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( Definitely a WIP. If I've missed any, especially fan-posted ones. please let me know)

Corporations of the Three Galaxies

*Angrar Robotics---(Extradimensional )
Demonically-owned company whose products corrupt their users.

*Bushido Industries---(Bushi Federation, Thundercloud Galaxy)
High-tech corporation known for its advanced technology and nanotech shape-changing designs.

*Camlan Industries---(Indie systems)
Communications corporation, creators of the Systran 60 system.

*Cosmic Vacations Inc.
‘One of the oldest travel agencies in the Three Galaxies’

*Draygon Industries
Aerospace and armaments firm, newly founded, and already predicted to be a worthy competitor for Naruni.

* Galactic Armory---(CCW)
Major aerospace and weapons manufacturer for the CCW.

* Galactic Ship Corporation---(CCW)
Major aerospace firm, often confused with General Galaxy.

*General Galaxy---(CCW)
Major aerospace firm, considered by many to be THE supplier to the CCW and indie worlds

*Hartigal Combine---Breakaway branch of Naruni Enterprises, Not quite as cutthroat and imperiled as a result.

*Hyrill Stellar Corporation
Terraforming corporation.

*Kreeghor Foundries---(TGE)
TGE government-owned military-industrial complex

*Magefire Weaponry Inc.---(Extradimensional )
TW weapons company

*Malkovitch Enterprises/Armaments Inc.
Armaments firm specializing in gravitonic applications

*Megaverse Armaments---(Extradimensional )(Infernal)
Company specializing in magical/necromantic weaponry. Actually a front for a Chaos Demon, Lord Kreelo, to spread pain and suffering.

*M’Kri Hardware(Defunct)
High-tech arms firm that was broken up after the death of its talented founder. Friends
of the late M’Kri claim both the man’s death and the company’s collapse was engineered by Naruni Enterprises.

*Naruni Enterprises---(Extradimensional )
Extradimensional arms company, known for its quality products and cutthroat business practices.

*Rascallion Stellar Technologies. ---(CCW)
“The largest producers of satellites, probes, and communications equipment in the Consortium.

*Safari Inc.
Small big game hunting expedition/excursion booking agency, with exclusive rghts to the Hunter System in the Corskcrew Galaxy

TW weapons company

*Stargazer Corp.
Large aerospace manufacturer, specializing in yachts and light craft, but also produces transports.

*Sunhammer Consolidated Freightways, LTD.
Shipping company

*Tholos LLC
Industrial development corporation that was almost made extinct when the natives it was seeking to displace in favor of factories turned on the corporation and used economic tools to strip Tholos bare.

*Univerge Compact---
Not-for-profit high tech development organization. Holders of the IDAR (Interstellar Directional Attunement Relay) communications system.

*Ungersoll Motors(Defunct)(Ungersoll, Anvil Galaxy)
Former heavy equipment manufacturer that went into bionics and failed, crushing the planetary economy.

*Wolfpack Weapons
Wulfen-owned legacy firm prominent in supplying the CCW/CAF with armaments

*Tyrell Industries(Rifter #12)
High tech firm, weapons and vehicles

(Fan Forums)
*Abacal Pharmaceuticals(CCW)(Defunct)
Holding company affiliate of MORO. Served as a front for MORO’s secret bioweapons research. Abacal was dissolved by the TVIA following investigations into MORO’s criminal activities.

*Acalian Alternate Economic Development Group(Anvil Galaxy)
Planetary develpment company, though AAEDG is suspected of being a front for anti-Acalian Genanarchy dissidents, using the guise of developing mining and colonization sites to set up guerilla bases and garner resources to overthrow the government back home.

Shipwrights, succssfully specializing in small craft. Have recently attempted to enter the starfighter market.

*Aegis Stellar Industries(USA)
Three Galaxies’ branch of Rifts Earth-based Paladin Steel. Core supporter and supplier of the United Systems Alliance

*Agoa Atmospheric Fuels(USA)
Eugenia-based energy corporation involved in gas giant atmospheric scoop-mining.

*Alliance Motors(Central Alliance)
Vehicle manufacturer based on Syn Cozen. Though largely engaged in ‘badge engineering’ of older designs that have fallen out of favor with the more sophisticated tastes of markets in the CCW and Golgan Republik, Alliance Motors has done very well in local sales and is starting to export new vehicles and hard-to-find spare parts to aficionados of older designs outside the Central Alliance.

Bushi Fderation-based high-tech firm

* Andisivon Interstellar Messenger(CCW)
Courier service, with a fleet of fast courier and delivery vessels.

*Anlis Minerals(HA)
One of several mineral companies fighting over prime sites on Mulray. Though dating back to the Autmaton Wars, Anlis is stll considered a big deal in the Human Alliance and CCW.

*Annihil Dynamics/AnniDyn LTD(CCW)
Energy company specializing in antimatter powerplants for spacecraft. A contemporary of Forakker Aerospace and provider of some that company’s first M/AM propulsion system powerplants. Despite some early economic problems, Annihil survived to go on to become, if not one of the giants in AM production, at least one of the top one hundred, eventually becoming the better-known AnniDyn LTD.

*ArganaNovan Simulocity Corp., (Paradise Foundation)
A Naruni Enterprises-affiliated company out of the Paradise Foundation, ANSC specializes in virtual entertainment systems.

