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Greeting fellow members,
I am searching for a player to join our campaign group. Currently, our group is on the third season of adventures in ATB. In season three they will be traveling to Northern China to restore the Raja Bahdari as the ruler of the area. I am looking for someone to play Raja Bahdari.

Background: As a young cub Raja witnessed the murder of his family as a warlord to control of the kingdom. Raja was stolen away by a group of monks who transported him to another country. The warlord's minions managed to follow the monk but were defeated by the PCs. The dying monk asked Jang Lee to take the child, hide him and raise him. Raja was raised in the forest temple of monks outside of the City of Winterpig the outermost city of the Free Animal States. Raja now 18yo (human years) has grown into a spirited monk and magician. He is anxious to see anything beyond the temple walls and yearns for adventure.

Raja will be escorted by Jang Lee (think Jedi and Padawan), and other PCs back to northern China. They will battle evil forces and come to face to face with his family's murder, the evil warlord Cobra Kahn. Campaign Setting is an After the Bomb version of Mystic China. Think epic Asian martial arts movie! I

The campaign will take place on Roll20, every other Sunday beginning October 17th, from 5-8 pm MST. If you are interested in joining please let me know and I will send you the link to Roll20.

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