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 Post subject: Psionics FAQ
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Question: I don't have much information on Psionics, and on armor. But can someone tell me the effects of wearing, lets say, some full armor over your character, with psionics?
Answer: None, except for the usual prowl penalties and such like.

Question: A friend of mine rolled up a Nega-Psychic... I believe from the psyscape book... I could be wrong.. If someone knows exactly where they're from could they point me in the right direction?
Ok, my main question here is: In the character's description it states that the character cannot be sensed by any ability, tracked, radiates no P.P.E. or I.S.P. and that jazz... I was wondering if this included the Psi-Stalker's natural abilities.
Answer: Yep... here it is... Psyscape pg. 58. The very first listed power of the Nega-Psychic is "Closed to the Supernatural", making him a "blank slate" to all psychic and magic sensory and reading powers. That would include those of the Psi-Stalker as well as CS Dog Boy soldiers.

Question: Will Psionic Bio-regeneration give the equivalent MDC healing to a psionic who's an MDC creature?
I've noticed spells that only give a tiny amount of MD healing.
Answer: For lack of any concrete ruling in the books, we'll assume the answer is yes. It may also be fair to assume that the lowest rate of healing be used, i.e. 2D6 MDC per melee for minor bio-regeneration and 4D6 MDC per minute for super bio-regeneration.

Question: Ok, we have a psi-ghost in our party and this is probably one of the vaguest powers there are, intangibility.
In the juicer uprisings the villains the Vallax have some sort of laser that after an initial shot can hurt everything, even those who are invulnerable to energy. So, can these weapons hurt even intangible characters?
Answer: Yes. The weapon description (Vallax Force Pistol and Rifle, JU p. 154) specifically mentions intangible beings as being vulnerable to the weapon.

Question: Alright, here it is.....
One of the buddies I game with likes to "spar" or "fool around" with me by trying to beat me up, throw me around, etc.
Usually I can handle myself (right now Im a tengu that can grow to 70 ft tall, so I have no worries at the moment!) but he loves power gaming and tries to find the weirdest most powerful characters and combinations.
Recently, he's been throwing me around with super telekenesis. There's no mention of a saving throw in the book (possibly because no one really thought that characters would be thrown) and because of that, I have to sit back and accept the fact that he has full control over my character. He also has a LOT of ISP and PPE and can throw me around for the better part of the day.
So, is there an actual saving throw for telekenesis like the rest of the psionic and magic powers, or am I completely at his mercy?
Answer: Officially, no, there is no saving throw against TK. A saving throw represents the ability to resist an effect in some way, and like acid, it's normally impossible to resist the effects of Telekinesis. However this makes the power extremely abusable, so many GMs allow a saving throw anyway.

Question: Hey,
I am looking for some offical ruling on the rather confusing text outlining the Cyber-Knights Psionic abilities in SoT 4.
I understand everything up until the last major section. The last section seams to be something that was contemplated, but should have been either deleted or clarifed more in the authors final version...?
Basically, after saying that Non-Psychic Cyber Knights get psi-sword, psi-shield and Psychic Cyber-Knights get psi-sword, psi-shield and three of choice from a list. Next (Confused part), it then says that minor, major and master psionics get a bunch more psi-powers...?
First, is this a typo? or just really poorly defined?
Second, If this is correct - Any Cyber-Knight after rolling 80% for psionics, rolls again 20% minor, 10% major, master ?
Third, would one just select a Master Psionic Cyber-Knight, like selecting a Burster O.C.C. if you wanted to be a master psychic? If so do you take the penalties to skills that a major psychic has?
Answer (RUE Addendum): There's an expanded table for use on page 64 of RUE, which answers this questions.

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Question: Psyscape rules talk of a native having one super power that is double range, duration, and effect/damage/power. And i'm assuming that this would apply to the Psionic power (Super) Radiate Horror Factor. That means at level 1 a good character could have a horror factor of 20 and an evil one at 24. Is this...acceptable? That would mean an extremely high leveled character could even have an effective horror factor of 32.
Answer: Yep.
Note: At level 15, you'd have a power that lasts 2.5 hours, and an effective horror factor of 40 to save against., assuming our psychic friend doesn't otherwise supplement it.
#3: Author: Guest, Posted: 1 Mar 2005 11:29

Question: 1. Can a Psi-Ghost go intangible with another living being as long as that being (like the Fairy) doesn't put the Ghost over his/her 20 pound weight limit?
2. Should the normal penalties for running while blind be in full affect, or perhaps less since the only thing the Ghost can trip on while intangible is his/her own feet?
Answer: 1. Yes.
2. No. The character is intangible, not invisible.

Question: Any thoughts on whether see aura can be used to detect shadowmelded person? The text says see invisible does not work so I'm tempted to say see aura would not either.
Answer: Nope.
Your melded into the shadow.
Only removal of the shadow will work (and infrared and thermal optics).
You can't see the person you can't see their aura.
#4: Author: Guest, Posted: 29 Mar 2005 05:50

Answer: What sort of reconnaisance are you looking for.
Detection type psionics are great for spotting things around you, resist fatigue is great for moving over rough terrain without tiring
Suppress fear is great for scouting out enemy camps filled with demons and such.
Deaden Senses is great for keeping guards from noticing you.
Alter Aura is good for going undercover, as is ectoplasmic disguise
The various Impervious to _____ powers let you check out hostile environments.
Resist hunger and Resist Thirst help you keep from needing to stop for food/water when you are trailing somebody on the move, or when you are travelling to and from an enemy base to spy on them. (ditto with Summon Inner Strength)
Telekinesis is good for distracting guards, or flushing people out into the open.
Telekinetic Helps you get into trees, or on top of large objects to get a better view.
Astral Projection is the ultimate in recon.
Clairvoyance can let you recon things that haven't happen yet.
Commune with Spirits allows the character to communicate with entities and astral beings, and such... maybe you can even talk some of them into doing recon work for you.
Empathy lets you know if people are hostile or not, assuming you get within 100' of them (which you can, if you astrally project)
Machine Ghost lets you read any disks or tapes or film you pick up. Great for spy work, and it lets you astrally project into a computer and recon the machine.
Mask ISP/Psionics helps you avoid detection from Dogboys and psi-stalkers and such. (as does Mask PPE and Mind Block).
Object Read is the ultimate power for tracking people... just find anything they've owned and you can figure out where they are now and what they are doing.
Yeah... I haven't even gotten to the Super Psionics, and I already have no idea why you even asked this question.
Either I don't get it, or you haven't thought things out.
Just grab the GMG, p. 87, and read.