*ArKay Robotics
Robotics firm with a checkered history; creators of the IRFAS Integrated Robot Force Army System. Banned from Human Alliance space and most CCW territories because of early problems with their networked systems. Signed a contract with Hartigal Combine Combine for their designs.

*Azeka Crystaklik Combine
Mineral traders, specializing in high-value mineral crystals(such as cold-fusion diamonds) and gemstones.

*Bakalapona Foldyards(Bakalapona)
The psuedo-national spacecraft construction organization of the independent world of Bakalapona. They are infamous for eccentric designs and technologies; the ‘fold’ in their name may refer to their origami spacecraft designs.

*Bedorn Biocentric
Pharmaceutical agricorp. They ran into trouble on Tennison.

*Bioware Omni
A subsidiary of Network Omni News, and specializing in biomedical implants and augmentations. Benefits enormously(some say unfairly) from the free advertising it gets through NON.

*B’Show Combine Shipyards
T’Zee-owned shipwrights, known for extensive use of nano-formed materials and new automated nano-frame construction.

*Byrnal Foundaries(CCW)
Sakko-Gaheen-based metal refining and heavy machinery manufacturer who recently expanded into military arms and warship construction. Generally considered to be behind the times technlogically, but producing relatively inexpensive and durable equipment.

*Cassidy Arms(USA)
Darad-based weapons manufacturer, mainly of projectile weaponry. Roughly equivalent to Wellington Industries, but with a larger artillery division.It has begun to market its products through the USA trade network.

*Cel-Pyrak Industries(Celsian Primarchy)
Cel-Pyrak Industries is a Celsian Primarchy aerospace firm established to research and adapt Galactic technologies and wed them to indigenous Celsian designs. Most of Cel-Pyrak’s work is defense-oriented, with locked-in government contracts, but they also produce some civilian designs, mainly transports.

*Cheapstar Interspace Moving(CCW)
Cheapstar provides low-cost interstellar moving and shipping. Rates are low, but so’s the quality of service; you get wat you pay for with Cheapstar. In this case, overworked minimum-wage crews manning tramp freighters, on erratic schedules. ‘Timely’ arrivals are more incidental than planned. However, occasionally one gets an ace crew doing more than the absolute minimum to earn their pay, and Cheapstar gets enough done right that they’re fairly widespread, do business in sectors other transport companies won’t touch, and even some low-end colonization efforts hire them to provide transportation.

Controversial genetech company offering preprogrammed adult clones and personal ‘back up’ services. Often the subject of lawsuits claiming the company sells ‘false immortality’, or interferes with proper inheritance law.

*Consolidated Galaxy Drives(CCW)
Aerospace firm known for its transports.

Once one of the biggest metal-producing conglomerates in the Human Alliance. Cosmasteel attempted to jump to the CCW where for a time it was one of the flagship megacorps representing the Human Alliance. In recent centuries, however, it’s been losing its edge and marketshare to companes like Neutronics Collapsed Matter Paving and Construction, though Cosmasteel still has a substantial grip on military structure and armor cotracts, through various sub-divisions.

*Cosmic Composites Ltd.(HA)
Human Alliance-based aerospace firm specializing in exotic materials and construction techniques in producing small craft.

* CosmoRelay Communications Ltd
Communications group, responsible for setting up a chain of hyper-radio relay stations across the Three Galaxies.

*Crown Aerospace(HA)(Defunct)
Human Alliance-based aerospace corporation that tried unsuccessfully to land major contracts with the HAFN, including the Proctor design requirement. After that failure, Crown threw its efforts into outfitting the Corianus colonization expedition to the Thundercloud Galaxy, folding itself into the Corianus Development Company as the expedition was launched. Its designs and assets would be used by the Corianus-Typhen-Rosette League as the basis of many of its military and small craft.

*Darad Defense Industries(USA)
Darad-based military vehicle manufacturer. Their ‘security vehicles’, originally meant to arm the planetary militia, are starting to be marketed through the United Systems Alliance’s trade network to other Rim worlds.

*Dayamar YachtShapers(UWW)
Aerospace firm specializing in kuxury private craft.

*Dehavillan-Aesches (Paradise Foundation)
Vehicle corporation based out of the Paradise Foundation. Dehavillan-Aesches is actually fairly honest and above-board, and aims at the middle management transportation market with designs that look sleek and expensive, but are affordable. They’ve been modestly successful in this objective, but have yet to produce any real break-out design.

*DeKac Corp.(Delian Consortium)
Planetary development concern, one of two Delian corporations fighting over Perotti VII, using hired mercenaries. DeKac hired the winning Leveraged Negotiations Inc., but attempted to recoup their costs by asset-stripping the Perotiins and stiffing LNI. Instead, the Perotiins hired LNI to protect them and DKC lost both the planet and the mercenaries.

*Denger Aeronauta(CCW)
LedowConsortium-based aerospace firm that dabbled briefly, out of necessity, in military design. They sold off their military division to WZT.

* Devian Astron(CCW)
Aerospace company focused mainly on defensive systems. Its spacecraft lines have been mainly light escort and in-system security craft.

*Dorian Photonic
Laser and optics manufacturer. A known associate of Hartigal Combine. Seriously affected by an orbital weapons platform accident.

