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Unread postPosted: Fri May 27, 2016 12:39 am

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So I recently came across this Rifter on the Nightbane forums and instantly fell in love with the vampires and their more classic feel. However reading through their abilities, specifically their vulnerabilities/invulnerabilities, I found something I need some clarification or opinions on.
As it says, "Near Invulnerability: All Vampires, from the powerful Vampire Lord down to the lowly Shade, will appear to be harmed by physical attacks. Swords will cut them, fists will bruise them, and being hit by a bus will break their bones. However, this does not actually harm the vampire, and such damage will not even slow them down. It doesn’t matter how much damage is inflicted with mundane weapons or human hands, the vampire will be completely unharmed, although some vampires may act injured to catch an enemy off guard. Generally, the only things that can harm a vampire are those things listed above in its weaknesses; there are always exceptions, but those are the only substances and methods commonly known to be effective."
Then in their Vulnerabilities it says that decapitation will stop a vampire same as staking them paralyzes them.

So, could you then decapitate a vampire with a normal sword if it does actually cut them?

Edit: Or I'm really dumb and could have actually read what it said... :frust:
"To decapitate a vampire, the player must first declare his intention to do so (it is a Called Shot), then he must in a single attack with a bladed weapon that is capable of damaging a vampire inflict damage equal to 25% of the vampire’s total healthy Hit Points."

So I will declare this now a general "discuss the Rifter 49 Vamps Pros and Cons"

Unread postPosted: Sat Jun 25, 2016 7:21 pm

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Comment: The Munchkin Fairy

There is more varaitey in vampires, not only in types, but in the powers each one has. Using Age Points to buy classic vampiric abilities a-la-carte not only expands it beyond the baseline palladium but makes older vampirs feel unique by permitting their own specalization Lines

Vampires in general tend to be a bit more potent to higher powered Rifts classes.

Vampires don't come from tenticle monsters


A lot more paperwork is involved in GMing them, as logically no two vampires in a den will have exactly the same abilities

Honestly that's the only Con i've found, but I may be a tad biased, I do love the Rifter 49 vamps :D

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