Question: Locate & Track Power of Psi-Slayers
There is a mention of "-2 penalty to save", but there is no mention of a saving throw.
The language of the descriptive text indicates that not even a mind block can stop this psychic tracker. Does this mean once the Mark is linked to the mark cannot throw up a mind block to throw him off (my guess)? Or that there is no saving throw?
My guess is that a master psionic would be at 12 not 10 (plus bonuses) to basically avoid the detection, but how often can you keep trying to make a link with the same mark? I like the idea that it is almost automatic and the only way that a mark can shake you is be out of range for 30 minutes, but this is powerful indeed!
Any help appreciated.
Answer: The saving throw is vs Psionics.

Question: Question. The burster has always been my favorite psionic character. I never thought about this before...A burster from Psyscape gets double the duration, range, damage, ect of one super ability. Can this apply to his Bursting powers? It says that thier abilities are more powerful then Pyrokinesis, which is a super psionic. If so, how does it work? Does it only work for one of thier abilities, or all of them?
Answer: Super Psionic powers only, so no.

Question: At our most recent gaming session, the question came up whether or not a Psi-Sword would affect my Psi-Ghost while intangible. Now, the intagibility section says Psionics that can affect the Ghost (non-physical types like Bio-Manipulation and those types) do full affect, but the Psi-Sword states that is it mega-damage energy. So, I guess my questions are:
1) Does the Psi-Sword and other psionics that state they are "energy" affect an intangible Psi-Ghost?
2) Are these "energy" based psionics affected by Impervious to Energy?
Answer: 1) Yes
2) Yes
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Question: What is the time differential between earth and the astral realm? I had it here somewhere, but that was ages ago...a little help would be appreciated.
Answer: See Between the Shadows, page 38.

Question: 1. Does the Telekenitic Force Field power actually cover a 10 square foot area per level of the creator, or is it a 10 foot x 10 foot area per level of the creator, or a 10 foot diameter per level?
2. Does the Create Force Field power actually cover a 40 square foot area (+10 per level), or is it a 40ft x 40ft area (plus 10ft x 10ft per level), or a 40 foot diameter (+10 per level)?
Answer: Diameter.

Question: If you can create a Telekinetic Force Field in any shape you want to, can you create a flat one to use as a ramp? or thin and parallel to the Earth, to cut those who are following you in half?
Answer: i would say that you could make one to use as a ramp or bridge but not to cut someone in half but people would smack into them and be stopped at least temporariliy.

Question: In the description of the Psi-Ghost power it says, "Because of the intangible state, he can sink into the earth/ground up to his nose and walk on the dense molecules, effectively walking through the earth."
Question is, what's the limitation on the depth, depending on circumstances? I mean, if there's something directly under the Ghost, like an underground base, but it's farther down than the Ghost would find by the time his/her nose hits the ground level, could they still go down to the base or would they be stopped by this statement? On a similar note, if a Psi-Ghost is underground and goes through a wall where there is nothing but earth and the only open space above him is open air, would the ghost shoot up to ground level or would they just stay where they are? And, if they stay, could they make themselves go up through the earth?
Answer: The limitations would be how long they can hold their breath, and how suicidal they were feeling since the power doesn't give you the ability to see through the earth.

Question: Can Psi-stalkers use TW weapons by putting the amount of ISP in them and such?
Answer: Yes. They're psychics.

Question: 1) When a psychic is wearing power armor (like say a burster), can he use his psychic powers? Im talking just a plain old suit of SAMAS etc, not the TW suits or anything. Second part to this is, lets say the burster in SAMAS is hit by plasma missiles...due to his immunity to fire he would not take damage normally, however the missiles have hit the suit not my question is, would the suit still take damage from the missiles? I personally dont see his immunity extending to the suit as well, but thats just me.
2) Now, lets say by some odd chance that a spell caster (Line Walker, Shifter, etc) has picked up Pilot: RPA...and hes in a suit of power armor. What sort of penalties (if any) does he have for casting a spell?
3) Now take the same spell caster and put him in a robot vehicle or tank of some sort (not necessarily piloting, but just inside it) my ruling on this event for his ability to cast was pretty simple and obvious I think...he had to open a hatch and and actually be looking, using his own 2 eyes rather then the video feeds, at the target to be able to cast any sort of spell. If anyone has thoughts on any of these scenarios please let me know.
Answer: 1) Yes, the power armor would still take damage.
2) Depends on whether or not you apply the penalties for wearing armor.
3) See RBOM pg. 21

Question: I usually try to impliment in my games a little style, rather then just basic hack/slash. It's mostly playing around, twirling a blade in the fingers, spinning a revolver like Clint Eastwood, ect. But what about the Psi-Sword for a Cyber-Knight? Can they flip the psi-sword around thier hand(s), twirl a psi-shaped spear, spin a psi-knife, ect?
Answer: I allow it, so long as contact is maintained.
Exception: you can release the Psi-Spear, as it was meant to be thrown.
#6: Author: Guest, Posted: 1 Jul 2005 11:38

Question: Psionic Powers: Sometimes they are mentioned or implied to be supernatural, sometimes they are mentioned or implied to NOT be supernatural.
Which is it?
Answer: The terms are used interchangeably.

Question: If Ogres can't have any Psionics, how come 5% of all Bursters are Ogres?
Answer: In Rifts Ogres have psionics.
#7: Author: Guest, Posted: 31 Jul 2005 18:57

Question: Does Mind Block protect against Bio - Manipulation? I would think that it does...
Answer: Nope.
But you would get a +1 bonus to save.