*Dowtrer Minerals(Defunct)
Attempt by ex-Feysted Stellenomic Development Corporation colony to market their own resources. Failed, owing to their location in an undeveloped sector.

*Dreshlen Arms(Anvil Galaxy)(Defunct)
Armaments company and vehicle manufacturer. Though it had a good start in its homeworld markets, a territorial dispute with Naruni Enterprises sealed Dreshlen’s fate. Rather than be picked clean by their creditors and NE agents, Dreshlen chose to be assimilated by WZT/ASI

*Dwaig Cybosis
Medical research firm, badly affected by an orbital weapons platform accident.

*Eduexco Corporation(CCW)
Major toy manufacturer in the Corkscrew Galaxy, based on
New Heglioland, Abar Sector, Consortium of Civilized Worlds, and well-known for its line of multi-species educational figures(depicting various species).

*Ekron Financial Group
Investment corporation, currently facing charges of fraud.

*Enviroflex Engineering(Defunct)
Anvil-based spacesuit manufacturer. Fell behind the times and went backrupt, its facilities and assets being acquired by PS/ASI.

*Ethos-Zanc Corporation(Zyganian Empire)
Aerospace firm, producing mainly light- and medium-weight transport starships for government and commercial service.

*Feysted Stellenomic Development Corporation
Colonial development and sponsorship corporation. Sponsor of the failed Danager colony which was to be their new sector-expanding travel and industrial hub. Has been fighting a bitter losing battle with rival colonial developer Pilgrim Colonial Development Corp. which has been using their own artificial wormhole technology to economically isolate FeyStellDevCorps’ outposts. FSDC is a shadow of what it once was, and most business analysts don’t believe the once-powerful corporation can last much longer, which embitters the remaining employees even more.

*Fffssbbyth Pharmecopia
Splugorth-owned drug and potion manufacturer, arguably the largest in the Three Galaxies because they make no distinction between medicinal and recreational drugs, ignore most legal restrictions on patent medicines and drug distribution, and cater to the desperate. Since they test drugs on sophonts, rather than computer simulations or animal proxies, their quality is arguably better than many of the ‘permitted’ medical companies’.

*Flan’Loure Productions
Cut-rate ship manufacturer based out of Wulfen space, and can arguably be called the ‘Chipwell of the Three Galaxies’. FLP originally started out as a grav-car manufacturer of some distinction, before making the decision to expand into spacecraft manufacturing as their primary business.

*Forraker Aerospace(Defunct)
Old Human Alliance aerospace company, best known for its Age of Expansion multipurpose transports. Failed to keep up with the times, despite a reputation for reliability and some valiant last efforts. Most of FA’s IP has been acqured by WZT and is seeing a revival of sorts under the Aegis Stellar Industries badge.

*Fremor Milindustrial(GR)
Consolidated heavy industries of the former Golgan satrapy factoryworld of Fremor, during the brief time the planet was free and independent. The Kultural Revolution, however, returned to blockade the planet and ‘re-negotiate’ military equipment supply contracts, re-annexing the plaet in all but name. Currently Fremor Milindustrial manufactures military vehicles and equipment for the Golgan Republikan Guard again, but it’s well-known that the Fremorians are essentially working with guns to their heads.

* FructdiCelestiDelisi(GR)
Golgan agricultural corporation with considerable political pull in the Council Politik. FCD has corporate outposts spread across several worlds of the Republik’s satrapy zones. FructdiCelestiDelisi’s business model has been criticized, however, for exploiting native cultures and supporting some ethically-questionable regimes, leading to the company’s ubiquitous ‘Fruit of the Stars’ logo sometimes being called ‘Fruit of Evil’. Though not part of Gaus Binjo’s Assemblage, neither are the directors of FCD opponents of it, as long as the Kultural Revolution doesn’t interfere with business.

*Galactic Phenomenon Travels Company
Travel agency specializing in extreme stellar tourism

*Galactic Systems Ventures (CCW)
Aerospace company, mainly invested in producing small utility spacecraft for government service, such as the Nobska-class Light Rescue/Patrol Cutter.

*Gear-Emmeron Industries(UWW)
Major shipbuilder for the Rhilith Gear and UWW, Builders of the Zexas-series blast/battleships. GrEmmIn would like to explore magical technologies, but some of the mage-leadership of the UWW would like the Gear-based company to remain wholly ‘hardtech’ to give the UWW something to fall back on in those situations where magic fails.

*Gemmerson Xtra-Realty(USA)
Mazah-based planetary development company. They’ve been criticized of slacking on their responsibilities in joint development deals. They contend they’re minimizing losses.

*General Gravitics
Maker of contra-gravity equipment.

* GenGenDara Associates (CCW)
Legal and investment services. They offer seminars on galactic investing.

*Ghendi Aerospace (CCW)
Aerospace company focusing mainly on FTL couriers, shuttles, and racing yachts.

*Gheni TeleComm Industries(Defunct)
Telecommunications and media firm that attempted to gain name recognition through a widespread multi-media campaign, but problems with its promised ‘universal access’ data-net system led to the company’s demise.

*Go-GaniTech (CCW)
Aerospace firm, known for its ‘aerostat’ designs and gas giant floater stations.

*Gonotrist Indusservo(USA)
Splinter of the Golgan ex-conglomerate Tangainacorp that fled Taganese/Dolgan space to settle on the Rebliss homeworld in the United Systems Alliance. Builds large ‘walker platform’-style robot vehicles for industrial and security applications.

