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Unread postPosted: Mon Aug 24, 2015 7:35 pm

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I'm thinking about selling my four hardcover Palladium books. I've got Rifts UE Gold, Palladium Fantasy 2nd Edition Crimson, Rifts Silver and Beyond the Supernatural 2nd edition (red with gold image). The BtS is number 122 of 500 and signed. The Fantasy is 591 of 600 and also signed.

Bts has a few minor scuffs on the back cover. Fantasy and RUE do too and a few minor ones along the spine. Rifts Silver looks good.
The pages of all four books are in excellent shape with no markings or highlights, etc. One page in the Fantasy book has about a two inch crinkle near the top. They've basically been sitting on a shelf for years.

So, I'm open to cash offers. I'm not wanting top dollar, but I do know what these usually go for so please don't low-ball me. If you want all four, I will cut you a deal and if you have something decent to offer in trade, I may be open to that. I'm currently playing X-wing and just now getting into Star Trek Attack Wing. Just PM here and hopefully we can make a deal. Thanks.


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