Question: There are many species that have Impervious to Mind Control as a bonus of that species. Does this make them immune to brainwashing as well? Or having a con artist talk them into buying a bridge in New York or some land in Florida?
Answer: No. Mind Control is a magic/psionic thing, brain washing isn't. Being impervious to mind control doesn't make you smarter (to avoid cons), more mentally tough (to resist brain washing), or more stoic (to resist PB or MA rolls).

Question: Going over the Island at the Edge of the World, and got to thinking, since the book was written using 1st Edition-Revised psionic powers only, what are your thoughts on the implications of incorporating Crystal Swords with the power of the Psi-Sword?
Can a Mind Mage/Mind Melter, or even Cyber Knight (with Object Read as the pre-req) use the Crystal Sword as a weapon such as (shudders for a moment) Caliber-X, or the Amaki Psi-Blade TW device- in as much as combinding the damage of both weapons?
I can envision the Crystal Sword being activated simultaneously with a Psi-Sword, the energies fusing with the ectoplasmic crystals making the weapon more powerful.
Any other thoughts on this yea or nay?
Answer: Survey says, "No."
#8: Author: Guest, Posted: 1 Sep 2005 20:08

Question: If you have taken SDC damage into what is given to you by Summon Inner Strength (the +10 SDC) what happens when the power ends? Does the damage disappear with the SDC or does your total SDC reduce and the damage is applied to your Hit Points?
Answer: If you still have any extra it just fades away. The 10 SDC it offers is similar in function to magic armor, it isnt retroactively subtraced from your SDC/hp once the power fades.

Question: Are psychic OCC's now open to any and all races that do not specificly limit the selection of psychic classes? Could an Elf or Wolfen (or any other race) now select the OCC Mind Melter or Burster?
Answer: race restrictions: most common among humans (84%), elves (8%), ogres (6%) and 2% others; the latter are typically human-like races. Both males and females can become mind melters.
#9: Author: Guest, Posted: 30 Sep 2005 19:44

Question: Today I ran into a computer I decided to use Telemechanics on. Now, TM says that I know anything and everything about said system and know how to use it (at an 80% or 88% for an AI). The problem I ran into is that my GM decided that, since the system is an AI, it blocked me out but there's nothing in the ability that says an AI can do that.
My question is, should there be a save for Artificial Intelligences against Telemechanics? While typing this, I had another thought. Should the percentage for AI knowledge be higher than non-intelligent machines? You'd think it'd be much less, especially if they're resisting.
Answer: See Telemechanic Possession, RUE, page 184.

Question: Good afternoon. Longtime player, first time caller. I have two questions:
1) Can Psi-Surgery be used offensively - say for example - a deranged psi though everyone had problems with their brains, could he use psi-surgery to fix what he thought was wrong with them (even if it was to the detriment of the victim)
2) In THE THE GLASS DARKLY, the first option for the CHANNELER OCC says 'half other OCC bonuses' - what does that mean exactly, I can can't half a +1 bonus to initiative , can I ...?
Answer: 1) No
2) Round down. But a 1 remains a 1.
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Question: One of my players wants to run a Kittani psychic charachter. He pointed out that all of them start as major psychics automatically with preset abilities including one super and they should be able to take a PCC like psi tech or mind melter if that was there focus in training. I'm leaning toward letting him do it but I wanted to get some opinions on it. Additionally if I were to allow it, would he still get the preset Kittani psychic powers in addition to his PCC powers or would those get tossed aside and just get the PSS powers
Answer: By the book no.
The only classes allowed for kittani are the ones listed.
However, some GMs allow Kittani to select a PCC, but they lose the preset psionic powers.

Question: Psionics - where would I find ??
1) The power of Telekintic flight? Fine motor telekinetic skills?
Would that be in Psycape?
2) Also, does the ability to hit with telekinesis ever improve passed the initial + 3 to strike. Could a psychic develop the ability to hit better with his/her tk as a W.P. ??
Answer: 1) The only place where I've seen telekenetic flight was in Rifts South America 2 (World Book 9). It ws a class specific power for the Neo-Humans, and not a separate psychic power, though it used up ISP. There is no such power as "Fine motor telekinetic skills" in Palladium, at this time.
2) No.
#11: Author: Guest, Posted: 2 Dec 2005 12:21

Question: It says in the Psyscape book that Psi-Slayers are human master psychics, only human. Yet it also says that they are the product of training, taking master psychics at a young age and molding them into the psionic powered assassins known as Psi-Slayers. This is further confirmed later in the book under the Coalition section (Psi-Battalion) and their research on psychics.
My question is why can only humans be Psi-Slayers?
Psi-Stalkers are identified as a separate, mutant race of humans. Their powers are defined from birth. But this is not the case with Psi-Slayers.
Why couldn't a psionically gifted person (master psychic) of another race (Elves, Atlanteans, etc.) not become a Psi-Slayer if they undergo the same training process at an early age?
Would there not be some equivalent or near equivalent thereof in the Three Galaxies or other equally large and diverse dimension?
Answer: Perhaps the masters just rarely accept non-humans, so its an artificial restriction, not a natural one?