*Graybyrne Corp(HA/CCW)
Human Alliance-based manufacturing conglomerate, with subdibsions in mining and energy production. Graybyrne recently pulled its executive headquarters completely out of the Human Alliance and moved to the CCW, citing a ‘reprioritization of market service faciliation’ as their reasons.

*Great Ridge Metallurgic Combine
One of several mineral companies fighting over prime sites on Mulray. According to corporate intelligence reports, they are being manipulated by Nort Consolidated and used as proxies in a shooting war with Sout Polar Minerals.

*Greftsherr Metals(CCW/Human Alliiance)
Human Alliance Alpha-Berlin-based metals corporation. Tried to enter the galactic arms market with a military division, Greftsherr Armaments.

*Grevedos Faceton
A CCW-based mining company. They do some business with the USA, license-mining on the Rim.

*Gylan Genetics( GylanGen)
Genetic medicine corporation also known to do sophont engineering, especially in the colonial sector, on the side. However, the compamy has been accused of shoddy practices, owing to at least one colonial commission leading to inherent susceptibility to sociopathic behavior. GylanGen lost some of its colonial assets due to the colonists seizing them, and barely escaped CCW prosecution by relocating its corporate headquarters outside CCW space(and CCW law). A much-reduced GylanGen continues to work with (desperate)terraformers and colonial efforts while trying to dodge their tainted reputation.

Hadazah-based heavy industries. They as of yet have little presence outside their own solar system.

*Hallman Stellar Harvestors(USA)
Eugenia-based planetary mining corporation. They work alongside PS/ASI on Tesgold/Tesgetti VII, amd have other outposts throughout USA territory.

*Harbin Dynamics(Defunct)
Aerospace firm that competed for the original Proctor heavy fighter design contracts with their own design. Harbin lost the bid and a bundle in military contracts and, after struggling on for many years, sold off their military division to nascent WZT, then returned to civilian design. Harbin Dynamics went into bankruptcy some decades ago, though their name continues in a number of repair shops/yards.

Leading manufacturer of industrial lifting equipment, including large scale elevators, grav-hoists, and mobile gantries.

*Herkenhoffer Corporation
Low-tech corporation producing various space hardware, including space suits. Despite, or because of, its low-tech, its products actually sell pretty well for their low cost, durability and reliability.

*Iggarshon Interstellar Survey
Private astrosurvey group charting new systems and selling the information.

*Infernal Tours (Defunct)
Claimed to be an extradimensional tourism company offering guided access to such forbidding and otherwise forbidden destinations as Hel, Hades, and Tartarus. When the Minion War swept over the Three Galaxies, Infernal Tours’ facilities were immediately raided by the forces opposing the Infernals. It was subsequently discovered that Infernal Tours was really a d-bee operation operating from several ‘lesser’ monster-realms populated by much-less powerful or evil beings(less Evil and more Selfish). Considered to be defunct after interest in the Infernal Realms nosedived after the Minion War incursion, although it’s rumored the company continues to pull in suckers in more isolated parts of the Three Galaxies.

*Irisuni Arms(Defunct)
Military weapons and spacecraft manufacturer of some promise, before it fell afoul of Naruni Enterprises.

*Jawderrack Foods
Brodkil-operated foodstuffs company. Despite the Brodkil reputation, they sell to anybody at cheap prices, but they are also dogged by complaints of the safety and contents of their ‘frontier rations’, such as exploding packaging and processed sentient beings.

* Jerome Aeroastronautics(Defunct)
Aerospace firm and defense contractor to the Human Alliance world of Solstice. Tried to break into the greater galactic arms market with an alternative to the still-new Proctor, but failed to do so. After lingering on for another century, JAa merged with another local corporation, but not before selling several of its old designs to WZTechyards.

*Jinesan Aerospace(Defunct)
Small aerospace firm that assembled a topnotch young design team and was poised to launch a series of high performance light fighters onto the market, but mismanagement led to the company being disbanded in bankruptcy. Their design team and IPOs, however, wound up being scooped up by WZT.

*Kasori Osostella Dynamics(GR)
Golgan civilian aerospace firm with a reputation for solid designs and for licensing them to various subcontracting companies.

*Kayfor Manufactories(CCW)
Small aerospace firm with some success in selling general purpose light transports to the CAF.

Microprocessor producer and known affiliate/supplier of Naruni Enterprises, Has been accused of knocking off other companies’ chip designs.

A leading manufacturer of public and personal hygiene products. They are responsible forNanosoap, Maidbots, Garbage-be-Gone Home Nanorecycling Mini-Facs, the ScrubbaBubba Sponge Robot, and the PHMR Kit(Personal Hygiene Micro-Robots---modified versions of the RMK robots, that patrol your body doing the equivalent of a sponge-bath, shave, and nail-cutting), and the SpeediBath booth.

*Klittan Yards (CCW)
Human Alliance-based shipwrights. Best known for general purpose transports, but has a past history in warship design with modest success.

A small spacecraft design house and manufacturer with a reputation for creating effective and elegant starships with both civilian and military applications.

