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Unread postPosted: Tue May 16, 2017 8:07 pm

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I don't know if this is taboo or not. If it is, please forgive me.

Does anyone have a complete copy of the OLD post Random Farm Generation by Drakenred? I found part of it appended to another random list thread, but I can't find the whole post. The original thread link no longer works and the Nexus point website is down also. I have already attempted to contact him through a PM. If anyone can help a guy out I and my game would appreciate it. Thanks.

Here is what is left of the original thread. Random Farm Generatioin

Look upon me and tremble ye masses. For I am The Necroposter!
keir451 wrote:
Amazing Nate; Thanks for your support!

Razzinold wrote:
And the award for best witty retort to someone reporting a minor vehicular collision goes to:
The Oh So Amazing Nate!

Nate, you sir win the internet for today! You've definitely earned the "oh so amazing" part of your name today. :lol:

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