Question: 1. Reading the description for Super Telekenisis in Rifts Ultimate Edition, it states that you can use the power to parry but it counts as a medium object for 8 ISP. This is obviously a cut-and-paste from the Physical Telekenisis power, where a medium weight object (20 lbs or lighter) costs 8 ISP to manipulate. So, with Super Telekenisis, even though the power's ISP cost is in incriments of 10 ISP per 100 lbs, does it still allow you to use the ISP costs of the physical (weaker) version of the power for really low weights? It seems to with that line about parrying and counting as a medium object.
2. In Heroes Unlimited Revised, the Telekenesis Psionic power had a special ability you could use with it, where you created a sort of telekenetic field around an area centered on yourself. It functioned similar to the Megnetism power ability where they can create a field that repels metal. This TK field repelled all physical objects, such as bullets or projectiles. It had no SDC, only a duration. It did not impede Energy based attacks at all. IIRC, it cost 15 ISP to activate and lasted for the duration of the power. Is this a use of the power that could be done now with Super Telekenisis, or would it require a separate power to be created, or would it just not be allowed at all?
3. When I use Telekenisis to parry an attack, am I allowed to parry attacks with TK for the duration for the power, or do I have to pay the 8 ISP each time I wish to parry an attack?
Answer: 1) it also says that even to lift a lighter object with super telekinisis requires more ISP for the super. so you pay the standard 10 ISP cost.
not allowed at all even in HU. HU revised is out of date and out of print. use the rules in HU Second Edition.
3) Duration of the power

Question: What happens when an intangible Psi-Ghost let's go of an object they were holding while intangible?
Answer: it remains intangible as they don't actually have to be holding it. they arnt' grabbing their cloths. it just must be on their person at the time.
In order to execute an attack, you must be tangible.
#12: Author: Guest, Posted: 1 Jan 2006 12:18

Question: Ok, a series of questions about psi-slingers, and their ability to charge-stuff-up.
1) It says that they can charge "SDC weapons" I assume that precludes pump pistols and the Big Bore revolver, but what about the TW thundergun that fires normal SDC silver bullets?
2) Can he link with those guns for the initiative bonus?
3) Would they do an extra 1d6 damage?
4) What about a dual-function gun, i.e. one that fired SDC rounds and had a laser attached (like the juicer's assassin's rifle)?
5) Finally, I was wondering whether psi-slingers were intended to use their linked guns as their primary weapon? I wouldn't question, except that they are also given the psi-sword power whose damage exceeds the 1d6 from charged guns by many fold, advancing with the character.
Answer: 1) NO, TW weapons are specifically excluded.
2) No.
3) No.
4) The laser would have to function as is unadulterated, but the SDC round could be charged up to deliver the MD hit as per the power.
5) Most likely.
#13: Author: Guest, Posted: 4 Feb 2006 19:16

Question: MM RCC with Telekinesis Super
level 3
Burster also level 3
Squad of Deadboys walking around (5)...
We see then... they don't see us. The burster in the group Does a Fire Eruption near the Deadboys and I use Telekinesis and burn around 80 ISP for 800 LBS of Force. I move them in to a 6D6 fire to all locations. The duration says 2 mins.. does that mean I can hold them there?
1) Does anyone see anything wrong with this?
2) The duration says 2 mins.. does that mean I can hold them there?
3)And also the burster Imperious to fire says " aura radiates around the burster, making him and what he is wearing, completely impervious to fire..." Does this included his armor? Because that is far to powerful if you ask me.
Answer: 1) No.
2) I would require some sort of save or check to keep them in place.
3) Is he wearing his armor? I believe you answered your own question.

Question: 1 = Does telemechanics & similar powers act like a mind bond when dealing with artificial intelligence?
2 = Does AI robots and computers get to save vs psionics & magic, or do they instantly fail?
Answer: 1) No
2) Yes
#14: Author: Guest, Posted: 1 May 2006 21:57

Question: Can Guns Be Controled By Any of the Telemechanic Powers?
Answer: Not with only Telemechanics, no. It only allows understanding of machines, not manipulation/use.
There are other powers to allow this. Telemechanic Mental Operation and Telemechanic Possession (Both RGMG page 105.) allow a psi to activate and use machines with his mind, but even with those powers I would rule that the Psi needs line of sight to the item being manipulated.

Question: 1) So in a similar-but-different thread I got to wondering about saving throws with regard to mental incapacitation.
The first circumstance might actually be listed somewhere, but I can't recall ever seeing it - being drunk. Would this be something that might affect the outcome of a save vs. psi?
2) Second, something similar to being drunk - being drugged (like, getting dropped by ether or something). Would this make any difference?
3) Thirdly, being placed in a "highly suggestive state" - like if you were hypnotized. And no, not the psionic version; the regular old seems-to-be-fake hypnosis with the swinging pocket watch. Would this have any effect?
Answer: 1) The penalty for being drunk is listed for skills and "combat bonuses" Whether or not one considers saving throws to be combat bonuses would be up to the GM.
2) Unlike being drunk, the effects for being drugged vary wildly. If any drug lists a penalty to "all" saving throws or specifically lists psionic saving throws, then they would be applied.
3) This would work similar to the psionic power, however, I'd apply a skill percentage chance to successfully apply any of the effects or abilities you can instill with Suggestion/Medicinal Hypnosis/etc. It wouldn't affect saving throws.

Question: My players recently fought the Mechanoids and wanted to know what they could do to protect themselves from Mentally Possess Others (used by Mechanoid Brains).
I don't know if it was a previous house rule, or actually discussed somewhere, but we played that Mind Block will not protect a person. It isn't listed under Mind Block, and the description of Mentally Possess Others seems to imply it only attacks the body.
Looking back through the books though, I notice this seems to be a grey area. Mind Block shows it is protection against anything attacking the mind. Mentally Posses Others shows the successful attack doesn't allow you to read the mind or access memories. It does give a confusing line of "While in the victim's body/mind . . . "
Now I am starting to wonder.
Does anyone know of a clear ruling on this? I can't find anything in any of the books or FAQs.
I recently told the group about the TW item of Psionic Mind Shield that makes a person "completely impervious to psionic attacks". This way they have a clear defense.
Answer: The only protection against Mentally Possess Others that Mind Block gives is a +1 to save.
#15: Author: Guest, Posted: 3 Jul 2006 13:51

Question: If a psi-ghost is intangible & has a psychic body field up, does the body field still absorb damage, or is it simply passed through?
Answer: it will absorb any damage that would actually be done to the psi-ghost.
so a rail gun round would pass though the ghost and feild. but a call lightnign would hit hte feild instead of the ghost (sinse they're vunerable to eletric attacks even intangible)