Bushi Fderation-based high-tech firm

* Lethosym(CCW)
Human Alliance agricorp with large-scale colonial agroworld developments. Its future profits have become uncertain of late, however, due to its HQ homeworld government’s efforts to open the corporation’s developed worlds to unrestricted colonization. Its one-time model breadbasket colony, Phiso, in particular, has become a bone of contention, owing to it effectively becoming a welfare state colony under its government-appointed colonial administration, while the corporation is expected to run the planet’s overburdened infrastructure.

"Trouble rather the Tiger in his Lair,
Than the Sage among his Books,
For all the Empires and Kingdoms,
The Armies and Works that you hold Dear,
Are to him but the Playthings of the Moment,
To be turned over with the Flick of a Finger,
And the Turning of a Page"

--------Rudyard Kipling

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Comment: "I will not be silenced. I will not submit. I will find the truth and shout it to the world. "
Excellent list. I saw two canon corps that I missed so this is pretty helpful.

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Warshield73 wrote:
Excellent list. I saw two canon corps that I missed so this is pretty helpful.

Thanks..>I deliberately left out one-shot gag companies or single-location mom-and-pop stores like several on Phaseworld that had no extent offworld extensions.
This is by no means a complete MEGAVERSAL business directory.

"Trouble rather the Tiger in his Lair,
Than the Sage among his Books,
For all the Empires and Kingdoms,
The Armies and Works that you hold Dear,
Are to him but the Playthings of the Moment,
To be turned over with the Flick of a Finger,
And the Turning of a Page"

--------Rudyard Kipling

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Comment: "I will not be silenced. I will not submit. I will find the truth and shout it to the world. "
taalismn wrote:
Warshield73 wrote:
Excellent list. I saw two canon corps that I missed so this is pretty helpful.

Thanks..>I deliberately left out one-shot gag companies or single-location mom-and-pop stores like several on Phaseworld that had no extent offworld extensions.

Individual stores are only important if they manufacture something unique. Especially if you add additional gear and ships to PW, which you have to, it is good to know the manufacturers to sort of blend it into the existing structure.

taalismn wrote:
This is by no means a complete MEGAVERSAL business directory.

A complete list is always tough and usually unnecessary. There are very few companies that cross between games and the ones that do (KLS and Cyberworks are the only ones I can think of) tend to be radically different between the games.

Northern Gun Chief of Robotics
Designer of NG-X40 Storm Hammer Power Armor & NG-HC1000 Dragonfly Hover Chopper
Big game hunter, explorer extra ordinaire and expert on the Aegis Buffalo
Ultimate Insider for WB 32: Lemuria, WB 33: Northern Gun 1, WB 34: Northern Gun 2
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Okay, here3's the second half of the fan corporation list:
*Locke-Snye Industries
Vehicle manufacturer known for eccentric, even inspired, designs, but mediocre, shading to disappointing, sales figures. Entered into a partnershipwith Paladin Steel/Aegis Stellar Industries out of desperation, and subsequently saw a substantial turnaround in sales, especially with the GAAAB ‘Go Anywhere’ contra-gravity bus. Increasingly considered to be a sub-division of PS/ASI.

*Mad Scientist Scientific Supply
Scientific materials and laboratory equipment supplier catering to the less reputable or rational scientific researcher. Constantly on the move due to multiple arrest warrants on many of its staff.

*Malon Industries(CCW)
Aerospace firm specializing in small craft and light transports.

*Maxivus Movers(CCW)
Large commercial starfreighting company in the CCW worlds of the Anvil Galaxy, able to commission its own escort warships.

*Medcrythh Corporation(Kingdom of Medcrythh)
Splugorth-owned biomedical concern selling biowizardry.

*Melgard Corporation(CCW)(Defunct)
Colonial development megacorp responsible for developing dozens of colony worlds. Once a well-respected and well-connected organization with a good track record for opening up new territories, it began going bad for them when they began trying to cultivate a wealthier and more select clientele. When they tried to develop their own version of the Paradise Federation-in-miniature, however, they were already suffering money-flow problems, and allegations of abuse of colonists, including those they were stocking the Ackores II moon system with as indentured servants, led to the megacorp being brought up on malfeasance charges by the CCW’s TVIA. Some of Melgard’s executive board fled toTetrak, outside the CCW’s declared space, to escape arrest and set themselves up as feudal lords, while their megacorporation was dissolved by the Galactic Courts.

Munro-owned starship/vehicle ordnance-manufacturing firm

*Mersman Horticorp
Commercial rivals to Tucsor Botanical.

*MORO Corporation(CCW)(Defunct)
Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals corporation with extensive holdings across several sectors. MORO Corp. was ultimately found to have an extensive and secret bioweaponry division and had, in fact, hijacked several Saharratech bioroid templates and technologies. The corporation was ultimately seized by the TVIA, its senior officials arrested(tose, it was rumored, who had not already been killed by vigilantes), and the uncirrupted divisions and branches broken off to become their own companies. It has been rumored that several of the coporation’s ‘black offices’ defected to the TGE or Naruni.

*Naruni Tri-galactic Network(NTN)
Short-lived attempt by Naruni Enterprises to undercut Network Omni News, briefly even claimed to be a holding company of NON. After Cybbysscrythh reportedly laughed uproariously for a couple of minutes, he had NON run NTN out of business. Though considered effectively defunct as a news network by most cultures in the Three Galaxies, NTN survives as a mouthpiece media organization for NE, who’d rather continue supporting the anemic sub-division than admit defeat by the Splugorth.

