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How I use them depends on the what is going on in that game, the power level, and the PC.
Some times players are CS some times not.

Typically the only time a non CS group of players meet a large group is when they are either working for the CS or going out of their way to cause problems for the CS.

The how the CS operates can very widely from determined to control an area, to writing off a patrol that gets attacked.

It is really scary world out there and many commanders would not want loose samas or reduce missiles supply to save a small group of grunts. Lack of mass media means that they can sweep losses of small units under the carpet easily. They do not have same mind set that our military operates and are often willing to win battles by throwing troops at the target until they win. Like was done in world war II.

On the other hand some CS commanders are really smart or an area has some high strategic important and if you mess with them or it they might throw massive can of whoop A your way.

Some CS patrols might be true heroes of Humanity doing there best to protect mankind and drive the demons away. Willing to work with non humans and even magic users at times if it is a good cause. Others are close minded Nazi like biggest that want to butcher any non-human invaders they find. Some may be champions of law and order while others are worse than bandits.

To me the cs can be what ever the complain needs them to be. But I would never call them my favorite punching bag, odds are that most non CS parties do not encounter them much in the wilderness outside CS territory. There is just to much of it, and with wilderness visibility can be limited. A smart group can slip threw CS territories without running into any major patrols. However when there is a need for them to make there presence known they can.

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I may debate canon and RAW, but the games I run are highly house ruled. So I am not debating for how I play but about how the system works as written.

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