MD energy rifles in SDC Beyond the Supernatural

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MD energy rifles in SDC Beyond the Supernatural

Unread post by darthauthor »

So if Rifts Earth characters like as CS Dog Boy or a Merc finds themselves in an SDC Earth do the MD lasers still do Mega Damage?

IF not why?

I believe magic and psionic should do SDC in a world without the Ley Lines of Rifts Earth. However, energy weapons don't depend on Ley Lines and are not any weaker on a world without them.

I guess the real question is how would it effect the play of the game?

When the E-clip was empty they are out.
Who ever they shot would be have a hole through them and the wall behind them.

I wonder too about a Headhunter with cybernetics. Still does robotic strength damage and is MD in the places the bionics replace?
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Re: MD energy rifles in SDC Beyond the Supernatural

Unread post by Grazzik »

When in doubt, convert 1:1 because... DB7 pg 10 says dimensional physics differ in each dimension so not everything needs to be explained. However, there are a few rules available.

For MD weapons...

DB7 pg 65 -

Either apply the Kevin S rule that MD damage becomes SD damage 1:1 ...


1) select the energy matrix for the two dimensions and compare to see if energy-based weapons work. The energy matrices are defined on DB7 pg 15. Rifts Earth is a negative matrix (DB7 pg 62) since power relies on negatively charged electrons. HU is an universal matrix so any tech can be used (DB7 pg 66). BTS was not defined in the book and could be negative, universal or even neutral, so up to the GM to choose. The energy matrix of the destination would also impact vehicles, major bionics, or robotics as to whether they work or not.
2) if the energy matrix is compatible, use the MD to SD conversion rules on CB1r pg 31. Note that CB1r does not specifically mention PS based damage, but that can be equated to a super ability and to for that use as listed in HU or the relevant SD game. Since there are no robots or bionics in BTS, use HU rules. Cybernetics surrounded by organic matter typically are unaffected (DB7 pg 10).

For MD armor...

Choose either

1) DB7 pg 68 - MDC becomes SDC x 2 or 3, depending on armor quality. Assign an AR.
2) CB1r pg 32 - 1:1 conversion. Assign AR. This provides a more detailed description of applicable AR.

Again, the electronics of any armor may be affected by the energy matrix.

For MD magic... use SD magic equivalents from BTS1

For MD psionics... use SD psionic equivalents from BTS2
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