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 Post subject: Robot RCC
Unread postPosted: Wed Nov 19, 2014 7:56 pm

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Hello fellow travelers! :crane: I did some searches and came up with nada for discussion on the Robot RCC discribed in sourcebook 1. I hoped my subject title would help to have something available to the next traveler.

The first thing for conjecture is that the ME, MA, and PE stats are not available for robots. I can understand ME and PE since the Robotic and Neural intelligences are technically not alive and run off of a power source. Neural is just so life-like that it seems like it has ME, but it actually can has a 'pre-programmed response for everything.' MA is different, I feel. The robot would have to try to have affinity for social situations, for example convincing someone of something. A neural intelligence has the programming to trick people... so it makes sense that it should have an MA. I was thinking of doing a 1d6 roll for the 'retard stat' as we call it. I would imagine this robot is foreign in nature. The other option would be to forgo any interaction with npc's for the purposes of convincing.

The second item would be repairs. I was thinking that the body of the robot would be repairable by a robotic engineer and mdc by operator. No one can repair the neural network, but archie 3 on earth.

Thanks ahead time! Hopefully the discussion will be helpful for future endeavors! :crane:

 Post subject: Re: Robot RCC
Unread postPosted: Wed Nov 19, 2014 8:18 pm

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Dinne wrote:
I was thinking that the body of the robot would be repairable by a robotic engineer and mdc by operator.

Either one should require robot mechanics/electronics for anything other than a very light patch job.
Also, you'd need to have access to the right tools/shop/supplies/equipment.

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 Post subject: Re: Robot RCC
Unread postPosted: Wed Nov 19, 2014 8:38 pm

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Repair: Personnel are less of an issue than facilities and materials. Any psychic with telemechanics knows 90% of everything about a machine that isn't specifically immune to the power, including how to put it back together; if only for the duration of the power. And I would expect the majority of technicians that do the actual repair and assembly of robots are unclassed NPCs. Sourcebook One indicates that only technologically advanced population centers like CS fortress cities have the equipment necessary to do the work.

Mental Affinity: I don't necessarily disagree with you regarding emulation and a robot's ability to interact with humans. however, that can be simulated with an appropriate skill package rather than granting a robot any degree of actual empathy; which is what MA is intended to reflect. Also, only an exceptional MA (16+) grants any modifier. You could assume that your typical protocol droid has a fixed MA of 15 or 1. It wouldn't really matter unless you're using the optional low attribute modifiers.

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