*NeBrx Genetics,(Defunct)
Genetics testing firm, wiped out by an orbital weapons platform accident.

*Neo-Chrysler(CCW/Human Alliiance)
An old Human Alliiance company with a history going back into antiquity, Neo-Chrysler keeps soldiering on through cycles of boom, bust and reorganization. They’re generally known on the market for producing reliable, if uninspired, mass market vehicles.

*NeoExon(CCW/Human Alliiance)
An old Human Alliiance gas mining corporation. Has a fairly good reputation with the general populace, but has been accused of gouging the Belter workforce on wages and refusing collective bargaining with Belter organizations, claiming the Belter community is rife with organized crime(at least as much as the planets).

*Network Omni News
Splugorth-owned multi-media network, best known for its aggressive news reporting.

*Neutronics Collapsed Matter Paving and Construction(Thundercloud Galaxy)(CCW)
Materials and construction company spcializing in exotic matter.

*NueroPlex Enterprises(CCW)
Software and wetware developers. Founded by Natural Genius ploymath Billee-Rai Apertson who became one of the youngest trillionaires in the CCW. NPE almost came to monopolize software and cyberware wet-program apps in the Human Alliance and a big chunk of the Consortium worlds, but for Apertson getting caught red-handed by Network Omni News in a sex-slave scandal, causing the company’s stock to crash. The Infernal attack on Terra Prime pretty much killed most of their high-level lobbyists, though the company continues to struggle along, having recently jumped its corporate headquarters to the Paradise Foundation.

*Norse Security Services
Paramilitary security, legal, and consulting firm that also does some custom manufacturing of security tools. Considered by many to be an offshoot of Saharratech, as it is the defacto family business of the genetically engineered Elan bioroids originally generated by the biotech giant.

*Nort Consolidated
One of several mineral companies fighting over prime sites on Mulray. They’re reportedly manipulating and bleeding dry Great Ridge Metallurgical’s forces as proxy troops in their conflict with Sout Polar Minerals.

*Nosan Corps
Shipbuilders known for producing heavily-automated ‘idiot-proof’ space yachts. Also suspected of having ties to organized crime, and arming low-tier pirate groups.

*Nuppet Co.(Corkscrew Galaxy)
Genpet-biotech firm specializing in genetically-engineered pets, such as the Fuzzylight Wallcrawlers, Carpet-Grubs, and Jangle-Jun Gourd-Dogs. They recently took a financial and reputation hit after their attempt to cross pirnaha-trolls to create cute fanged rodentoid pocket-pets resulted in vicious saber-toothed hornet-hamsters.

*Orgo MicroSys,
Electronics firm, badly affected by an orbital weapons platform accident.

*Paradox Motors
Aerospace firm based in freespace(Tandoser Station, Gemis System, Erewhon Sector, Corkscrew Galaxy). Best known for not having produced any actual ships, but consulting with other companies on extreme high-concept propulsion and design, though many critical of the company believe its only contribution is trolling the aerospace industry.

*Pascal-Rand Corporation(CCW)(Defunct)
Aerospace firm based in the Human Alliance. The company lasted thirty years and produced the rugged Frontiersman scoutship that should have earned them billions in annual sales, but for rapidly-changing state of the art and poor money management on PRC’s part. Its assets would be absorbed by WZT.

*Phizemann Fleet Force Engineering(CCW)
Catyr-owned shipwrights

Small aerospace firm that acquired Gorang technology and is offering it for sale. Considered competition with PS/ASI which also has reverse-engineered Gorang technology(though it’s also rumored that Phoenix Wings actually acquired pirated PS/ASI reearch data).

*Pilgrim Colonial Development Corporation
Shipwrights and colonial expedition sponsors/suppliers. They’re wealthy enough to construct and operate several Gateships. Their Gate-making has been regarded as a boon to galactic travel and development, and a bane to many planets reliant on pre-existing trade routes bypassed by the Gates.

Mining conglomerate. Formerly owned and developed the colony world of Mestos until the deposits of Kihvite played out. Abandoned the planet and colony.

Golgan agricultural corporation. PromoBotan promises the best and freshest foodstuffs from across the Republik, delivered to Golgans’ tables.

Aerospace firm producing small craft CG drives, Often associated with Flan’Loure Productions as their primary engine subcontractor.

*Pulwar Aerospaki(GR)
Golgan aerospace firm with a history of several centuries. Has recently run into trouble for selling across the line to ex-Golgan territories.

*Pynchald Group(CCW)
Consortium of trans-stellar communications and information technologies corporations based in the CCW. A rival of Network Omni News.

* Qualon Group(CCW/Paradise Foundation)
Paradise Foundation-based megacorp that backs colony-development efforts in the Thundercloud. Were developing the resort world of New Vita, but abandoned it (and the colonists)when they activated a cache of ancient warmachines. The Qualon Group is currently attempting to sue PS/ASI/GNE to ‘take back’ New Vita, which they assert was unlawfully taken from them in an illegal act of colony seizure. The Qualon Group is also bitter rivals with Pilgrim Colonial Development Corp.

*Regmo Industries(Zyganian Empire)
Zygania’s premiere armaments producer, filling mainly government contracts.

