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Unread postPosted: Sat Aug 06, 2022 1:57 am

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Right now I am seeing if there is interest in a game I am planing to run starting some time around the middle of October. (Will be able to give a more clear date when I get my schedule from my new job.)

It will be in a parallel rifts earth. (R-Earth 1257.4412)

All characters must have a CS military OCC.
No non D-Bees.
Characters will be limited to the fallowing books. -RUE, WB 11 Coalition war campaign, WB 30 D-bees of North America, and Conversion book 1.

Warning-While composed of D-Bees Emperor Tromm CS government is still a evil Nazi regieam.(that does not mean the PC are evil, just the government.)

Major back story change. The CS of R-Earth 1257.4412 was founded when a group of D-bees Led by Tromm's father Gromm successfully defeated of a group of magic using human supremacist from the Confederate States of Magic that tried to enslave them. The forces of Gromm hunted down and nearly destroyed the Confederate States of Magic in the magic zone near Chi town.(Yes CHI town is still going to be the heart of the CS.)-The time line for the development of the D-Bee CS will be simular to the normal CS but Lone-star was not part of this CS.

The PC will be part of the advance force, preparing to assault the last human strong hold in the NA Domain of Freedom(same as the domain of man in main rifts earth).

Looking at running the game virtually using roll20. (this will be my first time running or playing a game in a VTT, so will be learning as we go.)

The Clones are coming you shall all be replaced, but who is to say you have not been replaced already.

Master of Type-O and the obvios.

Soon my army oc clones and winged-monkies will rule the world but first, must .......

I may debate canon and RAW, but the games I run are highly house ruled. So I am not debating for how I play but about how the system works as written.

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