Transports
24 Triceratop females and young Supply Caravans
01 Dragon Dreadnaught (with no energy weapons and half speed)
Support Personell
01 Hydra Dragon Hatchling (passive, only fights to defend itself)
2 Zancudo Medical EVAC choppers (fully armed)
10 psychic vetinarians / doctors
80-100 simvan monster riders and families
20 NG Light Labor bots serve as porters and travel on foot

The jungle stalkers are composed mainly of lizard men and mutant felines, most of whom are either escaped slaves from Atlantis, or Rebels from Lagarto. There story begins when their commander, tribesman Blood-Reaver, was sent into a futile charge against the vampires of Haktla in his armored company, consisting of two dozen Raptor power armor suits and several Firedrake and Tyranisaurus Kitanni Robots, which were not equipped to fight vampires. Ordering half his men to disembark and sharpen spears and clubs of wood, the armored troops engaged the vampires in melee, knocking them over with heavy missile fire and pinning them under their robotic talons long enough to impale and behead the foul creatures. Though his casualties were high, he held his position until dawn.

Unfortunately, the though they won the battle Lagarto lost the conflict, and looking for someone to blame, his incompetent commander suggested Reaver and his company be stripped of his rank and sold into slavery. From there, he and his men were to be auctioned off in lots, either as frail melee combatants in the arena or as mere cattle to slaughtered and eaten by the jaded monsters of Atlantis.

But, as luck would have it, an enterprising young temporal raider named Flux who was down on his luck saw an opportunity. Robot pilots did not sell for much in the arena, being generally unpopular and their equipment being expensive to replace and maintain. He bought the entire lot of them and equipped them with cheap, surplus chipwell suits and armor, borrowing against what little he had left and betting it all on the arena. If they were to fail, he would have been sold into slavery with the rest.

Fortunately, despite many bloody casualties, Reaver and his company were able to overcome the odds and win despite being disadvantaged. They enjoyed several successful bouts, with the enterprising temporal raider doubling down each time. Unfortunately, he did not know when to stop, and earned the ire of a very powerful high lord who had bet against him. Angry at his loss, he arranged a fight where the company would be led into a slaughter, unable to win against overwhelming odds.

Flux proved quite adept at baiting the high lords pride, however, and suggested a more sporting bet. The problem with his gladiators is that they had not been given the armor which they had been trained to pilot, and were using cheap suits. He asked the high lord how much he’d care to wager on how long they would last in the hunting preserves if they were given full access to their robots and power armor. He gave the high lord long odds, betting they could last weeks, maybe even months.

To the high lords surprise, and much to the young raiders delight, they managed to survive every expedition that was thrown at them. Their superior understanding of the jungle terrain and guerilla tactics allowed them to survive and often kill their hunters. Weeks turned into months, until 6 months later, the high lord had had enough. Suspecting the Raider Flux of cheating, (of which he was actually innocent, for once) he led a personal complement of kitanni warriors in a dragon dreadnaught to hunt them down and end Flux’ winning streak once and for all. As added insurance, he asked that Flux accompany them, to assure no foul play.

What they didn’t know was that Reaver had befriended an Escaped Zembahk named Zizz, who had teamed up with them to help each other survive in the preserves. His magic enabled him to use stealth and guile to elude their hunters. Instead of using his heavy robots, he had kept them in reserve the whole time, burying them under mounds of vines and moss and shutting down their power armor when not in use. Over the months several of his power armor units were severely damaged and they were running low on ammunition. When they spotted the dragon dreadnaught flying overhead he saw his opportunity.

He sent out his heavy robots to lure away as many power armor troopers from the dreadnaught as possible, before using the Zembahks magic to hide his smaller power troops and sneak aboard the ships control room. He then hijacked the ship, and engaged in the enemy power armor on the ground, executing the high lord who refused to follow his orders. The heavy robots were parked near a ley line nexus and abandoned while the ship picked up the pilots. Before more units could be dispatched to prevent them from escaping, Blood-Reaver had already made good on his escape and was heading to south america. Unfortunately, in a last minute act of defiance, one of the kittanni officers sabotauged the engines and they crash landed on the shores of south america.

Flux, who had been held captive until now, hatched yet another scheme to save his own skin. The Reavers were injured, exhausted, broke, and in the middle of hostile territory yet again. Flux had connections at stormspire, and was flush with capital from his betting earnings. He would help the Reavers in their struggle against Lagarto and the Splugorth, providing them with funding, repairs, manpower and sponsorship, if they agreed to allow stormspire to sell and supply the rebbellion with arms and armament. Using the kitanni he had captured, Reaver managed to restore the dreadnaught to working order, though it was half as fast and could not use its energy weapons. While they went to work removing the tracking beacon and repairing his raptor power armor suits, he mulled it over. The raider plan was generous, and something about the foolish d-bee amused him.

A deal was struck, and Flux returned to Atlantis after recovering the Reavers lost bots and equipment from the Preserve. He made up a story how he had been captured and escaped, surviving on the preserve while being hunted until he could find a rift to take him back to the marketplace. He took a perverse delight in buying slaves and personnel to be used against the splugorth, having been taken for a ride many times at the arena. Among his purchases were a many feline mutants exiles from Omagua and several Simvan Monster riders and exotic dinosaurs from the American wilderness.

The company has enjoyed unprecedented success since its founding, specializing in guerilla tactics and unconventional warfare. Their stealth in the jungle is unmatched, they are often able to hit a target and retreat before the enemy can even respond, decimating larger forces through attrition and hit and run tactics. They range all over Mexico and South America, one time even finding themselves in the American Southwest. Their bots and tactics were unsuited to the plains of that country, and were it not for the intervention of the dragon hatchling Turbo and his small army of city rats on stolen coalition sky cycles, might have perished. Flux knows how dangerous his precarious position is, but was never very good at knowing when to quit. He is unable to walk away from such a good thing, and Reavers success has emboldened him. Together they have hatched a theme to overthrow Lagarto and restore the tribal traditions of Reavers people.

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