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I've received serveral cards in orders from Palladiuum. Since I don't play Robotech Tactics, I thought I'd offer them here. $1.00 to cover postage. PM me if you're interested.

Small Cards:
2x Regult Squad, yellow
1x Regult Squad, purple black
2x Serauhaug-Regult Squad, purple-black
2x Telnesta-Regult Squad, purple-black
2x Gluuhaug-Regult Squad, purple-black

Medium Cards:
1x Regult, purple-black
1x Serauhaug-Regult, purple-black
1x Telnesta-Regult, purple-black
1x Gluuhaug-Regult, purple-black

Large Cards:
1x Regult Attack Squadron, purple-black
1x Regult Attrition Squadron, purple-black
1x Regult Artillery Squadron, purple-black
1x Regult Recon Squadron, purple-black

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