*Replikat Novomechnik(GR)
Industrial conglomerate in the Golgan Republik and holder of many government supply contracts, especially military hardware. Its director, Niron Gedsec, is an Assemblage member, backer of Gaus Binjo’s Kultural Revolution, and is a strong advocate of native Golgan industry(she’d very much like to see Naruni Enterprises kicked out of Golgan space), even though her company blatantly copies other species’ designs and robs proprietary technologies from satrapy worlds.

Old Human Alliance-based mining conglomerate very acive on the frontier. RiMinEx buys up prospecting data then goes work extracting minerals. Many colony worlds on the Rim owe their existences and eonomies to RiMinEx operations. The downside is that RiMinEx has been accused on many occasions of ‘blast, dig, shovel and run’ on many worlds...pulling out once the big deposits have run out, and leaving the colonies to fend for themselves with no transition plan, once the ore runs out, and lots of abandoned mining sites to clean up.

*Ross Aerospace(CCW)
Aerospace firm, based in the Pacalva Sector. Deals in simple affordable designs meant to fill out the needs of developing worlds with limited resources and tight budgets.

*Recycle Galaxy Limited
Waste disposal firm. They advertise as a ‘non-virgin materials’ sourcing firm.

Biotech firm and rival to Clones-R-Us. Ran into trouble over identity theft accusations.

Massive, possibly extradimensional, biotech firm. Mainly involved in terraforming, but also producing genetically-engineered animal, and even sophont-level, species(it’s rumored that several members of their executive board were produced by their labs). Creators of the bioroid Elan species.

Colonial investment and mining development group. Its real purpose is to provide Pinarii expatriates with refuge and sources of employment, as well as financing various anti-Golgan groups.

Arnoth-owned aerospace company based on abandoned Golgan refit and salvage yards. Known for repairing and restoring old Golgan hardware and kludging up new ships from old hulls.

Bushi Federation-headquartered aerospace zaibatsu specializing in small starships and compact FTL drive systems. They sell mainly to the domestic Bushi market, but have sold a few low-end designs outside the Amatersatusan sphere.

*SissNac Spacial Engineering(CCW)(Defunct)
Aerospace company based on Cylonica, Droas Sector, Thundercloud Galaxy. Ran into trouble after defects in their revolutionary skip-drive technology became known. It is suspected that they used poorly reverse-engineered Ancient technologies in their new propulsion systems. Despite optimistic predictions by their CEO following the ‘shrink-drive’ scandal, the company has since folded amidst ‘downsizing’ jokes. It’s rumored that a few skip-drives missed the recall and are still floating around the used spacecraft marketplace.

*Slegmon SuperMedia
Controversial publishing/media company best known for its publication of various legal loophole guides, info-dumps of various secret organizations, and annual reports on less-than-scrupulous dealings. The company’s headquartering on Blesleth Commondale, Schmona Sector, Thunderhead Galaxy, just outside the borders of the larger states/powerblocs, but within easy security range of several, has saved the media corp. from being bombed or seized by those same powerblocs. Considered competition with Network Omni News for ‘tell all’ reporting.

*Society of Sacrifices
Human resources supplier...or slave dealers. Banned from operating in most star nations.

*Solenn-Yagetti Armaments(Zygania)
Weapons manufacturer, mainly producing artillery and starship point defense systems.

*Somulexx Group(CCW)
Somulexx is the name of a corporate group that covers life support, particularly stasis and hibernation, technologies and services. Regarded generally as THE experts in bio-stasis technology and long-term care and maintenance of such systems.

*Sout Polar Minerals
One of several mineral companies fighting over prime sites on Mulray. Bitter rivals with Nort Consolidated.

*StarForge Shipyards(CA)(Amaranthus)
Central Alliance aerospace megacorp that emerged extradimensionally to become General Noldek’s warship and fighter supplier. Effectively nationalized as the naval supplier to the Central Alliance. There is some question, though, as to Star Forge’s claimed extradimensional credentials; some believe the corporation has more local Chromite origins and connections.

Aerospace firm, known for a few solid designs, but poor placement.

FTL engine manufacturer

*Suraflite Corp.
A small aerospace firm, Suraflite was started by engineers and aerospace technicians demobbed after the Automaton Wars. Using an ex-military refit yard as their initial base of operations, Suraflite focused on producing small transports from unused wartime plans, and had several exceptional designs over its three centuries of operation. Suraflite was ultimately overtaken by the times and absorbed as a division of Supralumatronics, and ceased producing complete spacecraft in favor of FTL engine components. Many of their ships are still flying however, and Supralumatronics maintains a small manufacturing line producing spare parts. Most surviving Suraflite ships, however, have been retrofitted with other equipment.

Golgan-satrapy heavy industrial conglomerate created by the forced merging of several Taganese military firms to produce equipment for the Republikan Guard.
Tangainacorp collapsed after the Republik began buying higher-end equipment from Naruni Enterprises.

*Terayac Arms
Aerospace design firm. They tried to sell the CAF a replacement for the Scorpion, but instead wound up selling the design, which would become the highly successful Starcross, to WZT. Terayac Arms has since become one of the successful companies under the WZT umbrella.

*Thoth Industries
Extradimensional firm specializing in applied magic and technowizardry. There are growing hints that they’re a lot more proactive in megaversal affairs than they let on and that the company is more a commercial fascade than anything else.

CCW-based shipwrights.