Question: 1) Is there a cap to how much you can fuel flame? Recently, we had a burster and a couple of mages who could cast fuel flame.
2) As written, the flame doubled in damage. With three casters, a 14 MDC flame effect rapidly escalated into what seemed silly. So, has there been a maximum established?
Answer: 1) First, I'll point out that there is a difference between "Super Fuel Flame" (The burster power) and "Fuel Flame" (The magic spell).
With the Burster power the damage is increased proportionally to the size of the flame.
With the spell, the damage remains the same.
2) The maximum effect is the maximum area that the flame can be fueled to.
For example, a first level burster starts off by making a 20 square foot area fire that inflicts 4d6 MD.
Next, he uses Super Fuel Flame to increase the size of the fire to 10x what it used to be.
Now he has a 200 square foot fire that inflicts 4d6x10 MD.
At this point, the only fire that is being psychicly fueld by the burster is still that original 20 square foot area, which means that the larger body of flame will behave the way that normal fire does. It will either spread or die out, depending on the amount of fuel available (keeping in mind that MD flame spreads 4x faster than normal fire).
The burster isn't satisfied, so he tries to Super Fuel the flame again, hoping to create a 2000 square foot fire that inflicts 4d6x100 MD!
But he can't.
Why not?
Because he's only first level, and can therefore only Super Fuel a maximum of 20 square feet. The fire is now large than that, therefore it is beyond his ability to Super Fuel again.
That is the limitation.
#16: Author: Guest, Posted: 31 Jul 2006 11:42

Question: When a psionic power that affects an individual is used does the victim know they have been attacked? Does this depend on saves or the nature of the power used e.g. is biomanipulation different to hypnotic suggestion?
Answer: Well by the book I'd say non psychics have no real sense that someone has pinged them (to continue the sonar analogy) unless there is some direct effect on themselves but in my game I let those who are psychic themselves or otherwise highly sensitive with a high ME/IQ sense something not quite right depending on how active and direct the power is being used on them.
As for the aura I see it more as a huge neon sign blaring what's what with the person. No control over it without the powers of alter aura or mind block.
#17: Author: Guest, Posted: 1 Sep 2006 06:21

Question: Bursters are immune to damage from heat and fire, the damaging effect of lasers is imho based on heat, so are bursters immune to damage from laser-based attacks (same as plasma) ?
Answer: As far as in-game physics are concerned, lasers do not inflict heat damage. Bursters and other beings immune to heat/fire have no protection against lasers.

Question: Could Telekinetic Acceleration Attack be used in conjunction with a handfull of grenades to get the initial damage + explosion damage? Thanks again for any assistance.
Answer: No, they are too large to be used for TK acceleration attack.
#18: Author: Guest, Posted: 3 Nov 2006 11:58

Question: I seem to recall that environmental armors do block or impair psy powers. Am I right? Where do I can find the reference?
Answer: Not quite, the RGMG (page 86) and RUE (page 366) pretty clearly spell out exactly what is blocked and not blocked by different things. In short, vehicles, power armor (with 250+ MDC), and giant robots will block psionics, unless certain circumstances are met. Environmental Body Armor WILL block psionics which require physical contact to affect the person wearing the armor. SB1 (page 10) is the first appearance of such limitations (though more general in nature), but only applies to power armor and robots.

Question: 1. I have a zapper that aquired a fully operational Samas suit. I know i cannot effect anything within something with 250 or more MD. But the text also states that the zappers gear and armor is proteted from energy. Since only the main body of the armor has 250 MD, would his powers work on the outside of the suit if the helmet has 70 MD?
2. a zapper can drain items of power up to 8% a level. Is this per round, per melee action, or one time only.
Answer: 1) No.
2) It depends on the desired effect, it can be as little as a one time drain of one melee action or as long as a continuous 10 minute drain.
#19: Author: Guest, Posted: 2 Dec 2006 09:39

Question: Hey, for some time now me and my gamers have had a difference in option in the number of psionics allowed to be active at one time. What is the rule on this.
Answer: Unless otherwise stated (as in a specific power description, or in the case of mutant animal psionics), there is no limit.

Question: So, I read in the New West book that 20% of all Psi Slingers are Psi Stalkers, and I was a little confused as to how this might be done.
Which powers would said character have from each? Are there rules to make any O.C.C out of a Psi Stalker that I missed?
Answer: Build your Psi-Slinger as per the Psi-Slinger OCC, except that you will roll attributes as a Psi-Stalker. Also, all of the Psi-Stalker powers are to be added to this character except Psionics. Use the Psi-Slinger's psionic abilities and progression, and use the better formula of the two for ISP.

Question: 1) When in Astral Travel, can a mind melter use his psionics to affect the real world? Such as mind bolt someone, for example.
2) Can the party attack when inside a Telekinetic Force Field?
3) Does a psychic has as many psi actions as he has melee? Or has he got 2 like a magician casting low level spells? (unless otherwise stated in the description of the power as a certain duration to 'activate' the power, such as 1d4 minutes, etc)
Answer: 1) Yes
2) They can attack other things that are also inside the TK forcefield, but would have to deal with the forcefield or use an attack that can be generated so as to bypass the forcefield to attack things outside the forcefield.
3) Each psionic attack counts as one attack per melee.

Question: Ok, here is a question I have had since...well a long damn time.
Why is Potential PSYCHIC Energy used for magic and Inner Strength Points used for Psionics?
Was it a typo made wayyyy back that they just rolled with or is there some sort of flimsy explanation?
Since PPE comes from PE and ISP comes from ME it seems like a mix up to me.
I'm sure this question has been posted somewhere before but I could not find it.
BTS1, pages 92-93 wrote:
ALL magic draws on what parapsychologists call potential psychic energy or P.P.E. It is as good a designation as any...Psychics are able to draw on that energy and focus it to create a handful of amazing psychic abilities...The psychic's orientation and focus permanently changes potential psychic energy into psychic energy abilities and inner strength points (I.S.P.). This conversion of potential psychic energy is the source of their psychic powers...Does this mean psychic abilities are really magic? No, not really. The potenaial psychic energy, which is the essence of magic, is a natural energy that the psychic inadvertanly draws on and changes into a permanent psychic energy base (I.S.P.) A psychic can never use his I.S.P. for magic or vice versa. WHile psychic energy and powers share a common root with so-called "magic" energy, they are two very different things.

