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Some resources for GM's I made for my game that might be helpful. Hope it helps.

1. This is for personal use only and the backdrop image is not my artwork it is modified from the original art to not reveal to the players initially that it is Vampire Kingdoms. Dimensional travel brought them to Rifts Earth. So some mystery as to where they are when they first get here.
2. The Roads are not 100% accurate. Some overlap of actual roads was used in the beginning but progressed to me drawing the rest.
3. Custom road and content has been added for flavor and creativity. (ie Smugglers run etc on the West Coast)
4. This is mainly to let my players feel like they are navigating mexico and taking roads. Overtime building up their own routes and marking out roads they feel are unsafe etc.
5. The custom Mile marker token should be resized to match the map Key size on the Map itself. Meaning resize the token in your preferred Fantasy Grounds/VTT software.
6. This is a finished piece, although advice/critiques are always welcome. I doubt I will be revisiting this project. Have to move on to the next prep project lol.
7. This map is used by my players with their vehicle token to track their progress of their trip, mileage (ie for gas/range purposes).

Below I have included links to the following of my work files:
1. PSD of player map. ( ... n.psd?dl=0)
2. PNG of Player map. ( ... n.png?dl=0)
3. PNG of Mile Marker token. ( ... y.png?dl=0)

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