* TransGalactric Electronica(CCW)
One of the biggest producers of advanced nanocircuitry and electronics components. Amundis Cycor-based. Has fallen on hard times owning to the wide sales and distribution of their GLX-07 series aerospace microprocessor, which has been shown to be susceptible to excessive and accelerated wear resulting in catastrophic unit failure. .Conspiracy wags point to TransGalElectris' corporate initials, suggesting the corporation is a long-run front for TGE corporate espionage and sabotage of the CCW economy.

Golgan aerospace firm that prospered during the heyday of the old Golgan Republik. Tremha produced a number of light transports and starshuttles of innovative design, but could only do so in the permissive regulatory environment of the Golgan frontier. When forced to move back to the Golgan coreworlds, the company lost its markets and its spark under the byzantine bureaucracy dominating the Golgan homeworlds’ corporate culture, and Tremha ultimately folded.

*Tremha Salcar
Aerospace firm based in Tremha’s original frontier headquarters, which effectively became a subsidiary division when Tremha relocated back to the Golgan homeworlds. The locally-manned ‘rearguard office’ became the company when the mother corporation died, smothered in red tape. Tremha Salcar continues to build small spacecraft and light transports heavily based on old Tremha designs, but produces them for customers outside the Republik.

* TriGaComCorps
Communications group, with a tendency/passion for massively ambitious and physically massive overreaching projects(such as the Galactic Organizational Device). TGC is constantly skirting bankrupty, but somehow manages to survive...until the next big bright idea catches their fancy.

*Tri-Galactic Driveyards
Aerospace manufacturing firm.

*Tucsor Botanical(CCW)
CCW-based agricorp.

A company, founded by ex-soldiers, speciaiizing in contra-gravity vehicles, typified by having heavy durable frames and high-output powerplants. Though commercial sales of CG trucks and sport utility vehicles make up the bulk of their sales, the company name is best associated with their luxury vehicles division(‘Big, rude, and comfy’). However, they do VERY lucrative business off the public books producing security and military vehicles, and those in the know know how easy it is to convert a Ventura-Roe civilian vehicle, ESPECIALLY the luxury models, into a paramilitary one. This sits well with many aristocratic and celebrity buyers, who are looking for stylish but well-armored transport, but it also makes for brisk sales to various law enforcement, security, mercenary, and adventurer groups. The TGE has -banned- imports of Ventura-Roe vehicles across its borders after a consignment of ‘luxuy aircars’ ended up fully outfitted as combat-cars in the hands of FWC insurgents.

*Vermin Motors(Defunct)
Best known for a spectacular widespread introductory splash of some of the cheapest-built and most uninspired vehicular designs seen in the Three Galaxies.

*Wildstorm Industries(Veritas476)
Aerospace firm, best known for catering to rim-runners and smugglers, though their street-legal cover is that they market high-performance yachts and courier craft.

Consortium of shipbuilders and associated industries. Core supporter and supplier of the United Systems Alliance

* Yebiss Industrial Cartel(GR)
An old/ancient Golgan aerospace/defense industrial conglomerate that survives off of continually updating old designs, but more often from embedded lobbyist action and padding of government contracts.

* Zach Hypershift (Zyganian Empire)
Aerospace firm

* Zasper-Rhoden Hovertronics()
Contra-gravity hovervehicle manufacturer

* ZizzorSan
Microchip producer, accused of ripping off other companies’ designs.

"Trouble rather the Tiger in his Lair,
Than the Sage among his Books,
For all the Empires and Kingdoms,
The Armies and Works that you hold Dear,
Are to him but the Playthings of the Moment,
To be turned over with the Flick of a Finger,
And the Turning of a Page"

--------Rudyard Kipling

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Great list!

Two missing that jumped out to me (though they might be very much the same). Or you might not be covering banks.

RED (Royal Exchange of Dracul) and its consumer-facing 'Tri-Galactic Banking Trust' are pointed out as galactic style behemoths rather than single planet banks. RED is talked about first in Anvil Galaxy 'Money and Trade' page 28 and Tri-Galactic is talked about in 'Cookies' entry in important people in Dimensional Outbreak.

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Comment: The Munchkin Fairy
I would love if this could include page numbers, as I am having trouble finding some of those.

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Nekira Sudacne wrote:
I would love if this could include page numbers, as I am having trouble finding some of those.

I'll get to work on annotating the canon entries. ;)

"Trouble rather the Tiger in his Lair,
Than the Sage among his Books,
For all the Empires and Kingdoms,
The Armies and Works that you hold Dear,
Are to him but the Playthings of the Moment,
To be turned over with the Flick of a Finger,
And the Turning of a Page"

--------Rudyard Kipling

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Thanks for the list! Some of these I'd entirely overlooked (though with the Rifter ones, I don't have all of the issues so I probably won't be using them).

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Fenris2020 wrote:
Thanks for the list! Some of these I'd entirely overlooked (though with the Rifter ones, I don't have all of the issues so I probably won't be using them).

I'm working off updating this list, thanks to suggestions and discoveries(the various sub-divisions of Tyrell, for instance).

"Trouble rather the Tiger in his Lair,
Than the Sage among his Books,
For all the Empires and Kingdoms,
The Armies and Works that you hold Dear,
Are to him but the Playthings of the Moment,
To be turned over with the Flick of a Finger,
And the Turning of a Page"

--------Rudyard Kipling

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