Question: I am wondering which lists to use for skills and Psionic powers available to Coalition characters that are part of either Psi-Battalion or Psi-Net.
For lists of available Psionics, it seems the only ones are associated with the individual Psychic O.C.C. like the Burster, Mind Melter or Psi-Stalker. However for skills, it seems that other O.C.C. lists are available. In the Coalition War Campaign WB, it seems a Psi-Stalker could have the skills of a NTSET Protector or Psi-Net Agent. Also, the Mind Melter appears to be able to have the skill list of the Psi-Net Agent.
Are there other O.C.C.s that a Psionic character could choose? And what impact would a different O.C.C. choice have on a Master Psionic's psionic powers?
Answer: You would have the Psi stalker racial traits and the skill bonuses of your O.C.C. So yes it is possible.

Question: I want to make a Player character who is a True Atlantean but is also a Major Psychic. I want to known the maxium number of Tattoos I can give him without lossing his Psychic powers?
Splynn Dimensional Market, page 107 wrote:
True Atlanteans with Master Psionics can use their Marks of Heritangeand any other Magic Tattoos they received during their youth without problem...However, while they can receive additional magic tattoos, they will not gain any additional P.P.E. nor will they become M.D.C. creatures.
Minor and Major Psionics have a much lower level of psionic power and do not encounter this problem and can become T-Men.

Master Psionics who are NOT True Atlanteans can't get any tattoos.
#20: Author: Guest, Posted: 31 Jan 2007 20:07

Question: 1) Hey. The party is zipping through space on a ship using conventional and FTL drives. They're chasing another ship at those speeds. If it's within the range of the power telekinetic force field, what would be the effects of placing one (or several, overlapped) tk-fields DIRECTLY in front of the other ship? Assume the field(s) has 150 or so MDC (each). I know that only the Phaeton Juicer gets a chance to make the ship dodge, but what if anyone else is the pilot?
2) And for that matter, what about Impenetrable Wall-O-Force?
Answer: 1) Telekinetic Force Field can NOT be used in this manner.
2) In the unlikely chance that the spell could actually be cast in front of another space ship (with a range of 100 feet, the likelihood of this occurring, in space, at those speeds, is pretty much negligeable), the opposing ship would crash into the Impenetrable Wall of Force (forget trying to dodge at those speeds, regardless of the OCC, RCC, computer being used, etc.) taking serious damage. Now, given a more reasonably ranged, effective, magic/psionic M.D.C. barrier which could be cast in such a manner as you're suggesting, then it's possible that the pilot could get a chance to dodge, with several methods of resolving the problem from normal dodges to space combat maneuvers.

Question: A Scarecrow with levels in Fire Warlock (thereby gaining immunity to fire) is utterly indestructable according to the creature's description. Set off a 100-megaton nuke on it's head, and it will still EVENTUALLY regenerate, correct?
Answer: Acording to the book the Fire Worlocks Immunity only grants him COMPLETE immunity to normal fires. Mega damage fires like magic and plasma do half damage. so mega damage heat weapons like said warhead would technicaly inflict normal damage to the Scarecrow as the half immunity cancels out the double damage inflicted.
#21: Author: Guest, Posted: 6 Apr 2007 18:13

Question: Does a Psi-slingers shield protect his armor? I have heard a few people say it does (and im hoping that it does) Me and my DM have no idea what the official ruling is. Can someone help please?
Answer: Yes, the power goes into effect "a micro-second before" it hits the character, so armor would be protected.

Question: Intuitive Combat says cannot use any Psionic powers while its activated. does that mean none activated during its duration or no new ones activated. Say for example a Cyber Knight has his Psi sword on, does he have to turn it off to activate this power?
Answer: This means no other psionic powers can be used, if the power was already activated, it becomes deactivated, and no other psionic powers can be activated while using Intuitive Combat.
#22: Author: Guest, Posted: 1 May 2007 16:22

Question: ISP is all internal right? Bringing oneself to the world.
PPE is the manipulation of those energies outside of oneself.
Aren't they the same energy? For what is without affects what is within. I feel that they are the same. Look at TW devices. They can be utilised by both mages and psychics. What gives?
Answer: According to BTS1, page 93:
The potential psychic energy, which is the essence of magic, is a natural energy that the psychic inadvertently draws on and changes into a permanent psychic energy base (I.S.P.)

P.P.E. is generally considered "magic," "magical," "mystic," "mysticism," "mystic energy," among other terms.
Psionics/I.S.P. is generally considered "internal and mental energy," "spiritual energy," "psychic energy," among other terms.
#23: Author: Guest, Posted: 2 Jun 2007 10:12

Question: In the description for entities, exorcism is mentioned as a method of dealing with entities. Yet the psionic power can only affect the living possessed by them. While some entries distinguish between the psionic and magical versions others imply that both are equally effective. So how is psionic exorcism effective against entities such as poltergeists?
Answer: As you have noticed, psionic exorcism doesn't work on poltergeists, or haunting, syphon, and tectonic entities. Only magical exorcism and equivalent O.C.C. abilities (e.g. a Priest of Light's Exorcism ability) can be used against entities that possess inanimate objects.

Question: Just a quick clarification, Rifts/Psychic rules state that a Psychic Diagnosis is required for Psychic Surgery. Is this required if the "Surgery" in question is used for punishment/interrogation purposes?
Answer: Psychic Surgery cannot be used to inflict injury, and causes very little pain. By the sound of it, it seems what you're really looking for is Fleshsculpting magic, from Nightbane Book 3: Through the Glass darkly, though you're free to house-rule things however you like.

