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Due to moving home in recent years I have less space to live in
Need to get back some space, and have more money for rent

Selling off most of my physical books.
Here is a link to most of my non Palladium stuff, and to a few Palladium items
Due to EBay listing limits, I also have a bunch of stuff I have not listed.
My condition descriptions are a little pessimistic. but all books are fully readable and fit for purpose.

Core book [V-Good condition]
Invid Invasion: [Good Condition, some wear at corners, and ripples in laminate.]

Core book [Damaged cover and some wear]
Between the Shadows [Wear on the cover, minor peeling of laminate]
Through the Glass Darkly [rippling of laminate and dog ear of tip right corner. Pressed to correct, but mark remains]

Rifts Conversion Books:
Conversion Book 1 [Damaged front cover]
Pantheons of the Megaverse: [[worn and minor dog earring in corners, but otherwise good]

Rifts GM Books
GM Guide: [[Good condition, Minor Laminate rippling and cover damage] SOLD
Book of Magic [Good cond, minor Laminate rippling] SOLD

Rifts Merc Books
Mercenaries: [[Good condition: Some coverfolds and laminate curling]
Merc Town: [Excellent Condition]

Rifts Dimension Books.
Dimension Book 2: Phase World: [Significant cover damage, and some Dog ears]
Dimension Book 3: Phase World Sourcebook [Decent Condition, some wear and laminate rippling.]

Rifts Sourcebooks
Sourcebook 1: [V Good condition, cover repaired some time ago]
Sourcebook 3, Mindwerks: [Good condition, Rippled Laminate]

Rifts Worldbooks:
World Book 2 Atlantis: [Good Cond, some wear and dog earing at corners]
World Book 3 England: [Good Cond: Minor damage to top of spine and wear at corners]
World Book 4 Africa: [Original Cover Art, Good Cond: Minor wear at corner and laminate peel.]
World Book 5 Triax: [Decent Cond: Significant front cover folds and Laminate rippling]
World Book 7 Underseas: [Decent Cond: Some damage and wear at corners]
World Book 8 Japan: [Good Cond. Some folds on cover]
World Book 10 Juicer Uprising: (Not great Cond, significant cover damage]
World Book 16 Fed of Magic: [V Good cond]
World Book 17 Warlords of Russia: [Great Cond.]
World Book 18 Mystic Russia: [V Good cond, some cover folds, pressed out]
World Book 19 Australia:[Good Cond, minor corner wear and some laminate curls]
World Book 20 Canada: [V Good Cond, minor laminate Rippling]
World Book 21 Splynn Market: [Good Cond, Some corner wear and laminate rippling]
World Book 22 Xiticix Invasion: [V Good Cond, minor Laminate rippling]
World Book 30 D-Bees of N.A. [Great Cond]

Mutants in Orbit [Also a RIFTS book, Good cond, some wear and Laminate curling]
Mutants Down Under [V Good Cond]

Rifter 2: [Good Cond, Corner wear]
Rifter 3: [V Good Cond]
Rifter 4: [Good Cond minor cover folds and corner wear]
Rifter 5: [Good Cond corner wear]
Rifter 6: [Good Cond minor corner wear]
Rifter 8: [Good Cond minor wear on edges]
Rifter 9: [Good Cond minro laminate rippling]
Rifter 9 1/2: [V Good Cond]
Rifter 10: [Good Cond Minor spine damage and laminate Rippling]
Rifter 12: [Good Cond Corner wear and back cover damnage]
Rifter 14: [V Good Cond]
Rifter 16: [VGood Cond, v minor laminate damage]
Rifter 17: [Good Cond minor cover wear]
Rifter 18: [V Good Cond]
Rifter 19: [V Good Cond, Back cover laminate ripples]
Rifter 22: [Poor Cond: needs Rebinding]
Rifter 23: [Adequate Cond]
Rifter 26: [V Good Cond]
Rifter 32: [V Good Cond]
Rifter 39: [V Good Cond]

Systems Failure
Core book [Poor Cond: needs Rebinding]

All reasonable offers will be considered.
If people want to purchase multiple books I will use AUsttrali post satchels to save you on postage costs.
Please reply here to express interest,
I am happy to use Skype, or similar, to show the books before sales.

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