Question: Psi Stalkers
1) Okay, what sthe max PPE they can have at any given moment? The RUE says that they absorb all of their victim's PPE in 5 seconds, unless their vitim has alot of PPE, in which case they absorb 300 PPE and a bunch disipates into the air (dont have the book with me, sorry dont know the correct number, I think its like 1D4x100 but I could be wrong and prolly am).
2) So each attack that they draw blood they absorb 300 PPE. So, if attacking a supernatural creature that has lets say 2000 PPE, and the Stalker absorbs 300 PPE each feeding attack and causes 300 PPE to disipate, then in about 30 seconds or a little less, the stalker could absorb 1100 PPE from the Supernatural creature with 900 PPE disipating. Is this right?
3) Also, the RUE says that the Stalker must have at least 50 PPE a week to survive but prefers 80-100 PPE per week. So taking the Stalker example above, the Stalker has 1100 PPE now and feeds upon 100 of it for that week.
4) Now does the Stalker lose the rest of his PPE, or does he store it to feed off of each week? RUE doesn't say anything about the max a Stalker can have, if any, or what happens to the PPE after he absorbs it. Does it get added to the Stalkers PPE total and you just subtract 100 each week or so? Does it turn into ISP? Does it convert into any other energy? Does it get converted into bonuses to combat or stats? What happens to it?
Or does it all go to feeding him, in which case, would the Stalker get any bonuses to having used 1100 PPE at once towards feeding himself? Makes sense that with no PPE the Stalker gets penalties, that when the Stalker gets more than the necessary PPE he would get bonuses. And if it all goes to feeding him, then would the Stalker need to feed again in the next 7 days, or would the stalker be good for 11 weeks?
5) And if the Stalker has a TW device, could he power it with the PPE he has stolen? Cast magic spells with the stolen PPE? Be a PPE battery so to speak for his mage buddy?
Answer: 1) Their maximum PPE is whatever their maximum PPE normally is (their 2d6 base).
They don't absorb PPE from other beings; they devour it.
It isn't added to their own PPE pool.
2) No.
Psi-Stalkers feed in one of two ways.
1. They kill their prey and absorb as much of the released PPE as possible.
2. They physically capture their prey and cut it, draining it of PPE.
300 PPE is the most that a psi-stalker can feed on before getting completely full. After that, they can't feed off any more for a while.
Any more PPE that they release from a creature is released into the atmosphere where it dissapated or is absorbed by other psi-stalkers.
3) 300 PPE is the most a psi-stalker can gorge himself with.
Theoretically, that could last him 3-6 weeks, although the books don't exactly say.
4) It all goes to feeding him.
Look at it this way:
When you're starving, you get penalties on actions because you're starving.
When you're full, you don't get bonuses to anything. You don't see baseball players gorging themselves on pizza before a big game.
5) No.
#24: Author: Guest, Posted: 2 Jul 2007 16:50

Question: Could Psychic Purification instantly detox a juicer by the end of it's duration?
Answer: Yes, however, the penalties for all the years of drug abuse are still in effect. All Psychic Purification would do would negate the Detox Success Ratios by being an automatic success. Psychic Purification would have no effect on a Juicer who wasn't undergoing detox.

Question: Psionics -- Mental Illusion what's the duration of this power ? It's in HU2e. It says special but never mentions it.
what sort of top-limit do you feel is appropriate ? 1 minute per level ? less ? more ?
Answer: It says "special" Which means it wears off only when finnally seen though or the psychic using it decides to stop concentration

Question: how exactly works the ability when you select objects of different weights, example the character see a key and uses 3 ISP to activate the telekinesis, then he finds himself trying to move another key
1) does he have to spend ISP again? ( i assume that no, as this would make useless the duration of the power)
2) if he tries to move a heavier object lets say another character weighting 70 Kg he have to use 22 ISP does he have to pay 22 ISP or 22 minus the previously expended ISP (3 in this case for a 19 ISP )?
3) if i start using telekinesis and i use 53 ISP, can i move everything under the weight of 54 Kg during the duration of the power, for no extra cost?
Answer: 1) If he was no longer manipulating the first key, he would not expend any more ISP to manipulate the second key. Only one item can be manipulated at a time (though Super Telekinesis can be used to manipulate a number of objects equal to the character's level).
2) 22 ISP
3) With 53 ISP, you could move anything up to 470 lbs (213 kg) for no additional ISP cost.

Question: 1) Is the Bio-Manipulation (super psionic attack) considered mind control?
2) For Super Psionics, is there a limited number of times they can be used?
Answer: 1) No
2) Yes, the amount of I.S.P. the character has, and how many melee attacks they have.
#25: Author: Guest, Posted: 1 Aug 2007 15:43

Question: 1) I would like clarification on how the psi-stalker ppe draining ability works. In the original rifts book (I don't have the new edition yet =/) it states that psi stalkers need to capture their pray, cut them and drain all their ppe and half their isp in 5 this the only way they drain them?
2) Also, in the magic rules under casters doing the same thing, unwilling victims get a saving throw (roll 12 or over to resist)...does this saving throw apply to psi-stalkers as well? If someone could quote me the clarification rules if any that'd be appreciated, thank you.
Answer: 1) They can also kill their victims to get the same effect.
2) Nope. It only applies against spellcasters, and even then only against normal P.P.E. drain, not blood sacrifice.

Question: I'm looking in RUE, Conversions, and Dragons & Gods but I cannot find what class of psychic a hatchling Night Stalker dragon is considered: minor, major, or master psychic. I'm thinking it should be house ruled as minor... Any thoughts on this or has it been canonized some where I haven't looked?
Answer: Considered to be a major psychic, D&G, page 40.

Question: In the Psi-Tech description it lists the Psi-Tech getting +10% when piloting power armor giant robots or vehicles. Does anyone know if this bonus is already included with the three piloting skills that come with the Rcc or do I still add another 10%?
Answer: You add another 10%.

Question: 1) Is the Mage Mind 'an object', is it possible for him to lift and move themselves?
2) If so what is the movement rate, (while ISP last).
Answer: 1) Yes
2) Speed of 7
#26: Author: Tinker Dragoon, Location: Newberry, Florida, USA Posted: 8 Sep 2007 20:35

Question: I have a question to something I thought I knew the answer to, but now that I'm looking for it I'm finding nothing that says one way or the other on it. I'm not seeing it in the books nor the FAQ Archive. Not even in the 2nd edition of the RUE that's allegedly 90% more type-o free. That said, here's my question.

Can a Cyber Knight or Master Psychic use a Psi-Sword to parry a melee attack? And if not, can the strike from a Psi-Sword even be parried?

Answer: Yes and yes.

Question: While looking for the answer for my psi-sword inquiry, I came across another interesting question.

In the description of the Psi-Shield power it says that, "The shield can not be used to parry energy blasts or projectiles" (RUE 180). However, if we look at the Weapon Proficiency for Shields, it says that for those that take that skill, a shield can be "used to block bullets or energy blasts ... with a penalty of -8 to parry." (RUE 327) and a -3 for slower ranged weapons like arrows, thrown knives, and such.

So if one has the Psi-Sword power AND the WP:Shield skill, can it be used to parry ranged attacks? Basically, does the skill override the power's limitation?

Answer: No, the skill does not eliminate the inherent limitations of the power. However, RUE reprinted the old, obsolete version of Psi-Shield. According to HU2 and PF2, a Psi-Shield is -3 to parry energy blasts and projectiles.

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Question: I am sure this has been asked before, but me and my friends have been debating this for weeks: tk-super has a duration of 2 minutes per level; my question is, if you are already holding an object with tk, do you have to burn additional I.S.P. and reroll to strike if you want to grab another object within that duration?

Answer: Oh no, you can grab any number of objects during the duration, the only limit is no more than your current level per object. You do still have to reroll strike every time you want to hit something, however.

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Question: I was just creating a mutant animal character with a number of psionic powers and it occured to me, what is his base save vs. psionics? Is it 15 or 12?

Answer: It's 10, according to ATB2.

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Question: I got into a long discussion with a fellow gamer the other day about this. Is a psi-sword energy damage, or physical? Or both? He argued that since his character is immune to energy, that he wouldn't take damage from a psi-sword. Now, I've always kinda thought of it as both energy and physical, but if you're immune to one or the other, does that mean you take nothing? Or half?

Answer: It's essentially both. It's treated as a psionic weapon for the purposes of what it can damage, which presumably means full damage in this case.

Question: Can a robot vehicle or power armor be taken over by a psychic using Telemechanic Mental Operation? If so can he control all the systems at once? If you just take control of the weapon system are you connected to the radar and other targeting systems? All it says in the power is that they can control a hover car and it is at -30% if someone else is also trying to drive.

Answer: Yes, the psychic is effectively in the pilot's seat, mentally if not physically. As a rule of thumb, anything the pilot/driver/gunner can do (fire a weapon, tune a radio frequency, initiate self-destruct, etc.) the psychic should also be able to do, at the same cost in attacks/actions.

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Question: Okay, so I have Super Telekinesis. I know I can't parry projectiles. However, a person in melee CAN parry weapons including gun shots as they can parry the weapon away from their body. Kinda like knocking the gun aside just as the person fires. Since I have a 200' range can't I do this with TK?

Answer: That's actually not a parry, but it can be done with telekinesis.

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Question: Does a Psi-Sword receive the strike/parry bonuses from W.P. Sword as well as the bonuses from fencing? I would figure yes, since they are skills based on how to fight and strike with a sword, so as long as the psi-sword maintains the shape of a sword, you're still fighting with a sword even if it's made of psychic energy.

Answer: In the absence of evidence to the contrary, yes.

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Question: Does the psychic power of Telepathy transcend the language barrier? Put another way, if psychic character only knows how to speak American/English, and he tries to read the surface thoughts of (or beam a telepathic message to) a person who only speaks Spanish, can the thoughts of the Spanish speaker be read by the telepath (or the beamed telepathic message be understood by the Spanish speaker)?

Answer: There is at least some evidence that Telepathy is by language, not universal. For this particular evidence, I'll go to the Emirin. They're a PF race, but also included in Rifts Conversion Book One (Revised, and nigh positive the original, but too lazy to look there), page 149 (probably a different page in the original). Most importantly, they have no vocal cords and communicate exclusively through psionics, yet they understand and can learn numerous languages.

This could just mean that they understand it when the other races speak it, but that would also have to apply to the Cactus Men of Rifts New West, who can communicate, but won't understand ANYTHING anyone else says unless the other uses Telepathy, and that would get highly limited. However, the fact that the race is given languages but can't communicate except with Telepathy and Empathy suggests that telepathy is language-dependent.

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Question: If a Master Psionic Cyber-knight with Telemechanic Possession possessed a robot or power armor suit, would he still have benefit of his Zen Combat, i.e. would he get the use of his automatic dodge and Combat Awareness?

Or more simply, since Mentally Posses Other does the same thing, would a Cyber-Knight maintain all of his Zen Combat abilities?

Answer: Yes.

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Question: I know you can draw P.P.E. from Ley Lines and Nexus Points. What about I.S.P. I seem to recall reading about it somewhere but can't remember where. Can anyone point me to a reference? Also, do they benefit from special astrological events like lunar eclipses?

Answer: In the original edition of Beyond the Supernatural, psychic characters could draw I.S.P. from ley lines (technically, they converted the line's P.P.E. into I.S.P.), and this amount was affected by solstices, equinoxes, and eclipses, just like P.P.E.

In BTS2 and RUE, I.S.P. can also be drawn from ley lines, but no rules for celestial alignments are given.

In all cases, the drawn I.S.P. must be used immediately to fuel psionic powers; it cannot be stored or used to recharge the psychic's own I.S.P.

For specific numbers, see BTS1, pp. 131-134; BTS2, p. 169; and RUE, p. 366.

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Question: Can a psychic predetermine or alter the shape of a Psi-Shield?

Answer: Presumably, yes.

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